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poulpy72: Age of Wonders 2: Shadow Magic
I gave up on that one too back in the day after trying a few days to understand it. I think that was before I had internet connection at home so could not look up any guides.
bler144: since you're rarely watching any given hero
Ghorpm: And that's a mistake! You should really spend some time observing your heroes.
Perhaps a related question, but what resolution do you play the game in? I maxed it out so I could see as much area as possible since the scrolling seems a bit slow and watching turf and being able to click through buildings also seems pretty important, but that means teeny tiny heroes.
Ghorpm: And that's a mistake! You should really spend some time observing your heroes.
bler144: Perhaps a related question, but what resolution do you play the game in? I maxed it out so I could see as much area as possible since the scrolling seems a bit slow and watching turf and being able to click through buildings also seems pretty important, but that means teeny tiny heroes.
I finished Majesty HD recently and used max resolution (1900×1080 I believe) to see more but you know - I already knew the game and spent many hours on it back in 2000 when it was released so I didn't care because I already knew how things worked

Magic Carpet Plus

Giving up on this game. Stuck on world 13 aka the first maze map in Magic Carpet.

You start off deep within a maze being attacked by enemy mages & animals while finding your way out before you die.
Enemy mages being able to ignore/fly over walls wouldnt be bad by itself, having to go through a maze while being chased by enemy mages, killer bees, and random griffins who will wreck you 100% if attacked is not a fun experience.

Magic Carpet 1 gameplay boils down to collecting enough mana each world to advance to the next world.
Mana is collected by killing off wildlife, mythical creatures, and by damaging enemy mage's bases enough that the enemy bases spew out mana balls that can be repossessed by you.

Overall Magic Carpet 1 was fun, map level 13 was not fun enough to keep playing & powerthrough to the next game world.
One More Dungeon (Steam)

This is an FPS rogue-like game set in a pixel-art dungeon.

I’m not normally into procedurally-generated no-saves perma-death games, but the art style really drew me into this game and made me want to give it a chance. The art is 2D sprites in a 3D dungeon, similar to DOOM or Ultima Underworld, and it works really well.

If you die the only thing which is saved is the points you’ve earned, which can be used to buy “Mutators” which can make the game easier (e.g. increasing your starting health) or harder (e.g. adding fog so you can’t see as far). The game doesn’t explain any of the things you find, it’s up to you to experiment to see what happens and learn from it for your next run.

I did have fun with it, but I can’t help but think (as I do with all games of this nature) that it would be a *MUCH* better game if it was set in large hand-crafted levels instead.

However, the main flaw in the game (in my opinion) is the amount of time it takes to play, without any save functionality. If you’re doing well in a run I can see how it could easily take over 2 hours (at least the way I play). I often have a hard time dedicating a solid block of time to play on my computer for over an hour at a time, so I really need to be able to save my game and continue on at a later time (perhaps hours or a day later). And the problem with the “replayability” is that once I’ve already completed the first few levels a number of times, I really don’t feel like playing the game for an hour just to pass them again.

I did enjoy the game more than most other rogue-like I’ve played, so I would still recommend it if you enjoy this sort of game.
HeathGCF: Sea Dogs: City of Abandoned Ships

Not even a host of mods could save this turd from sinking. Had hopes that a game released nine years after the original and the fourth using the same engine, might have improved somewhat, but I was wrong. I really gave it a chance, despite all the flaws, but in the end I just gave up as they were too frustrating. Terrible UI, crappy controls, horribly broken quests, crashes galore.
Begging pardon, what UI? I looked at the screenshots and couldn't see a single button.
Quit Fantasy General after finishing the first 3 scenarios of the main campaign. The game is mostly proper positioning and movement of the units in battles. When I started the 4th scenario I had 22 units and got bored of managing them. An annoying thing with the game is that there is a random chance that you get wounds or deaths when a unit is hit, and deaths cost in experience because to fill the unit you have to recruit monsters with 0 xp and then the experience gets averaged. Spells are very few and not that interesting. Artifacts the same. Outside of battles you just allocate gold to research unit upgrades and that's it. Next
Supreme League of Patriots Issue 1: A Patriot is Born (Steam)

This is a point-and-click adventure game. Funny point-and-click games are one of my absolute favourite game genres, however...

This game is supposed to be humorous, but I didn’t find the jokes/commentary very funny. Compounding this is the fact that whenever you want to look at or use something, the game goes into a dialogue mode where the only thing you can do is listen to it (or click through it one sentence at a time to speed it up a little) and you can’t continue in the game proper until it’s over. The exact same dialogue triggers whenever you repeat the same action again. Annoying.

One of the characters (Kyle) I found to be OK, but the second character (Mel) seems to just be there to pad out the game with annoying interjections. I didn’t get far enough into the game to determine if Mel is necessary to the plot, but he wasn’t for the time I played and I think the game would have been vastly improved if the Mel character was removed completely.

The inventory system is frustrating, you can’t simply drag an item out of your inventory and onto another item in the environment, you instead have to open your belt, scroll through the items until the desired item is in the centre of the belt, then click on the item in the environment and choose the item from your belt which has now appeared as an action. If you want to try a different item, you need to go back to your belt and scroll to another item, click on the item in the environment again and now the second item will appear as an action. Annoying.

Finally, the game commits the cardinal sin of point-and-click: You absolutely *MUST* complete the puzzles in the manner and order that the game wants you to. For example: you try to look in a drawer and don’t find anything, then later you learn that you need something, then you go back to the drawer and now you can find the needed item! As another example, you want to pick up an item but the game won’t let you, you talk to another character and then afterwards you can pick up the item! A third example: You want a character to look something up on the computer so you select “use” computer, doesn’t work, you have to use a particular item from your inventory on the computer to get the desired result. And all three of these are just in the first location in the game! Annoying.

Normally when I play point-and-click adventures I like to click every item and exhaust every dialogue option just to see what will happen. But with this game… ugh, I tried to persevere, hoping the game would improve, but I actually found myself *not* clicking on things or talking to people, just trying to speed through it as fast as possible… that was the moment that I realised I was not enjoying the game at all, and I quit after about an hour.

Definitely not recommended.
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Rusty Lake Hotel

Got the second game in the Humble Bundle and thought I'd give the first one a try first. What I didn't realize, is that these games run on Adobe Flash. And what I forgot is that Flash games often seem to save to your internet cache, which I have my browser set to clear on the regular. Allegedly, this game auto-saves everything you do, although it never tells you about it (I'm not even sure how you're supposed to quit this game officially, letalone save progress). But in any case, after playing more than halfway through it and quitting to go to sleep, today I found out, nothing was saved (or the savegame was erased). Now that I know the solutions to the puzzles it would probably just take 10 minutes or so at max to get where I was yesterday, but that feels like a chore regardless. I hate commercial games using Flash.

So far I didn't really understand what's so special about the game either. Sure, it's a neat casual puzzle adventure with a weird, grotesque (although not all that original) premise, but not much else. There's hardly any story, it never gets any weirder than the premise, and the puzzles are easy and similar to each other. Maybe there's a twist at the ending, there probably is, I can predict that much, but I don't expect it to be all that clever. So I'm shelving this for now.
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