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Dead Cells has been updated to version 1.1.10 (with a huuuge changelog).

I take the occasion to wish a merry Christmas to everyone around here :)
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#### Patch (22 December 2018)


* At the start of the game, players will be able to choose from 8 different hair colours
* This is only our very first pass at character customisation, but more is likely to come in the future
* Whichever hair colour you choose will also be reflected in your twin


* After your initial introduction to an NPC, you'll then be able to select from a few conversation branches
* NPC's now have friendship levels which will tell you their current demeanor towards you
* Gifting is now linked to an NPC's state as well as their preferences
* NPC's can ask for basic favours of getting or delivering items that help progress your friendship status
* Most of the system's dialogue text is largely placeholder for this first pass, but we'll be properly fleshing the text out in future updates


* Goods stores will now have a selling table with which you can sell items for a profit
* Each store has a daily maximum of brass it can spend - this resets each day
* Stores will also have special wanted items that, if fulfilled, will result in extra profit
* Wanted items will often be different depending on which region the store is in
* Seasons may also affect the prices of some goods


* New curious wanderers, in the form of fairies and gnomes, will start appearing in villages from time to time
* They haven't discovered their full purpose yet, but interacting will usually make them talk a tiny bit


* You now have the option for multiple saves!
* Player saves will also display your character customization and will even show what season the save is from
* We've introduced a first pass of a player-created tasks system
* After the prologue, you'll be granted the ability to begin creating your own tasks
* There are a few task types at this stage
* The system should be flexible and expandable to offer player driven tasks for helping you manage your goals
* A basic ownership permissions system has been added
* Fruit trees and bushes outside houses are now marked as being owned by the house and will require permission for the player to take (if the residents haven't harvested it first!)
* The basic UI to track whether you have permission can be found by interacting with the monuments for the building and requires you to raise the family friendship rating to a certain level
* The darklight is now a standalone item to make it easier to use - further uses of it will come in later updates
* NPC's should no longer mistakenly wake up for a short time during their slumber
* And, as always, a slew of behind the scenes fixes and optimizations
Epic Tavern -> full changelog available here

Rise of Industry

#### Patch A8.2:2112a (18 December 2018)

##### Improvements and Changes

* Condensed the Growth Contract Icons into one icon instead of three.
* Added warnings in the Request Panel for letting the player know if there are grave issues.
* Added a Notification alert when a Growth Contract spawns in a Settlement.
* After Notification an Event like Notification will appear on the right side of the screen.

##### Bugfixes

* Fixed Region Lines to change when the tiles they are attached to are terraformed.
* Fixed some Achievements that weren’t unlocking.
* Fixed some deadlock situations that caused Requests not happening.
* Fixed Region lines not updated when terraforming at the Region edges
* Fixed save games made in the future (???)
* Fixed some animations that didn’t want to play
* Removed the possibility to send Construction Material to Wholesalers when not advancing Settlements
Hand of Fate 2

#### Update 1.9.2 (19 December 2018)

* Fixed issue in Alistair’s Antiquities where you could return the item even if it had been sold or lost.
* Fixed an issue where Crown of Scales was checking for <= 50% Life instead of < 50% Life.
* Fixed long-standing Judgement bug where the player's current companion would become unequipped, resulting in missing companion names and non-progression on restart.
* Fixed issue where the number of steps until Keturah dies was not being set.
* Fixed bug where Helm of Exile was triggering on Gain cards instead of Pain cards.
* Fixed Runefire Flintlock not correctly detecting Keturah as the current companion.
* Fixed bug where Shadow Elders would not reappear after teleporting.
* Fixed a bug in Tavern Wager where all equipment was taken if a platinum item was won.
* Fixed a bug where Keturah was not being disabled after taking weapons in Merchants Favour.
* Fixed a bug where Keturah was not being disabled if her Faction Bounty was immediately collected on completion.
* Fixed Armour of Gluttony food defence.
* Some minor memory optimisations.
* Fixed some typos.
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#### Patch 1.2.4 (23 December 2018)

##### Major Changes

##### Holiday spells & Giftbringer title

We’ve developed brand new spells for Christmas and Hanukkah in this
patch—Spread some Holiday cheer by crushing your enemies with cheery magical

##### Event system overhaul

We’ve been inspired by some of the other games that we’ve played recently,
which has caused us to completely rethink our event system. You’ll now see
rewards before choices are taken and can even choose between possible rewards!
Also, at the start of an Abridged mode game, you’ll be granted a choice
between four options that can drastically change your character. In addition,
we’ve removed or reworked all “flavor text” events that provide no choices,
rewards, nor combat. And finally, the possible rewards or hindrances have been
vastly expanded.

##### Channeling Spell Improvements

Channeling spells were the most often overlooked type of spell prior to 1.2.4.
Many runes didn’t work with them, they were terribly inconsistent, and, as a
result, were rarely used. With this update to channeling, the working number
of runes have been tripled, allowing you more versatility with these spells.
But be warned, your enemies will be taking advantage of the enhancements as

##### Targeting Improvements

Targeting has also received an overhaul in this update. Now, you’ll see the
placement and trajectory of every instance of the spell that you cast, and the
targeting trajectory will scale based on the collision radius. This can be
performance intensive, but you can change the maximum number of projectile
paths/area targets in the settings menu. Additionally, area spells will now
use a trajectory-based targeting and will adjust smoothly to minor changes to
pitch and landscape. You can also press the rotate view hotkey while casting a
spell will activate the aiming camera, which snaps the camera close to the
shoulder and reduces aiming sensitivity by 50%.

##### Animation improvements

Nearly all animation sets will look much better all around. Now, the Fictorum
will take a different idle stance while in combat and can even use different
animation sets based on the type of spell being cast.

##### Completely reworked tutorial

The tutorial has been streamlined and contains much better information, as
well as a short chapter map. Upon dying in the tutorial, you’ll be returned to
life in a safe location with tips corresponding to how you died. We hope this
flattens the learning curve of our game!

##### Minor Changes

* We've standardized damage for the player and enemies—All player spell damage, enemy health, and destruction thresholds have been reduced to 5%. This should have no effect on playthroughs, but it will make the developer's lives easier.
* Abridged is now the primary game mode
* Facial hair customization has been enhanced
* Game sounds will now change in pitch based on the time speed
* Townsfolk will flee more consistently
* Hair colors will now be three times more vibrant
* Spell purchase and enchanting costs are now much more consistent for all qualities
* Starting the tutorial will now bring you to a special tutorial chapter map
* Pierce and Seek runes on projectile spells will work significantly better
* Characters hit by projectiles will have more realistic impacts
* Fixed a bug that would prevent area spell pierce instances from appearing while looking down
* An Aegis will now absorb spells
* An animated quest prompt will now appear upon entering certain levels
* Enemy movement speed will now be scaled based on movement direction
* Clairvoyance will now show tunnel vision when mana is low
* Camera shake will now behave better while time is slowed
* Flight will now drain mana based on the current altitude of the player
* The inventory tooltip should denote when an item has reached the max level of enchanting
* Clicking a location button in the history scroll will now show any rewards received at that time
* Completing Fictorum will now grant titles/achievements of lower difficulties than the difficulty completed
* Pressing Interact while casting will no longer change shoulders
* Jump height has been increased by 25% for all new characters
* Slight movement for downward channels from storms
* Quests completed will be properly removed from the chapter map
* Resolution and Window mode options in the video settings will now change when hovered with gamepad
* Lightning bolt visual effects will look better over all distances
* Fog and snow VFX will no longer flicker when transitioning the camera distance
* The maximum range of spells with a Familiar or Sentinel rune have been reduced to 50m (was 500m)
* Event choices can no longer be selected while the history is scrolling
* Light plate armor and pauldrons can now be found in-game
* NPC quest markers will behave better when an enemy is knocked down
* Chronomancer will no longer start with a High Velocity rune and will now start with Arcing Ball instead of Fireball, Frost Spear, and Lightning Bolt
* Casters will no longer look like they're casting a nonexistent spell after spotting the player
* Meteor will no longer become invisible after a chain reaction or bounce
* Projectile impacts will be applied similarly to targets in air and on ground
* The Infinite Dragon will now start with Flare
* A short animation will play in the UI when quests are complete/incomplete
* Ascended will now start with a completely different set of runes and Concussion instead of Lightning Bolt
* Flare can now spawn with any color and is much more obvious when being channeled by spellcasters
* Townsfolk will now appear as a light gray in Clairvoyance when they are not part of a quest
* Arrow speed has been increased from 1800-->3000
* Stun has been removed from flare, and will no longer stun briefly upon hitting
* Characters will now pivot vertically to face where they are looking
* The shaping HUD will quickly fade in/out when toggled
* The maximum range of spells with a Storm rune have been reduced to 150m (was 500m)
* Fire, Ice, and Lightning Resistances have been replaced by Magic Resistance
* Targeting materials will become more transparent when closer to the camera
* Loading screen tips will properly keep during the entire level load process
* The currently selected event choice is now much more obvious
* Floating objects remaining after destruction will happen much less frequently.
* Spark Whip and Flareus will now have a more appropriate purchase and enchanting cost
* Stamina will no longer generate while falling
* Removed unnecessary health potions from the tutorial
* Doors will no longer get stuck upon forcing them open
* Clicking the current location on the chapter map will no longer count as an action
* Pierce will accurately detect overlap locations again
* Order and Chaos will now always stop upon final collision
* Going on long walks through houses and towns with Flame Wake should no longer crash the game
* Continue is no longer available after retiring to the void
* Flamethrower tome will now properly display a radius in the description
* Fine bookshelves will properly populate their shelves
* Fixed a bug that would cause weapons to collide with characters after being dropped
* Characters will have a much easier time navigating doors
* Enemies that are knocked off out of level bounds will still be counted for quest completion
* The inventory tooltip will properly display immediately when the inventory is toggled
* Sparkwhip will now drop properly in-game
* Fictorum will no longer turn wildly when walking on debris
* Projectiles fired will properly collide with targets in extreme close range
* Mana regeneration will now be slightly delayed after a cast
* Fixed a bug that would occasionally prevent unlocking an achievement/starting title after a victory
* Townsfolk will no longer be auto-targeted by spells
* Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause a piercing projectile to pierce an enemy multiple times on a single overlap
* Seeking projectiles will no longer enter orbit around targets
* The inventory tooltip offset will now be adjusted based on the screen resolution
* The trash panel on the inventory is now easier to navigate with a gamepad
* Incendium's mana cost has been reduced from 30 to 20.
* The transition into and out of Observer mode has been improved
* The camera can now be rotated while flying

We hope you enjoy these improvements!
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Depth of Extinction to version 48.8.8
-> Myst IV: Revelation to version Myst 25th Anniversary Release (Hotfix) (Mac installers only)
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24 December (Merry Christmas, Saturnalia, Newtonmas, Robanukah, or whatever it is you celebrate, if anything):


Games included in this batch:

· Myst V: End of Ages Limited Edition
· Parkitect
· Production Line [In Dev]


Myst V: End of Ages Limited Edition has changed


* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Name *FROM* myst_v__end_of_ages_limited_edition_enUS_myst_25th_anniversary_release_24141.pkg *TO* myst_v__end_of_ages_limited_edition_enUS_myst_25th_anniversary_release__hotfix__26120.pkg --- Size *FROM* 3.8 GB *TO* 3.8 GB (+52.0 KB) --- Date *FROM* Mon 15 Oct 2018 10:29:27 GMT *TO* Mon 24 Dec 2018 08:54:51 GMT --- Version *FROM* Myst 25th Anniversary Release *TO* Myst 25th Anniversary Release (Hotfix)



Parkitect has changed


* File removed: Patch (1.0p2 to 1.0p3) [Windows]

* File added: Patch (1.2p1 to 1.2a) [Windows] --- Size: 8.0 MB --- Version: 1.2a

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size has not changed (549.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.2p1 *TO* 1.2a

* File changed: Patch (1.0p3 to 1.1) [Windows] --- NOTE: the download link has changed for this file

* File changed: Patch (1.1 to 1.1a) [Windows] --- NOTE: the download link has changed for this file

* File changed: Patch (1.2 to 1.2p1) [Windows] --- NOTE: the download link has changed for this file

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 2) --- Size *FROM* 544.0 MB *TO* 541.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.2p1 *TO* 1.2a

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 2) --- Size *FROM* 547.0 MB *TO* 545.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.2p1 *TO* 1.2a



Production Line [In Dev] has changed


* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 338.0 MB *TO* 243.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.63 *TO* 1.642

Update 1.64 (24 December 2018)

- [Balance] Job creator achievement requires an extra 200 employees (now 1,200).
- [Balance] Production at scale achievement now requires 6,000 not 5,000.
- [Bug] Deleting a save game from the load game dialog now works.
- [Bug] Fixed bug where sometimes you could not toggle off the advice on certain types of advice dialog.
- [GUI] Clicking the research icon on the top menu when it is flashing green (for no design research) now auto-switches to the design tab of the R&D screen.
- [GUI] When the research screen is launched to show a specific unresearched item, the screen now temporarily highlights that item to make finding it easier.
- [Content] New researchable upgrade for some slots: Liquid-Cooled Welding. (5% faster. All welding slots are 2.5% slower now before this upgrade).
- [Bug] Fixed occasional crash bug on some maps when switching to blueprint mode.
- [GUI] New rotate buttons now allow you to preview vehicle designs in all four directions.
- [Feature] New cosmetic placer on the slot menu lets you change the floor textures (drag place) or place down a few cosmetic items.
- [Bug] If you run out of money, and the only available loan will not cover the financial shortfall, it is not made available now.

The liquid cooled welding, rotatable previews and the new customisation options for factory floors etc are likely the most important changes in this build.
I've also started work on improvements to the usability of the level editor, which will be in the next patch at the start of next year.
Please let me know if this update causes problems or introduces any new bugs etc. Also thanks to everyone buying the game for your support over the last year, and many thanks to everyone who likes or tweets our developer blogs, and tell their friends about the game, its much appreciated!
(Full changelog)
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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Patch 1.1.6 (27 December 2018)
New content

Two new portraits based on player poll results have been added - an Aasimar Paladin and a Human Sorcerer.
A new pack of custom hairstyles and beards for different races have been added.


Players could keep more companions than expected in the final quest of the Wildcards DLC (the "Sorrowflow" area). Resolution: fixed.
Ekundayo was too close to enemies during the ritual (the "Bury the Past" quest), resulting in issues with quest completion. Resolution: fixed.
The "Against All Odds" quest didn't count as completed even when it was. Resolution: fixed.


Lantern King's curse was incorrectly assuming all characters had only 4 spell levels available, severely penalizing full spellcasters. Resolution: fixed, now the curse limits spellcasting as intended.
Some pages could be missing in the Epilogue. Resolution: fixed.


How to Build a Kingdom quest could get stuck on the "Found a new village" objective in some cases. Resolution: fixed.
The conversation in the Throne Room that raises the Arcane stat to rank X wouldn't trigger if you had the Storyteller as your magister. Resolution: fixed.
Sometimes kingdom visitors would get stuck because the game wrongfully assumed the baron is having a romantic encounter (often because a shortcut mod had been used). Resolution: exiting the kingdom interface now returns you to the personal chambers in this case, so the romantic encounter can be finally resolved.

User Interfaces

In some cases, both Kalikke and Kanerah were available to add to the party roster even when only one of them should have been available. Resolution: fixed.
Conversely, sometimes both Kalikke and Kanerah could disappear from the party roster. Resolution: fixed as well.
There were issues controlling the Kinetic Knight archetype during combat. Resolution: fixed.

Classes & Mechanics

Barbarian spirits summoned by the Warpainted Skull of Duthica had the wrong faction, which might have lead to them attacking some NPCs. Resolution: fixed.


Fixed a misplaced parenthesis that turned all left-handed characters back into right-handed ones. Also, fixed sword scabbards having wrong offsets for left-handed characters.
When loading a game with a polymorphed character and polymorphing back, the character's model wouldn't actually change until an area transition. Resolution: fixed.


Fixed a crash-to-menu that could sometimes happen when entering an area from the Global Map while having an active animal companion.
Some item enchantment parameters (i.e., the DC of saving throws against the item's abilities) would not get saved when saving the game, leading to incorrect values after loading (it still could be fixed by re-equipping the item). Resolution: fixed, all item parameters are now saved.
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After the Christmas and St Stephen's Day lull, the little elfs at GOG's HQ are slowly going back to work...


Games included in this batch:

· Epistory - Typing Chronicles
· Parkitect
· StarCrawlers


Epistory - Typing Chronicles has changed


* File removed: Windows installer, English

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 2) --- Name: setup_epistory_-_typing_chronicles_1.4.1g_(32bit)_(24951).exe --- Size: 658.4 MB --- Date: Thu 27 Dec 2018 09:59:55 GMT --- Version: 1.4.1G

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 2) --- Name: setup_epistory_-_typing_chronicles_1.4.1g_(64bit)_(24951).exe --- Size: 654.7 MB --- Date: Thu 27 Dec 2018 10:00:22 GMT --- Version: 1.4.1G

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Name *FROM* epistory___typing_chronicles_enUS_1_4g_24783.pkg *TO* epistory___typing_chronicles_enUS_1_4_1g_24951.pkg --- Size *FROM* 623.2 MB *TO* 623.2 MB (-1.0 B) --- Date *FROM* Tue 30 Oct 2018 13:51:50 GMT *TO* Thu 27 Dec 2018 10:11:14 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.4G *TO* 1.4.1G



Parkitect has changed


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Size has not changed (553.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.2 *TO* 1.2a



StarCrawlers has changed


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Name *FROM* *TO* --- Size *FROM* 901.6 MB *TO* 871.6 MB --- Date *FROM* Mon 02 Jul 2018 09:17:41 GMT *TO* Thu 27 Dec 2018 09:02:25 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.1.1 *TO* 1.1.2

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Objects in Space

#### Patch (27 December 2018)

##### Alterations:

* Commerce menu now highlights selections if they have items in them - for instance bounties, licenses, contracts...
* Set up factions so licenses can be bought for narrative-only trade factions while in sandbox mode.

##### General:

* Fixed a bug which caused sporadic crashes when a pirate vessel lost contact with its intended piracy targets.
* Fixed a bug which sometimes made authority vessels not fire on a belligerant.
* Fixed a bug where sometimes merchant or authority ships might run with their IFF off.
* Fixed a bug where Authority vessel weapons would show as blue (player-launched).
* Fixed a bug where the number of contracts for a given faction could be incorrectly calculated for a trading station.

#### Patch v1.2.5 (25 December 2018)

* The player should be more resistant to being launched by spells.
* Victory Achievements should unlock more consistently
* Townsfolk are no longer registered as hostile and spells will not auto-target them.
* Abandon will have a better animation for non-thrown spells
* Annihilator Beam will work correctly
* Defensive Teleport will work properly
* Phalanx no longer has 2 Phalanxes (Phalanxi? Phalanx?)
* The Warlock Battle event should now end more consistently
Oriental Empires

#### Update (20 December 2018)

##### New Features

* Added some DLC factions to custom games in Imperial Era (for players who have the DLC).
* Reduced number of techs given at start of Imperial Era games so that there is more room for tech development.
* Added a bowyer to cities in custom games started in the Imperial Era.
* Added delete faction ability to scenario editor.

##### Optimizations

* Allow units a double move if blocked from movement the previous turn. Helps crossing rivers and terrain when the way is blocked by other stacks.
* Different player stacks may swap positions to reduce movement congestion.
* Improved management of city objects. Reduces memory usage and improves load times on large games.
* Fixed performance problems caused by long list of cities in settlement tab.
* Fixed problems with large heavily interconnected trade networks performing slowly or crashing.

##### Bug Fixes

* Fixed character spawn bug in Chinese and Russian versions of Genghis that gave free bodyguard units each turn.
* Fixed bug converting settlements to hordes that stopped expenses being deducted.
* Fixed bug with cavalry not fighting in difficult terrain.
* AI recognizes that dismounted horse archers can take a city.
* Fixed availability of driven civilian unit.
* Fixed Jin Symbol.
* Fixed some names for historical characters in Chinese.
* Fixed other religions being allowed to Islamic factions.
* Tweaks to Attabeg and Meng'an Cavalry units.
* Fixed problem in scenario editor giving wrong Chinese banner symbol when none selected.
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Depth of Extinction to version 48.8.8 (Linux)
-> CHUCHEL to version 2.0.0
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I got an update notice for Dead Cells in the browser, but there is no change log and Galaxy doesn't show an update either.
Mean.Jim: I got an update notice for Dead Cells in the browser, but there is no change log and Galaxy doesn't show an update either.
Looks like Mac installer updated to 1.1.10.
Didn't The Long Dark Episode 3 got released a few days ago ? not the most important part of the game but they promised to update for current owners after the removal and i see no sight of it.
ChrisGamer300: Didn't The Long Dark Episode 3 got released a few days ago ? not the most important part of the game but they promised to update for current owners after the removal and i see no sight of it.
No. Episode 3 has still not been released anywhere.
ChrisGamer300: Didn't The Long Dark Episode 3 got released a few days ago ? not the most important part of the game but they promised to update for current owners after the removal and i see no sight of it.
finkleroy: No. Episode 3 has still not been released anywhere.
Oh, i thought it had because i heard someone was playing it, my bad and thanks for correcting me.
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MaGog only has these two company updates for today:


Games included in this batch:

· Metrocide
· Teslagrad


Metrocide has changed

>>> Companies changed *FROM* Flat Earth Games / Fellow Traveller *TO* Flat Earth Games / Flat Earth Games


Teslagrad has changed

>>> Companies changed *FROM* Rain Games / Fellow Traveller *TO* Rain Games / Rain Games
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Just a few delayed updates for yesterday...

The following offline installers have been updated:
-> Dead Cells to version 1.1.10 (Mac installer only)
-> Pathfinder: Kingmaker to version 1.1.6d (GOG) (Mac installer only)
-> Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?! to version 1.0.22 (Mac installer only)
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Unsurprisingly, the Christmas' week hasn't been too lavish with regard to updates:
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