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^ He has no difficulty whatsoever in immediately recognizing a South African accent.
^ He has difficulty telling a South African accent and an english accent apart.
^ Believes Cheerios are a Brit's favorite breakfast cereal.
< is wondering how the hell to get off this topic
^ He's chuffed to bits that HeresMyAccount dropped a clanger in a thread earlier.
^ When i asked him to cure my Covid-19, he threw a mandarin orange at my face so hard i got a nosebleed!
^ He mistook an orange for a lemon and he missed the easy catch. That's why he's a "sourpuss" now. When fighting Covid it's important to ingest plenty of (unsweetened) fresh lemon juice; I believe that it isn't possible to get too much Vitamin C.
Knows the reason why there's a melon in Buckaroo Banzais lab and never told us.
^ Collects various melons, just so that he can fondle them.
^ He met a solitary, solemn golem named "Snolem," whose name is melons spelled backward.
^ Wrote Molestia slash-fics and got yelled at by his readers for not having Twilight Sparkle discover the terrible secret.
^ Wrote Saul of the Mole Men.
^ He wrote, "I Saw The Light On The Road To Damascus."
^ He wrote, "I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes! I saw the sign!"
^runs around with a sign saying "the sign is nigh"