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Slime Rancher has been updated to version 1.3.2b
Patch 1.3.2b (12 December 2018)
Other Changes:
Puddles be praised! The pond received a makeover!
Gilded Gingers now appear in two locations daily and, if you listen closely, are easier to locate. Happy hunting!
Game credits got a little longer because our team got a little bigger :)
Special event slimes (ie: Party Gordo) are now hidden until discovered and are no longer required in order to complete the “Pro Style” achievement.
Adjusted fruit and veggie growth to make sure they’re always ripe when entering a certain secret area.
Fixed colliders in the lab and docks that were causing drones to do gymnastics while navigating and interacting in those areas.
Fixed a bug where the shop occasionally wouldn’t add a slime key to your inventory after you purchased it.
Fixed a visual bug where drones appeared to be shrinking items rather than vacuuming them up.
Fixed an issue where scareslimes sometimes weren’t scary enough. Scareslimes are back to being 2 spooky 4 slimes.
Fixed a bug where Playset Slime Toys were not properly reducing the agitation of slimes dressed in the corresponding Playset Fashion Pods.
Fixed a bug that caused tarrs to stop chomping if you stood still. The best ways to deal with tarr is to blast them with water or to RUN!
Fixed a bug where the slime key count on the map did not include keys that you had already discovered.
Fixed an issue with the Newbucks UI where it could get stuck on the screen.
Minor localization fixes and improvements.
Star Control®: Origins

Patch 1.30 (12 December 2018)

Uncover the rumors of a Scyve super weapon that can destroy planets, and seek it out before they can use it against you
Evasive manuevers! Improved controls on the Vindicator make it feel more responsive to your inputs
Investigate alien ruins and crashed spaceships to discover powerful new weapons for your ship
Preapre to fire! Several new weapons have been added to the Crafting Menu, including the Frag Missile, Rapid Laser, Flame Thrower, and the Heavy Gatling Laser
Added option to disable AI fleet coordinator for fleet battles before a battle starts. You only get to pick once as after that things are all setup and there is no UI again.
Added a "replay battle" option when you lose a campaign battle thus allowing you to continue the game without doing a reload. Also works if you surrender.
Increased the deceleration of the Vindicator, making it more responsive and less drag.
Increased the rotation speed of vindicator by 25% in Solar System/Hyperspace.
Increased rotation speed of Vindicator (in combat) and the free pickup ships to make them feel more responsive.
Added new weapons that can be found by investigating alien ruins and crashed spaceships throughout the galaxy
Added new weapons to the Crafting Menu including the Frag Missile, Rapid Laser, Flame Thrower, the Heavy Gatling Laser, and more.
Fix for a broken/crashed Jeff.
Fix for a scripting bug with the Free Trandals where you could leave their initial conversation
Added additional inventory popups when you get a Pink Lorris Egg.
Adding a popup to notify the player their crew is replenished when they visit human colonies.
Correcting typos
Added more detailed Captain's Logs for new human colonies.
Fixing a minor Objective bug for a Free Trandal quest.
Reduced collision box of Harmony ship.
Added hints of a Scryve super weapon that can shatter planets.

BTW, Judas - there is no offline installers for 1.30 version of Star Control & new DLC.
Any ETA ?
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Need to Know

#### Update 1.25.3 (12 December 2018)

Thanks so much for your continued feedback and bug reports! If you have any
bug reports or suggestions to make - you can also visit this board to post

For a list of the changes made in v1.25.3, see below:

* Fixed issue where some items purchased by the player would only appear in some house interiors - items are now visible in all houses
* General bug fixes and typo fixes
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Project Hospital to version 1.0.14726
-> Stellaris to version 2.2.2-1
-> Staxel to version Sapling 1.3.53 (181210a)
-> Banner Saga 3 to version 2.60.79
-> Cultist Simulator to version 2018.12.b.1 (Linux)
-> Hand of Fate 2 to version 1.9.0
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