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^ He had a turn in the sheets with an ER nurse in a vacant recovery room recently.
^ Likes to spread uncharitable rumors about me. She was just testing my bulbocavernosus reflex for strictly medical reasons.
^ He apparently was examined by a lovely nurse who employed the "Osinski reflex" to test for possible spinal shock to determine if there might be a possible spinal cord injury after their rowdy nocturnal activities in private a number of hours ago.
^ Manages to make kung fu practice sound naughty.
^ He apparently does not practice "naughty style" kung fu.
^Is the master of nagfu. He will nag you to death. His nagging is so well known the Guiness Books of World Nagging has offically named him as the nag record holder. If you look up the word nag, nagging , nagger or any other variation in a dictionary. It would just be the name. Hooyaah. He is the very reason they created The Guiness Books of World Nagging to begin with.
Post edited March 29, 2022 by every1hasnames
^ Edited the previous post because of an unfortunate typo in which he accidentally spelled "nagger", but promptly realized his mistake and didn't want to be shunned as a racist, so he changed it. Ironically he also often misspells the word "racist", because his right pinky finger just keeps hitting that "p" key. Also often misspells words like "botch", "shut", "feckless", etc.
^ He has a Ph.D. in putting internet trolls in their place.
^Is the guy in this video.
^ Is someone else.
^ meant to use "HisMajestysAccountant" for username, but it's too long.
^ Is pretty sure that the movie "The Accountant" is based on HMA's life.
^ His Kung Fu is very strong and he can withstand repeated kicks to his unprotected inguinal region.
^ Is a collector of violent italian horror films.
^ He's a huge Stephen King fan.