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^ Steals props from filming locations and pretends they're real.
^ Has placed a bounty on Hooyaah's head, calling him the "Props Stealer".
^tried to collect that bounty, but so far was unsuccessful. Ther are some funny videos of his attempts on youtube.
^ Received a stolen fake golden nugget from Hooyaah and refuses to return it to the director.
He didn't see me replace the missing gold ore with fools gold; now everyone is happy once again.
^ Has the worst financial sense in thieving history if he's going to replace painted foam with an actual metal.
^drastically underestimates the ideological and cultural value of foam
^ Eats painted foam for dessert.
^ He once deserted the desert for deserved distressed dessert deserts.
^ Gets words stuck in his head and keeps saying similar words, due to a neuro-electrical malfunction.
^ He has no perceptible brain activity unless he is holding his electric toaster underwater at the time.
^ Still has nightmares from watching The Brave Little Toaster.
^ Likes to yell at Hooyaah in tongues, pretending it's some south american language.
^ Believes South America is a country like South Africa.
^ Started renting an apartment in South Africa after watching Lethal Weapon 2.