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TentacleMayor: The Saboteur - For some godforsaken reason, they were really intent on piling on the TnA and innuendo in this. It's on the unskippable pre-game logos. It's in the cutscenes. It's in the chatter between characters. The protagonist lives in a cabaret. This is the game with the infamous $5 pastie-removal DLC for the cabaret dancers. Forshame. I don't need this *filth* in my wholesome murder simulator. Given the developer, I expected something closer to Mercenaries in tone.
GR00T: I bought this one on a whim and didn't expect much of it. But I had a blast with it. The TnA you noted is really only in your face (pun intended) right at the beginning. After you get rolling in the story it really isn't a factor at all. I had a great time blowing up, running over, and shooting Nazis as well as all the climbing, sneaking, stealing vehicles and tanks, and just causing general mayhem.
Filth and blowing up Nazis you say? I wishlisted
Previous games

The Darkside Detective - clearly I need to do more research when I buy games from now on. I somehow bought this without voice acting + pixelated graphics, even though I know I don't like that style. sigh I've played point and click games without voice acting, but I just know it's going to feel like a drag with the pixelated graphics
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Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Wanted to see how far I'd get before I used up all continues. Metropolis Zone Act 2. Well I'm not going to start all over again, at least not any time in the forseeable future, even if I'll likely get to the place I kept dying with more continues/lives, since chances are I'll just lose them all again. This is why I don't like games were you run out of lives/continues and it's back to the beginning of the game - it feels like I'm wasting my time even if I slowly get better, and frustration gets the best of me. At least with roguelikes/roguelites every playthrough is different, these classic platformers - not so much. Of course I could use save states but that kills any sense of satisfaction.

For the record, a few years back I quit the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the same reason, though I only got to Labyrinth Zone back then and lost all lives/continues on the boss.
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99.99% of the ones I have I toy with them every now and then but really it's just the same Kill this get that type of thing same with RPG's kill this get loot box it gets REALLY boring REALLY quick.