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^ Runs around with a sign saying "The night is young" at my backyard at night.
^ Prefers the company of young nights.
^ He prefers the knights of Young Company.
^ Knights the youths that the Company prefers.
^ He forged aforementioned sword as a journeyman sword smith.
^ Learned from getting in legal trouble in Skyrim that people don't like to be sworded.
^ He hacked off his own finger with an axe, rather than suffer the torturous pain of a paper cut.
^ Was once tasked with doing the same as trade to find his kidnapped son before drowning, but took several hours to breath heavily in preparation and was both a finger short and too late.
^ Is the diabolical person who intentionally infected me with Covid-19!!!!!!1!!!

Edit: I suspect his intention is to deal with me permanently.
Post edited December 09, 2022 by InSaintMonoxide
^ Somehow manages to wedge a "1" into a long chain of exclamation points (do people just briefly let go of the shift key because their fingers get tired, or what?).
^ Somehow doesn't realize i always do this and it's on purpose to signal chaotic excitement.
^ Fails to understand that a better way to signal chaotic excitement is to throw random objects around the room and smash things.
^ Has a strange definition of "better".
^ He was thinking of baking pancakes, hence, he almost posted the word "batter" rather that the word "better."

EDIT: How waffle that would have been.
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^ Is not the biggest fan of Waffle House.