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Life. Don't talk to me about life.
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Who3D: Life. Don't talk to me about life.
How about a song instead.
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dtgreene: Some relatives were going to visit, but unfortunately they've tested positive for COVID-19, so that's not happening.
Well if the masks worked there wouldn't be a problem. ;)
Themken: €2.60 for a litre of standard petrol.
€2.60 for a litre of milk.
€2.60 for a third of a litre of beer in the shop.

Thank goodness water is still cheap here. Thanks to droughts this is not the situation for everyone. I hear, for example, USA's west coast is about to run out of water. I guess there will be a new migration soon but away this time.

About £2.23.
I'm surprised everyone doesn't brew their own there or here for that matter with the taxes giving us lower quality beer and in Scotland and Wales they've pushed the price up further with extra laws which wouldn't be as bad if they were funding medical research to deal with alcohol damage.
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Vinry36: I f*cking hate paperwork. The stress you feel when you think you lost an important document, or the feeling when you don't remember where you last put it. Sometimes being tidy just isn't enough. F*CK!
Start working for the CIA, you'll love the paperwork.