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timppu: God damn it, at least I now found out what seems to be causing the occasional severe internet connectivity problems at my home. My laptop in another room gets an IP address but then it either can't connect any sites, or the connection is veeeeery slow.

First of course I checked how a computer with an ethernet cable works. No problem, full speed, so it is something about the wifi connectivity inside my home.

Then I scan with the router what channels my neighbours are using, in case their wifi routers are causing problems to me. Ok, a couple use 1, someone uses 6, 9, 11... Anyway, the few unused ones I try don't seem to work much better, e.g. 2, 3 or 4. At first the router says interference level is "acceptable", but then at some point it changes to "severe".

Then I switch off my TV which is next to the router. Bingo, great wifi connection! Now I am quite sure it is the wireless (Bluetooth?) subwoofer on my LG Soundbar that is causing the interference, so whenever the TV is turned on, I often have at least temporary connectivity problems (not all the time, mind you).

At least I know now what is the probable culprit. I guess I just need to try different wifi channels in case some work better, I'd hate it if I can use wifi internet only if TV is turned off. I knew I should have bought a soundbar with a wired subwoofer instead!

God damn technology, destroying our future! Rise of the killer robots! Skynet! WOPR! H.A.L. 9000! Sinclair Spectrum!
Maybe try moving either the TV or the router?
dtgreene: Maybe try moving either the TV or the router?
TV is in a pretty much perfect place at my home, and I don't think I have any real option anyway since my fixed internet is a cable modem, ie. it gets the signal from the same outlet as the TV, which brings them pretty close to each other. Also considering this laptop is usually in the other side ot the apartment, would it really help as from the laptop's point of view the the devices are in about in the same direction?

Not sure if changing the channel in the wifi router is supposed help with things like this?

I saw somewhere suggestions of putting obstacles around the device that causes interference so that it wouldn't radiate to directions where it shouldn't. After all, it needs to "see" only the soundbar above it from which it gets the signal. Maybe I'll try that.

At this point I wish though my subwoofer would be connected with a cord, not a wireless connection. I don't see much benefit in the wireless connection anyway, the subwoofer needs to be pretty close to the soundbar anyway, it is not like I am trying to place it to another room or something. Meh.
All the progress I've made with my health over the last 6 months is suddenly crumbling over the last week.
AgentBirdnest: All the progress I've made with my health over the last 6 months is suddenly crumbling over the last week.
But you have ObamaCare ?

How could this be happening ?