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BKGaming: So this doesn't make sense. I download railroad empire back on 5/1/2021 and setup_railway_empire_1.14.0.27219_(64bit)_(46627) and that is still the version showing. Did we get the update early? And if so, what actually updated? Confused.

EDIT: In Galaxy it is showing this version was updated 13 days ago.. so yea we had it already.
You're right, the GOG version has been updated to 1.14.0 on April 27th for both Galaxy & offline installer. But there was a change to the offline installer on May 7th as you can see here. I guess it has something to do with the Japan DLC which was released that day.
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Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat

Marked as updated.

No idea what changed but store page now mentioned win10 - so maybe compatibility fix.
Can't test right now.
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Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Update V1.404 - Update Notes
Galactic Empires

The Psi-Fish Hunting Grounds planet trait now forces the planet to be continents and disallows changing of game settings to prevent issues with Psi-Fish dwelling spawns.
Fixed the Masking Frequencies planet trait not working
Fixed not being able to choose the default Phoenix Walker requisition item as Vanguard, Amazon, Shakarn or Syndicate
Fixed not being able to buy high level vehicles using Renown in certain situations


Fixed evasion bonus from the Skitter ability not resetting after Undo
Fixed Undo allowing you to circumvent the effects of Panic and Captivate
Fixed that applying Impaired on a unit would reset cooldowns and once per combat abilities from the disabled mods
Fixed a crash that occurred when you would Undo a move in combat after moving away from a hazard


Fixed issue where campaign missions could sometimes not be ended
Fixed that the Forgotten NPC Faction would sometimes not be present in the Obolus-5 campaign mission


Fixed that the Futurist achievement could no longer be unlocked
Fixed issue where buying a grail cypher from an NPC faction would not deduct its influence cost
Fixed occupied Shakarn and Oathbound colonies having access to previously built turret defenses unlike the other races
Fixed Soul Beacon Maelstrom not giving Essence Charges to friendly units
Fixed issue where operations that are being primed would not update when the amount of casting points available changed
Fixed an exploit caused by repeatedly aborting the production of a Colonizer unit
Fixed an exploit related to the Immaculate Breeding Ground Emergent spawn
Fixed that certain actions and events could end up blocking the victory screen (both in the Galactic Empire and scenarios)
Fixed multiplayer going out of sync by viewing the invasion forces in the Diplomacy screen
Fixed a crash that could happen during an AI turn in the late game
Fixed various instances where the AI could get stuck in their turn (which would leave you stuck at “Opponents are moving”).
Fixed issues with higher quality settings on M1-based Macs
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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 with JJ2+ has been updated to version 5.9 with the following changelog:

- In response to player feedback, reverted all changes to bullet code made in 5.8. Any further changes along these lines will be made {in conversation with the community.}
- Fixed internet connection issues in Windows 8 and above associated with entering full screen while in an online server, as caused by the Windows API changing since JJ2's release.
- 5.8's frozen camera for free spectating/idle servers now unfreezes upon cycling to a new level. Click the game window again to refreeze it.

They also fixed the issue with the duplicate installer in the archive.
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Danger Scavenger

Updated to 2.0.4 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows & Linux])

Changelog from Steam:
Update 2.0.4 - Spring Cleaning


The Spring is here for good and with it the long-awaited respite. We bring a bunch of long-awaited improvements, much of which would not come if it was not for your invaluable involvement.

Do not be afraid! Thanks to our hacker-work your well-earned co-op mode items are finally safe. Also, you will not be lost in the dreadful void of the black screen anymore.

That said, we yet again want to make it clear that we are constantly open to your continued reports on newfound bug discoveries or ingenious development ideas. Because of you the game is able to improve and expand.

We are waiting for you in our Discord

Bug fixes:

- Co-op: Exiting the mode no longer means losing the items by the second player
- Hardcore Mode: Fixed problems with loading the character after pressing “Quick Restart”
- The game no longer hangs on a black screen after starting
- New Game+: Fixed the issue with opening the workshop in Hub if the player had more than 20 items
- Co-op: No more animation hangs when both players got on the motorcycle at the same time
- Co-op: Removed the crafting hearts generation exploit
- Removed the crafting attack speed bonus exploit
- Small fixes in displaying workshop descriptions
- "Boombox" should now scale with floors
- "Messmaker" got nerfed

Quality of life changes:

- Movement buttons can be now reassigned to aid the users with non-QWERTY keyboard layout
- "Fullscreen Windowed" is now the default display setting
- After pressing "Exit To Hub" there is now a popup window asking for the confirmation
- Prices of items sold were re-balanced - it was too easy to obtain way too large amounts of money

As a small bonus, we would like to highlight an interesting gameplay review by Parallax Abstraction. Thank you for the feature! Go and give them some love!

Not enough of Danger Scavenger and the rest of Star Drifters work for you?

Here are some places where you can see more of us:

- Twitter
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Discord
- YouTube
- TikTok

And remember -

be a rebel!

Star Drifters team
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Distant Kingdoms (In Development)

Updated to 11409 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam (11396) & GOG (11407):
Patchnotes for Update 11396 : Save Games and QoL

Patchnotes for the update 11396

-Implemented Fix for Save Games
-Adjusted the size of the RSS Feed
-Moved Steam Rich Presence Update to every 2 minutes
-Added Quest Sounds
-Reduced volume of some Sound Effects
-Added Version Number to Logs
-Moved Intro Video to Master Track for Volume Purposes
-Prefixed modifiers applied to buildings in the same hex as uncleared dungeons to "Nearby Dungeon"
-Improved the reliability of the exploration tutorial
-Added time reset functionality to tabbing out of game.
-Improving randomising the emergency application
-Fixed the tunnel highlighting
-Fixed the overlapping when placing buildings saying valid if the road tile was valid
-Portal's priority for couriers is too low.
-Forced no sounds until game is loaded
-Changed second confirm button localisation for save deletion to have correct localisation (Cancel option)
-Edited Escape button and Right Mouse Button logic for exiting menu/game modes to be more similar.

Thank you for your reports, please continue reporting on Discord and
Patch 11407 (9 May 2021)

- Enforced all Warehouses and Taverns cannot be burnt down.
- Increased volume of Intro Video
- Enforced DXT1 and DXT5 compression on all Textures
- Cleaned out Asset Bundles and implemented new Build Pipeline to eradicate duplication or wastage
- Overall Reduction from 3.13GB to 1.12GB improving both RAM and VRAM usage
- Added Display Selection to Settings Menu for Multi-Monitor setups
- Ensured the same building cannot receive an emergency twice in a row
- Resolved an issue with Changing Resolution when you ALSO switch Aspect Ratio
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