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Knights of the Chalice 2

Updated to 1.70 for Windows and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.70

Axes High! Version 1.70 of Knights of the Chalice 2 celebrates our worthy friends, the Mighty Dwarves! Join the party, everyone's invited! ^_^

• New Feats: Added two new feats for Dwarves: 'Giant Hunter' and 'Shieldbearer'.
• Graphics: Added modular Dwarf sprites, complete with a selection of beards, Dwarven armour, and Dwarven shields and weapons, including magical ones! Potentially, you could also use the Dwarf sprites for a Half-Giant character, by setting the character's height above 100%.
• User Interface: Reworked the Character-Creation Interface so that the first choice you make is the character's race, and selecting a race/subrace/gender will automatically set the character's physical appearance to something appropriate for that race. That way, you no longer have to spend time configuring the appearance of a character if you just want to create a new character without worrying about what he or she looks like.
• Enemy AI: Enemy archers won't use 'Rapid Shot' when they don't have enough arrows left to benefit from it.
• Bug Fix: Fixed a bug when changing the name of a weapon or armour in the inventory screen. The item would disappear after changing the name.
• Bug Fix: Psychic Healers of level 1 that have the feat Healing Focus will now be able to activate the power Cell Division. The game wasn't taking into account your feats when checking the caster level of a psionic power. Thank you so much Kyle for the bug report!
• Bug Fix: When launching a new module starting on a map containing no activable zones at all, there was still a source of crashes. This is now fixed. Thank you Kyle for the heads-up!
• Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with ambient sound sources associated with a hidden activable zone.
• Bug Fix: Fixed a source of crashes when an enemy character with multiple ranged attacks only has one arrow left in his ammunition slot and starts his round using a full attack to shoot. The game would crash after processing the first shooting attack, due to an empty ammunition slot. Thank you so much Steve for letting me know about this bug!
• Bug Fix: Fixed a bug concerning the energy damage reductions of characters when swapping items in the inventory screen. This was a potential source of crashes and memory corruption.
• Pregen Chars: The Dwarf pre-generated characters, Griswack and Belissaria, now have a Dwarf sprite, and the Drake pre-generated characters, Haphel and Cromwall, now have a wing sprite.
• Augury of Chaos: Changed the sprite of the Blackfire Shield from 'acid' to 'flaming'.
• Help Files: In the Help Entries for the conditions 'Enlarged' and 'Reduced', added a line indicating that the change in damage rolls does not apply to your Natural Weapons (claws, bite, etc). Also improved the formatting for the Help Entries of the Feats Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting and Overrun.

Please don't hesitate to email me at if you find any bugs and annoyances, so that I can fix the game quickly. A saved game may be very helpful, too.

Thank You For Your Support, Loyal Mages and Warriors of the Realm!! Rejoice :-)
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Claws & Jaws | Hotfixes for 26/04/2024



• Conquest - New visual background added


• Kingdom - Fixed scouting time being too slow
• Foes - Adjusted Fox damages
• Snake - Fixed Scorched earth on ennemy tile to take into account production buildings
• Conquest - Fixed conquest invites (save didn't get corrupted)
• Rig's saga - Fixed mission 4 not being finishable
• Rig's saga - Fixed freeze in mission 9
• Squirrel - Fixed Rumor-Mongering relation gains for neutral

Known issues

• Snake - Scorched earth only recognize one krown production building for the amount collected
• Snake/Raven - Port doesn't count for the reward of Scorched earth and raids
• Snake/UI - Scorched earth krown reward displayed doesn't match the real amount collected
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A Game of Thrones: The Board Game

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Mac] ⇒

No Changelog


Imperator: Rome

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac] 2.0.3 RC2 ⇒

Full Changelog
This patch contains 158 bug fixes, improved performance, 25 new modding tools, as well as the ability to earn achievements while playing mods.

The Book of Bondmaids

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.86 ⇒ 1.88.

No Changelog


Three kingdoms story: Conussia

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] gog_28042024 ⇒ gog_27042024.
Hello, guys.

I just updated the game. Hopefully it's more stable now.
I put the guide in the the game folder, you can find it under name: GUIDE_Three kingdoms story.pdf

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.5.0a ⇒ 1.5.0c.

No Changelog
high rated

Update to V1.5.4075_rev652.

No changelog.
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Stardew Valley

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Stardew Valley 1.6.6 Patch Notes

Hello everyone, here's the latest update. There's nothing too big in terms of gameplay additions or changes, but there are some important bug fixes, and translation adjustments.

Stardew Valley 1.6.6 Patch Notes

Balance and Gameplay changes:

-Bee houses now work with flowers in garden pots.
-“Minecart depot” alternative layout now only appears in the upper or lava mine areas.
-You can now turn the gold clock on or off
-Added coal -> mahogany seed trade at raccoons
-50% mastery XP now only applies to farming, as originally intended.

Translation changes:

-Reverted Chinese text to 1.6.3
-Reverted Chinese default font to the original
-Added an option to use the smooth font introduced in 1.6.4
-Added a dialogue font size slider for Chinese
-Added complete Russian translated movie & desert festival sprites
-Added option for Russian to use the “old” font

Bug fixes:

-Fixed a case where Mr. raccoon could disappear during the raccoon cutscene in multiplayer
-Fixed being able to trash Pierre’s Missing Stocklist, or give it away at the Feast of the Winter Star.
-Fixed being able to give a wilted bouquet to your spouse.
-Fixed issue causing only 1 omni geode to be produced from the skull cavern chest.
-Fixed crash when a save contains some invalid animal home data.
-Fixed a crash when talking to Penny in French.
-Fixed a malformed Willy farm event in German.
-Fixed an incorrectly blocking map tile in the Forest Farm map.
-Fixed some machines and some desert festival logic not working for Linux/macOS players using the compatibility branch.
-Fixed a case where an area was inaccessible in the volcano dungeon
-Fixed sewer event in German
-Fixed cases where you’d see Mayor Lewis’ giftbox note again when collecting 15 parsnips from a different chest.
-Fixed emily makeover event from being hard to skip
-Fixed Calico Egg Rating prize edge cases for farmhands
-Fixed prismatic hat effects not working in French.
-Fixed being able to “advance” the ready check menu by pressing Y, which lead to many issues.
-Fixed island outfits not being loaded for farmhands
-Minor optimizations.

Fixes for modded players:

-Fixed error showing non-flavored roe items.
-Fixed error if a mod sets an NPC’s ‘friends and family’ data to null.
-Fixed error loading a save containing enchanted weapons whose ID changed or data was removed.
-Fixed soft lock when watching weather TV channel if tomorrow’s weather is custom.
-Fixed temporary maps that aren’t part of a location not using seasonal tilesheets.
-Fixed summit cutscene showing custom fish with wrong sprites.

Changes for mod authors:

-In Data/Objects, added two new fields: CanBeGivenAsGift and CanBeTrashed. Setting CanBeGivenAsGift: false adds the not_giftable context tag automatically.

Thanks for playing Stardew Valley!
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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.82-5

Changelog from SteamDB:

Update 1.82-5 Patch Notes

• Made blood spatter effects more prominent, added exit wound blood, and each type of weapon will have different intensity of blood. For example, rifles will always have exit wound blood while pistols will only show that if there's critical damage

• Added a cheat code for unlocking all Slaughterhouse DLC rewards (contact me if you want it)

• Fixed a bug with controller melee combat, where the player will turn unexpectedly after stopping from movement

• Quick-saving will no longer require you to confirm.
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Ctrl Alt Ego

Updated to 1.4.1

Changelog from SteamDB:

Patch Notes v1.4.1

• NewGame+ Fixes:
-- GRAV key is now rebindable in NG+
-- A CAT in rocket launch area was never coming online
-- The second Virus wasn't showing up at the GOD Dock

• Keyboard Input Bindings
-- Grabber > Upright is now additionally bound to Q (default), which means it's also now rebindable
-- Shift and Alt keys can now be re-bound, and can be used as toggles rather than keep-held-down.

• Fix: Grenade blast radius wasn't always damaging everything caught in the blast due to a buffer not being large enough

• Fix: A couple of inactive guard-rail pieces in Port 666 still had collision enabled

• A MUM in Legacy Systems had turned invisible

• Improvement: Added some fatter colliders to various vent pieces to reduce chance of physics glitching from inside vent to outside them (and so out-of-bounds).

Patch Size: 33 MB
What game or application is this update thread for? It seems to be all over the place.

I checked the first post to see if it explained what this thread is for, and didn't find any useful information.
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themajorgear: What game or application is this update thread for? It seems to be all over the place.

I checked the first post to see if it explained what this thread is for, and didn't find any useful information.
This thread tries to show updates for all games on GOG. Sometimes the focus is on offline installers.

It appears that most posts showing an update are from users who own a particular game. You might notice that some updated games are never or rarely listed.
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AI War 2

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac] 5.597a ⇒ 5.598.
5.598 Sidekicks And Elderlings
(Released April 27th, 2024)

① General
• Elderlings which are immune to zombification are now likewise immune to hostile-to-all zombification.
• Elderlings not owned by the elderling faction (ie. nanocaust) no longer show in tooltip "No per unit data?".
• Ships not fully built now do not take hostile attrition damage.
• Ships not fully built now immune to capture.
---• Includes: remains, not fully claimed, crippled, or has self-building metal remaining.
• Show reason immune to capture, if debug tooltips
---• This only affects formatted.
• Clear deatheffects on remains.
---• If something is currently remains, clear any death effect damage on it.

② Sidekicks
• Dyson Sidekick default stronghold is now Zenith
• The Spire Sidekick can now get science/hacking by killing ships
---• For some synergy, Nadir ships (generated by the Dark Zenith) and Reapers (generated by the Dyson Sidekick) now grant science to the Spire Sidekick
• Add some new unique turrets to the Miskatonic AI Type
⯈ Dark Zenith Sidekick
• Tweak the DZ sidekick science generation to match the spire sidekick's
• Some nerfs to the DZ Sidekick; they now produce fewer ships each time units are created. This rolls back half of the buffs given previously (there were also some economic buffs)
⯈ Nadir (enemies to the DZ Sidekick) tweaks
• Add a new Nadir ship
• Fix a bug where not enough Nadir ships were spawning.
• Add and adjust Nadir balance levers
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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Updated to

Changelog from the developer's website:

v1.2.9 (26/04/24)

• Fixed a bug related to the crash uploading system.
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Hustlefan: Stardew Valley

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Heeeeeeere we go.

Stardew Valley 1.6.7

-Fixes a bug preventing players from giving Pierre the Missing Stock List
-Fixed some machines and desert festival logic not working for Linux/MacOS players using the compatibility branch.
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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.82-6

Changelog from SteamDB:

Quick Bug FIx

There's a bug introduced by the upgraded Unity engine version 2018.4: unable to interact with certain doors using the Hybrid/Auto-Aim/Gamepad control scheme. This patch will fix this problem.

I'm currently working on upgrading engine to Unity 2019, and then work on some improvements of combat feel.
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Stardew Valley

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:

• 1.6.8 out now which fixes a crash introduced in 1.6.7 (it would crash when NPC's reach the island resort changing room)
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Slay the Princess

Updated to End of Everything Update 1.2c for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

4/27 Improved Controller Support Patch Notes

Hey folks!

Happy to bring a new small update that fixes some frustrating issues with controller support (but there's still some work to do!)

1. Biggest fix is that controller focus should no longer be lost in scenarios where the quick menu is hidden, the top button in a menu is greyed out, or save file is loaded at a dialogue menu. It seems like the culprit here was allowing draggable mouse scroll on the dialogue menu, which stole focus from the individual choice buttons. This does mean that click-and-drag scrolling was sacrificed, but I don't think many players used that functionality. And you can still use your mouse wheel, arrow keys, or gamepad!

2.When in the preferences and save/load menus, buttons that hard both selected and hovered will now properly change color, which should reduce the feeling of the controller getting "stuck."

Right now, we're working on a solution to tie how much the scroll bar increments to the size of the previously hovered dialogue option, so things snap better and so that there are fewer options that require multiple interactions to scroll past. But we wanted to make sure you all got these improvements as soon as they were ready!

Thank you as always for your support, and happy slaying (or not slaying, but really, you should be slaying.)

Tony and Abby