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I just realised that two games are missing the Cloud Saves label on the store. I think that has not been flagged as updated as well:

Realms of Arkania - Blade of Destiny (Das Schwarze Auge - Schicksalsklinge)
Realms of Arkania - Star Trail (Das Schwarze Auge - Sternenschweif)
Did we receive this ?

Party Hard 2 patch v1.1.004.r
Base game

Fixed brightness issue (screen going black & white gradually upon increasing in-game brightness)
Fixed lighting issues
Fixed 101% objective completion rate
Fixedhidden objective on Punch Club
Fixed ALL 3 save game profiles changing "last played date & time"-name upon resuming the game on only one of them
Reduced UFO appearing chance on VIP Club
Fixed bouncer talking to a dead person on Club (Um... yeah, that's right. He was talking to a dead person, actually. Now just... continue reading.)
Removed a chicken from VIP Club for more intuitivehidden objective completion
Fixed Could've sold the bearskin, by the way... achievement
Fixed local co-op switching to the single player in the Twitch Intergation mode

Level Editor

Fixed light sources
Fixed item duplicating issues
Fixed item reducing issues
Floor tiles now cannot be placed on roads and on the water
Props from the Construction/Wall decor category can now be selected properly
Adjusted door sizes

Alien Butt Form DLC

Marena now cannot stun cops
Marena now can hit enemies during main campaign boss fights
Fixed TV set highlight on Inferyes
Fixed Pepper spray item
Fixed Mango the dog not spawning on Parking Lot in cases of car crashes
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i_hope_you_rot: Did we receive this ?

Party Hard 2 patch v1.1.004.r
I don't own the game, but according to the changelog on the game was updated to version 1.1.004 on April the 8th.

- Changed download version - Installer, Party Hard 2, Windows, en - 1.0.015 ⇒ 1.1.004 2019-04-08

Star Control Origins seems to still be at version 1.30 on GOG.
update slipstreams offline installer already, yeesh
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We. The Revolution

#### Update 1.2.2 (19 April 2019)

True revolutions are never over! Please find info about new WTR update below!


* Added game over after losing main district


* Fixed a few text issues
* Fixed a few issues with intrigue progress bar
* Fixed an issue with dead mentor talking in some cases when he was already dead
* Fixed an issue with map control bar
* Updated a few animations
* Fixed a few issues with tutorial overlays
* Updated a few intrigues
* Updated enemies on map

#### Patch 1.1.5 (18 April 2019)


This latest patch adds full gamepad support for all types of gamepads for
Windows and Linux, expanding from only supporting X360 controllers for


* 1) Fixed an issue where some hotspots wouldn't highlight correctly when controlling Chris with a gamepad.
* 2) Added a tutorial for cycling hotspots when using gamepad.

Note that the Mac version currently has issues that have temporarily forced it
to remain at v1.1.0.

* Armaan
ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game

#### Patch 1.084 - 1.085 (15 April 2019)

* Yan, multiple bugs fixed;
* Container Yard area - multiple bugs and pathing issues fixed;
* Car getting stuck or blocked bug fixed;
* New NPC portraits added and some old ones remastered;
* Pickpocket bugs fixed;
* Shield + Pistol rare bug fixed;
* New item icons added;
* Fixed ammo not being used when shooting in a dialogue option;
* Factory NPC Old Man dialogue fixed;
* VILa not being recognized by companions as enemy fixed;
* Stas dialogue fixed;
* Fanatics not equiping shields when they have them fixed;
* Crossbows highliting when they should not be doing so fixed;
* Can now attack area of selection on global map;
* Various texts improved;
* A ton more smaller bugs fixed

#### Update 1.4.26 (15 April 2019)

* Adjusted the Starbit hitbox to be easier to pick up.
* Mailbox can now bought in the Grocery store.
* Post office items are now sold after completing Leif’s first quest.
* Slop Trough is now sold along with the other Farm Animal items.
* Version number now only shows on the main menu and pause menu.
* Fixed clothing not getting unlocked in the shipping catalogue. (Modded and Unmodded.)
* Fixed being unable to set home after using the teleport button in the menu.
* More staxel net relays have been added. If you want there is an option under gameplay. (Game restart required to switch relays)
* Fixed a number of cases in dialogue where the player’s name was not coloured.
* VR items can now be sold.
* Allow the License Delivered achievement to be done out of order.
* Fix a bug which would let Server Owners get the Build Barn Quest too early.
* Allow Farm Fan to move again, if you completed the barn quest before the tutorial.
* Farm Fan can now remove extra registration letters from your inventory when they aren’t needed.
* No longer able to create a world with Impossible Folder names, or using \\\ or / or |. ( . is also limited.)
* Aliza can now give extra trough recipes if you don’t have it in your inventory or if you didn’t learn it.
* Fixed a case where the “Use Staxel Net” option could disappear after exiting edit world menu.
* Some other minor crash fixes.

* * *

#### Update 1.4.25 (14 April 2019)

* Pet Food bowl, Trough, Slop Trough and Chicken Feed Area now give more food. (Now 5, 8, 8, 8 helpings respectively.)
* Added a lot of previous unsearchable items to the creative catalogue. As well as some to shipping catalogue.
* Shovel will now break blocks even if a tile is above them. Will not break blocks with plants on them however.
* Fixed Eris' liked items not giving more reputation.
* Added likes to Farm Fan.
* Aliza should no longer care if you have the Farm License in your inventory to start the Barn Build quest. (If you previously lost your License here, just talk to Max again to unlock this.)
* The dialogues for pointing the player towards farm fan should no longer play to people who can't complete the tutorial.
* Vorlen will now unlock clocks when you try to make the museum for him.
* Fix a case where the Prince, for Emilia's quests, wouldn't spawn if you went to Eris' castle.
* Added an extra Prince check to Emilia's Liked quest
* Fixed Daily quest items showing up in Jamie's fetch quest pool.
* Fixed some issues with NPC's not spawning at the Airship totem.
* Added /magicteleportreturn as a cheat command.
* Made duplicate key exceptions better for Character Designs and Character Outfits.
* Fixed Morel and Cirahna using 2 scripts at a time, and thus walking away from the player if they interacted with them.
* Fixed quotations not being escaped in mail, causing a crash when you tried to make mail.
* Fixed using a decimal point in the petals causing a crash.
* Increase the amount of starbits spawned on a server by 1 per player on the server.
* Fixed a crash after expanding a player's rights.
* Crafting dock Drawables are now more rigorously checked in validation. They also do not spam logs when invalid in game.
* Can no longer leave the world to increase the number of starbits that drop at night.
* Fixed an issue with Staxel net, not choosing specific relay servers.
* Fixed a bunch of models with wrong layernames.
* Fixed tabbing in content builder.
* Added more StaxelNet regions (germany, japan, texas)
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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

#### Patch 1.3.3 (18th April 2019)

##### Hotfix Higlights:

* Fixed the Linux version crashing to Main Menu in some cases.

Please, be aware of plot spoilers in the description below (in the Quest,
Areas and Kingdom sections)!

##### Areas

* At the Dreamscape area, not all enemies would take part in the last fight sometimes. Resolution: fixed.

##### Quests

* In version 1.3.1, if the player's coronation and Linxia's Investigation happened at the same time, the Coronation quest would become impossible to complete. Resolution: fixed.

##### Misc

* Improvements to the DE and FR localizations.
* Fixed textures on Nagrundi, the troll.

* * *

#### Patch 1.3.2d (16th April 2019)

##### Areas

* An astradaemon guardian in Vordakai's Tomb could become invincible. Resolution: fixed.
* In rare cases, the player couldn't enter the Global Map after meeting the Technic League for the first time. Resolution: fixed.
* It was possible to skip the coronation event by leaving the Throne Room. Resolution: fixed. Now it will start automatically if the player does so.
* In a dialogue in the main square of Pitax, a special option available only to Chaotic characters stopped working as intended. Resolution: fixed.
* After patch 1.3, the player's throne would display incorrectly when loading a game saved in the Throne Room. Resolution: fixed.

##### Quests

* It was impossible to complete the Artisans of the Silverstep quest. Resolution: fixed.

##### Classes & Mechanics

* A dialogue wouldn't start properly if one of the conversation partners was unconscious, even if they regained consciousness right after that. Resolution: fixed.

##### User

* Instead of displaying the character's selected deity, the text in the spellbook read Deity Selection. Resolution: fixed.

##### Audio

* Combat music in taverns sometimes was muffled. Resolution: fixed.

##### Misc

* Multiple localization improvements, including DE and ZH versions of the game.
* Fixed the appearance of light source materials in the Lostlarn Keep area.

#### Update v1.3.5g (15 April 2019)

* Fixed issue where new point meshes (introduced in Feb update) were not cleaning up after themselves causing crashes for some players.
* Made improvements to blended mesh animation code to reduce game's memory allocation.
* You can no longer delete rubbish.
Caves of Qud

#### Patch 2.0.173 (13 April 2019)

* The Barathrumites are still remodeling. Continue staying tuned.
* Added new item: blood-gradient hand vacuum.
* We refreshed how turrets work.-- Turrets now require ammo to fire. You can supply a friendly turret with ammo when you deploy it, via its interaction menu, or via smart use.-- Turrets must now reload their weapons.-- Turrets now have power switches. You can only access them if you have sufficient security clearance.-- You can now find dynamic turrets -- turrets created from arbitrary missile weapons -- in the wild.-- Added the following new creatures: low-light laser turret tinker, eigenturret tinker, blast cannon tinker, phase cannon tinker, and dynamic turret tinker.-- Added two new supporting items: storage tank and gourd.-- Added a new item mod, jacked, which allows gear to be powered by robots (particularly turrets) who wield it via their onboard systems or from grid power they have access to.-- Traipsing mortars now use ammo and can scavenge to fabricate it.-- Seed-spitting vines, thirst thistles, slugsnouts, and agolflies now generate ammo through biological mechanisms rather than not use ammo.
* Slugsnouts now have tusks.
* Agolflies now have mandibles.
* Added a new tile for troll foals.
* Base troll creatures no longer appear outside of Bethesda Susa.
* In most cases smart use now prefers to pet creatures, if possible, rather than talk to them.
* Dart guns and booster guns now use the Pistol skill rather than Heavy Weapons.
* Grenade launchers now have the correct weight of 15 pounds.
* Fleeing creatures now prefer to flee into tiles that have fewer adjacent enemies, unless they are panic-fleeing due to a fear effect.
* Aquatic creatures no longer pathfind or flee into tiles containing liquid containers or puddles too small to swim in. This also applies to player auto-movement while dominating an aquatic creature.
* Leering stalkers, chrome pyramids, traipsing mortars, and boosterbots no longer drop their ranged weapons upon death (once again).
* Repairing items via the trade screen now correctly charges the listed water cost.
* Norm cores now have a power switch that can be accessed if you have sufficient security clearance. They occasionally start in the off state.
* Liquids that fizz away when using the pour command now exhibit the same behavior when using the collect command.
* HP restored by life drain is now treated as healing and includes messaging and floating text.
* Fixed a bug that broke night-vision implants when they were reimplanted after the game had been saved and restored.
* Fixed a bug that caused phase-conjugate grenades to not shift phase after the game had been saved and restored.
* Fixed a bug that caused dismembered limbs and equipment to not appear on the ground if the dismembering attack killed the target.
* Fixed a bug that allowed the player to accumulate multiple beguiled or proselytized companions by leaving them in far-away zones and later returning to them.
* Fixed a number of bugs involving stat modifiers from effects becoming permanent on your clones.
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The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Astrox Imperium to version b 0.0049a
-> Dawn of Man to version 1.0.7
-> Victory at Sea Pacific to version 1.4.0
-> Shining Song Starnova to version 1.00gog (Launch Hotfix) (Mac installer)
-> For The King to version
Did the Gog verssion of YIIK: A Postmodern RPG receive the latest update ?
update slipstreams offline installer already, yeesh
i_hope_you_rot: Did the Gog verssion of YIIK: A Postmodern RPG receive the latest update ?
I'm not seeing any updates for that particular game. Maybe they'll get here tomorrow, if not, maybe you can ping someone from the usual admin crowd to see what's up.

update slipstreams offline installer already, yeesh
Fairfox: ^^^this
Maybe you did not realize it but the GOG staff is not really following this thread. Better open a support ticket.
Post edited 9 hours ago by MarkoH01
Fairfox: ^^^this
MarkoH01: Maybe you did not realize it but the GOG staff is not really following this thread. Better open a support ticket.
can you do it marko? they seem so blase
MarkoH01: Maybe you did not realize it but the GOG staff is not really following this thread. Better open a support ticket.
Fairfox: can you do it marko? they seem so blase
Yes, I can open one - but no promises that this actually will help.

IIRC you are talking about this game?
It has been updated on Galaxy but offline installer update is still missing?
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