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AI War 2 has just received a (Huge) update from 5.018 to 5.500 for Windows, Mac and Linux.
(3 of 4)

* Switch Minor Faction Beacon hack to use hacking menu abstraction.
** Convert Tech Vault hack to use the hacking menu abstraction.
** Make a couple of hacks against elderlings that take 0s actually complete instantly.
** Remove a bunch of unused attributes on hacks that complete instantly.
*** Also make it an error to specificy any of those values, in that case.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Change a couple of places that check if a faction is currently controlled by a player, to intead check if it is a player faction.
** This was causing the logic for crippled flagships to run only for actions with an active player, (salvage and various bits of Necromancer logic).
** Change a few more places where sim was depending on whether a player was actively controlling a faction.
** Also fix a place where a faction index was being looked up in `World_AIW2.Instance.AIFactions`.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* When I was simplifying the logic for exogalactic attacks, to remove the option for using relentless waves, I accidentally made them always use them. Fix it so it again never does.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Add a DoOnAnyCrippleLogic_MyFactionUnitsOnly_HostOnly method to faction deep info.
** Use this to move the necromancer specific logic out of the scenario logic.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Make the two places in GameEntity_Squad which handle crippling have the same logic.
** One handled the phylactery healing, and didn't then mark it as needing to be repaired.
** One removed any remaining corrosion damage.
** Now, both places have the same logic.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Record a hacking event when a Necromancer flagship is crippled, if losing HaP.
** This mirrors the logic for human empires, though it isn't currently visible anywhere.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Move the flagship bail out when crippled checks to the scenario, and factor out the counterattack logic to its own function.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Add an option to enable officer permadeath for deathwish mode.
** When enabled, officers will turn into basic transports on death.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for adding!

* Fix speed buff calculation to use allied speed multiplier instead of attack multiplier.
** This was undoubtedly a copy-paste error.
** Also, tally the allied and hostile speed and damage multipliers separately, before combining them, to avoid the result depending on ordering. This is an issue, since allied multipliers are additive, whereas hostile multipliers are multiplicative.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Cleanup some memory leaks and duplicate logging in the wave planning code when tracing.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Remove leftover duplicate direct science tech settings that were being tested during DLC2 development.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Add "Use Balanced Golems" galaxy setting, that seeds the re-balanced golems, and force it on in Expert+.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Don't show that ships can't be supercharged, if fleet wide bonuses are disabled by galaxy settings.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Stop AI threat from being targeted at a random minor faction, if there is not hostile faction with strength on the local planet.
** There was a small list of possible factions that could randomly be picked[1]. If none of them were present in the game (or hostile to the unit becoming threat), then threat would available for use against any faction.
** Since it should be fairly rare that there are ships being released from guard duty with no hostile strength present, I think it makes sense to remove this weird edge case behavior, and just always release the threat for general use no mater which factions are in the game. This allows the code to be simplified, and one of the many slightly different faction settings controlling interaction with threat to be removed.
** I think the only case this can occur (besides the cheat command scrubfoes) may be if a unit being guarded by another unit is killed with no hostile strength (which is likely either a slow shot, or corrosion damage).
** Also:
*** Remove the `can_be_targeted_by_annoyed_non_human_units` setting from factions, which was only used to trigger this behavior.
*** Remove the `AnnoyingFactionFlags` argument to `PlanetFaction.GetIndexOfMostAnnoyingFaction`, which was only being used to request this behavior.
** [1] These are the factions that could be randomly picked (if they were hostile):
*** AI Sentinels
*** Marauders
*** Neinzul Custodians
*** Wormhole Invasion
*** Zenith Dyson Sphere
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Fix the incorrect subcategory heading being show in the galaxy options sometimes.
** This was happening when there was subcategories with no visible options.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* When taking damage (or healing) a percentage of health when a salvo is fired, take into account the number of squads firing.
** This prevents stacks of units like Rams from doing total damage that is quadratic with the stack size.
** This also fixes a few units that took a multiple of their total health as damage per salvo.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Prevent tractor ships from bouncing around if they are tractored by multiple entities.
** Now, only the strongest unit tractoring another will cause it to move. Previously, every unit tractoring a given unit would move it each frame, causing tractor ships to move much faster than the tractoring units.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* When transiting wormoholes with tractored units, ensure that the tractored units are in the grav well.
** There was existing code that tried to do this, but it only worked if the point opposite the initially chosen invalid position was inside the gravwell. Now, if both the initial point, and the opposite point are outside the gravwell, it picks a point at the edge of the gravwell near the opposite point.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!

* Move `starts_already_built` from the fleet design template, to the `ship_membership`/`fleet_membership` and ensure it can only be used on drone lines.
** Thanks to Tom Prince for fixing!
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AI War 2 has just received a (Huge) update from 5.018 to 5.500 for Windows, Mac and Linux.
(4 of 4)

=== Balance ===

* Made several adjustments to the Angelic Ward from the FRS to tune down just how OP it was. Essentially when parked back a bit with engineers nearby it could perform just-in-time instant frigate replacement for under half price metal wise. To say nothing of how its health instead of metal cost makes fast replacement of units like bombards a joke.
** Shield health removed! All other revival units under player control do not have shields.
** Base hull health in XML reduced from 250k to 200k. Note that when you hack for the unit in a standard game it starts at Mark 5 with strike scaling. Thus it will still have at least 1.2m health unless you have changed some settings.
** Base metal cost doubled from 100k to 200k. Rapidly repairing it for instant fleet asset replacement now has somewhat more appropriate costs imposed.
** Base regen time from almost no health to full increased by 20 seconds. 100 -> 120.

* Added a strength multiplier to the resulting Frag Mines of a Fragmenting Minefield reducing its reported strength to 10% of previous. As a kamikaze unit that tends to explode within the next few seconds it really isn't as strong as it claimed it was.

* Balance adjustments to several different mines.
** Corruption Mine adjustments:
*** Acid Debuff strength 15 + 15 per mark reduced to 20 + 10 per mark.
*** Acid Debuff duration reduced from 15 to 10 seconds.
*** Parasitic property strength cut in half. Now requires the mine to be at least mark 4 to guarantee a hit target gets converted on death from a single attack.
** Fragmenting Mine adjustments:
*** Greater Metabolism -> Metabolism
*** The greater property was turning otherwise inadvisable activities into highly lucrative metal printing options when excessive amounts of mines were acquired and placed. The sub-munitions retain the greater property since they have a far more limited impact being single target and only spawned when the minefield dies. Instead of coating hundreds of units as a collective field like the main unit does.
** Implosion Mine adjustments:
*** Multiplier based on remaining health cut in half. Now only checks in 20% increments instead of 10%. Maximum multiplier for hull health is 5x instead of 10x.
*** Base damage cut by 25% from 1000 to 750.
*** Additional multiplier added against targets above 50% remaining shield health. Starts at 1x at mark one and increases by 0.25 per mark level. Maxes out at 2.5x at mark 7. Leaves the mine as being particularly good against guardians and frigate level threats but considerably weaker against strike.
** Kinetic Buffer has been adjusted. Essentially with how after the initial reload they fire five times in quick succession a single line of five was capable of dumping up to 40.5m damage in five seconds under ideal circumstances. Given they don't self-damage and are supposed to be crowd control while hitting up to 50 targets at a time this level of damage output was excessive.
*** Base damage 1000 -> 150
*** Multiplier vs low armor 6x -> 4x
*** Single line burst against low armor: 40.5m over 5 seconds per 21 second reload cycle -> 4.05m over 5 seconds per 21 second reload cycle.
*** Against higher armored targets the burst was 6.75m, for a sustained 321.4k DPS. This has been adjusted to ~1m burst, sustained 48.2k DPS.

* Module balance pass over Spire ships, thanks to Lord of Nothing for some of the input resulting in these changes.
** Spire Frigate:
*** Pulse Laser shots per salvo halved. 20 -> 10
*** Heavy hull/shield mods reduced to Moderate mods that cost 2 instead of 3 points with lower bonuses.
*** Gravity Drain disabled, on non-flagships this now only shows up on Battleships and above.
** Spire Destroyer:
*** Light Railcannon base damage doubled 3,000 -> 6,000.
*** Heavy hull/shield mods reduced to Moderate mods that cost 2 instead of 3 points with lower bonuses.
*** Gravity Drain disabled, on non-flagships this now only shows up on Battleships and above.
** Spire Cruiser:
*** Light coilbeam base damage reduced from 37,500 to 30,000. Note that the flagship version keeps the better damage!
*** Tractor Beam module added targets per mark reduced from 12 to 6. Was exceeding the curve established by other ships.
*** Gravity Drain disabled for non-flagship versions. Still enabled for Cruiser Flagships.
*** Gravity effect strength reduced from 30% slow to 20% on Cruiser Flagships.
** Spire Battleship:
*** Tractor Beam module added targets per mark increased from 5 to 7.
*** Gravitic Core strength reduced from 30% slow to 20%. Global effect on flagship version reduced from 30% to 10%.
** Spire Dreadnought:
*** Pulse Laser shots per salvo halved. 20 -> 10
*** Gravitic Core strength reduced from 40% slow to 20%. Global effect on flagship reduced from 40% to 15%.
*** Module cost for Gravitic Core on flagship raised from 1 to 3, Engine gX effected for flagship 23 -> 22.
*** Gravitic Railcannon engine gX for slowing reduced from 24 to 22 for both versions.

* Sweeping balance adjustments to Nadir Venator:
** Health cut by roughly 60%, max health at mark 7 reduced from 21m to 8m.
** Given a new vampiric sabot weapon that heavily penalizes high mass attackers at range. Note that this weapon is only super effective against tX of 8 or higher and cannot be fired at anything closer than 8000 range. Most standard fleet assets and shorter range turrets will not be impacted all. You might not want to be hitting them with very long range strike however.
** Engine power increased from 7 to 20 to match other Dire class vessels.

* Implemented Expert mode only versions of two Arks. The Nodorian Turtle and Great A'Thomek
** Great A'Thomek EX:
*** AIP cost rasied to 12
*** Base health increased to 1.5m hull and 1m shields
*** Self hacks for additional shields reduced to only one hack costing 75 HaP. End result is maximum shield health is 14m instead of 19.6m
*** Ranged damage reduction property against attacks from further away than 5600 lowered from 99% mitigation to 90% mitigation. Max effective shield health just sitting around soaking up sniper fire reduced from 1.96 billion to 140 million. Note than when including hull the long range EHP change is from 2.87b to 245m.
** Nodorian Turtle EX:
*** AIP cost raised to 15.
*** Base Attrition at all marks damage increased by 50%. 300/s at Mark 7.
*** Damage increasing self hacks reduced from two hacks to one costing 75 HaP. End result is attrition per entity caps at 600 instead of 800. Also the overall max attrition cap is reduced from a million DPS to a half million DPS.
*** Base damage of primary weapon increased from 12,000 to 20,000. Additionally a max targets hit per shot of 10 has been added to prevent excessive damage dilution.

* Caught another entity that could be scrapped for metal that is "free" to make.
** Rescue Spores created by the Orchid Ark could be scrapped for metal. And since the Ark would create one a second while it had anything to shoot at its correction was merited.

* Post-Game changes:
** All factions can now have 2 new XML fields: creases_hack_responses_if_defeated and creases_hack_responses_if_all_ais_are_defeated, which uses the defeat_condition to figure out if it applies or not.
** The AI as well as all AI subfactions, Templar as well as (for potential modding applications) Astro Trains and Instigators will no longer launch hacking responses when all AIs have been defeated. If the galaxy has been lost to the AI hacking responses and exo strikes won't get it back.
*** Note that AIP for hacks will still apply, because potentially other mechanics related to minor factions or hacking/science gain on AIP gain may still need this.
** Shark B (Exo Strike on command station death) should also no longer triggers when no AI is alive any more.
*** This mostly takes the AI out of the game when all AIs have been defeated, at least as far as immediate responses are concerned. If the AI ever pokes into the milky way again it should be after a cost-benefit analysis and in force, not wasting resources trickling units into a black hole.
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Factory Town has just receive an update from 2.0.0aa to 2.1.0a for Windows and Mac.

2.1 Patch Notes

Added 'Primary Storage' flag to Town Center

When you remove buildings, blocks, or items, all of the items are refunded to the Town Center. But if players have multiple Town Centers, it can be confusing to know which one will receive the items. This patch introduces a new flag called 'Is Primary Storage' to Town Centers. This building will receive all refunded items.

Only one Town Center can be the Primary Storage, so if you check it on another Town Center, the original one will lose the flag. If you delete your Primary Storage, the next Town Center (in order of when they were built) will automatically be assigned.

Legacy maps will have this automatically checked on whichever Town Center was built first.

Reworked UI for inventory input / output options

Previously, if you clicked on a storage building's inventory slot you were presented with an option that cycled between 'Storage', 'Input', 'Output', and 'Disabled'. This was a bit confusing.

The purpose of this option is to let the player decide if the inventory slot should accept new items (say, you want to stop receiving a specific item), and if it outputs items it is holding (if you want the item to be preserved in shared storage for construction, and not taken away by workers/belts/trains/etc).

In the example above, the building will not receive any more Pears, but workers/belts/trains can remove them. Planks can be input into the building, but can only be removed by the player during construction, not by any in-game workers or gadgets.

Note, this can be very helpful if you want to create a buffer of construction items midway through a production chain! Route your production chain through a Barn, then set its top few slots to 'Input' only. Those slots will fill up first and retain their items. Any additional items will be added to the Input+Output slots, allowing them to be removed by workers & belts for further production.

All legacy assignments map over like this, and actual behavior is unchanged:

Storage = Input & Output
Input = Input only
Output = Output only
Disabled = Neither

Misc Changes & Improvements

Item Slot detail panel can be resized
Fixed bug: Secondary Action Delete was not working on structures like Scaffold Blocks that occupy the entire block
Fixed bug: Research Cost Multiplier was not having any effect
Fixed bug: Research Panel not always updating to display newly unlocked recipes
Fixed bug: changing ‘Auto Configure’ checkbox on a pipe connector would not immediately re-draw the connector’s configuration panel to reflect the new options
Removed obsolete ‘Research Speed Modifier’ option from Global rules

Some recent minor patches:


- Fixed bug: modifying settings related to map generation biomes could result in a blank, water-filled start territory
- Added back steam/mana/coin booster display to hovered object status panel
- Added back ‘progress bar’-style inventory display for hovered objects status panel
- Fixed bug: controller mode was not correctly ignoring ‘secondary targeting mode’, which only applies to mouse input. - This was resulting in the inability to select task targets.
- Fixed bug: In ‘secondary targeting mode’, player was unable to left-click on UI elements in order to assign task targets. In this mode, both left- and right-click should select the target.


- Fixed label wrapping on Upgrade buttons and Active Recipe buttons
- Can select an Active Recipe button to open the Recipe Selection panel
- Selecting a rail unit will now default to showing the Rail Controls tab
- Added admin command “disable gamepad” which will force the game to ignore all inputs besides keyboard and mouse. Useful if game was interpreting some unknown device as controller input. Can be reversed with command “enable gamepad”. To enter admin commands, hit the backquote / tilde key, type in a command, and hit enter.
- Inventory-related upgrades are displayed on the Inventory tab, and production upgrades (like Omnistone upgrade, Pasture upgrade, Steam booster) are shown on the Production Tab.


- Added Input and Output inventory slots onto the Production tab for buildings

This is a small change, but it seems like many players wanted more information on a single Status menu tab, instead of having to click through. Looking for any other feedback on this new menu - things that should be moved, combined, added, etc.

Also, if you're enjoying the game & like these updates, don't forget to leave a review! : )

- Erik
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Windows installer updated to 1.3-1083-win
Mac installer to 1.3-1084-mac


"Today's patch is a tiny one, really fixing only one issue:

- Crash: In some circumstances, the inactive, experimental gamepad support code could wake up and cause a crash. Maybe as vengeance for being turned off. In any case, it should no longer be able to do that (at least not in that specific way).

The current version of the game after the batch is v1.3(b1083) on Windows and v1.3(b1084) on Mac."
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A new thread has been created to post GoG game updates, because this thread being as large as it is, is making it difficult to access and post updates.

New thread here:
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For the next few days, I'll post updates in both threads before completely moving to the new one.

Demon Sword: Incubus

Updated to Ver.1.17b5_disclaimer (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

UNRATED DLC available now.

No changelog.
Songs of Conquest has been updated (offline as well)

3 new patches titles too long to write down. 31mb, 4mb, 4 mb.

Changelog on game splash screen, top right link (internet reqd to see it).
I noticed that Dragon Wars seems to have received an update, or at least I have an update flag for it.
New thread here:


Martha Is Dead

Updated to 1.0712.00 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
New Martha Is Dead Update

Hello everyone, just checking in with patch notes for a new update that should be available for you right now!

1 - Added control remapping - You can now remap general gameplay keys, menu commands, camera and puppet theatre controls
2 - Optimized the clouds to reduce stuttering on some machines
3 - Rebuilt lighting for The Woods to remove minor imperfections

This is a PC only patch at this moment in time, and should be available across all other PC storefronts and platforms, please ensure you update to the latest version for the best gameplay experience
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New thread here:


Decision: Red Daze

Updated to 1.1.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update #2 Patch Notes

Greetings, Survivors!

It's time for another update!

In this one we once again balance some weapons, fix the bugs we found while out in the wastes, and most importantly, addressed the feedback left by YOU in the Community Hub and our social media, namely the Publisher and Developer Twitter accounts, and Publisher and Developer Discord servers.

So here are the PATCHHH NOTESSS:


Overall improvements to settler AI


- Increased starting capacity of small warehouses
- Increased the limit of resource production x10
- Slightly reduced damage of Sniper Rifles
- Slightly increased damage of all explosive weapons
- Balanced dealt while unarmed
- Restored Broken Hills factory for resource production
- Reduced the frequency and distance of werewolf JUMP ability
- Increased the MELEE skill growth rate
- All survivors following the player character (not just squad members) can now teleport if they stray too far
- You may now go to sleep in a besieged settlement if the assault is more than 60% complete
- You can now use the radio station to access any building in settlements remotely
- Added new game hints and improved their display in the dialogue with Frank
- Simplified the looting of resources. If there are only resources in the stash, they will be looted automatically, without opening the inventory
- Removed the restriction on filling the inventory after exceeding the capacity limit. Now you can carry any weight, but exceeding the capacity restricts your movement speed
- Added arrows to the remaining enemies you need to destroy to complete missions to defend or capture the settlement. This will help you find the remaining enemies in the Assault
- Reduced chance and duration of the knock-out effect
- Reducing the frequency of attacks on settlements by enemy groups during peacetime
- The Power Bar for rapid-fire weapons has been brought back


- Added the K hotkey to hide/show the HUD
- Added a description of some additional hotkeys: Esc - config, I - inventory, M - map, T - team, K - HUD
- Added the ability to return the camera to default position by compass-clicking
- The map window now has an indicator of the number of game days
- Added support for Ultrawide resolution


- Added effect of unit burning after death by flamethrower
- Fixed the animation of the accelerated walking after rolling


- Now the game progress is displayed correctly and can reach 100%.
- The turret gun becomes first level after destruction. Previously it was at the same level as before destruction.
- Improved the behavior of the turret shooter at the moment of switching by using Tab between members of the squad.
- Grenades now properly increase the heavy weapons skill.
- Fixed hand animation when tired running with a grenade.
- Fixed a bug that caused duplicate money on restart.
- Fixed stamina bugs after a fast travel.
- Fixed a rare bug with an invisible dog.
- Fixed a bug with unit behavior when enemies shoot from a rocket launcher off-screen.
- Fixed a rare character freeze after loading the game.
- Fixed the error of resetting turret options after a warehouse overflow. Now there will not be such a downgrade.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes made it impossible to open a small warehouse.
[*] Many other small fixes and improvements.

As always, we are always on the prowl for any suggestions or bugs that you share with us, and are ready to address them at a moments' notice!

Thank you for all of your support <3

-The FlyAnvil Team
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