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^ Uses waffles as padding in clothing.
^Knows that because he ate InSaintMonoxide's clothing which caused an offended bystander to call the police.
Post edited December 09, 2022 by neumi5694
^ He was only offended because he doesn't look quite so good naked.
^ You may recognize him as a member of this band.
^ He looked long and hard to find a group with that name.
^ He longs for what he hardly ever gets.
^ He has been a good enough "boy" this year to make it onto the "nice" list.
Post edited December 10, 2022 by Hooyaah
^ Has insulted me, for he puts only silly, ignorant and foolish people on the nice list, because that's an archaic definition of the word "nice".
^ He's just adorable when he's embarrassed, isn't he folks?
^ Delights in putting Whoopee Cushions on every chair.
^ He cushions Whoopi Goldberg from valid, factual arguments refuting her liberally-biased rants.
^ Routinely makes Flat Earther-biased rants.
^ Many members might think him to be intelligent, were it not for some of his exceptionally asinine posts like the one above.
^ His intellect in imbued by a computer chip that tells him what to think, and keeps him from slipping back into the coma.
^ wished he had something like that.