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Blaite - hardcore platformer with poor controls and an unpredictable jumping monster that completely breaks the game since timing is of the utmost importance and you don't have the leisure to wait for it to get out of the way.

Brut@l - an otherwise fun roguelikelike where all of 99% of failed runs will be attributed to platforming sections. Fall in a pit = die, in a permadeath game. Who the hell thought it was a good idea?

I've started this game a few times over the years and I do like the first few levels, but soon it starts to slow down, then the enemies become bullet sponges and I start getting bored.

It's probably supposed to be 'atmospheric', but since the plot line is about as much as 'prisoner on ship that crashed' - good luck and have fun it's not my thing.

The game is good. I know it should be good, everyone who reviews it says it's good. But either I don't have time or I've just never really 'gotten' the world.

Whatever, I find it gets boring before I manage to finish it and this last attempt was no different.

Quake 2 released around the same time and I can play that game over and over, and almost never get bored of it. Each to their own I guess.

Half Life.

Aha! Another classic shooter and I do love some crowbar wielding alien smashing action. The first half of this game is fantastic, but after a while the game wears out its welcome. Too many jumping puzzles. That bit where you have to incinerate the massive alien plant - arggg. Bag, bang, bang - death, bang, bang, death. Ba- death.

I have completed this game a long time ago, but playing it recently on a nostalgia trip just didn't do it. A lot of cheap kills, annoying jumping puzzles annoying level design made me quit before finishing it.

I've heard this sentiment from others and while the game is overall brilliant because of the standards it set and the rules it changed, now years later when those same rules have been perfected in better games half life can't quite hold up to my nostalgic eye.

I can't call it a bad game, I just didn't have enough patience to complete it - again. It still gives a bunch of laughs and the world it creates is quite believable. Except for the lift bug where you'll have to have pre sensed where the lift will bug out so you can jump and not get stuck in it! Only to have to grenade your character and re do much level because you forgot to save not knowing a simple lift was going to be your demise. This can also lead to scripted events just not working. Kaboom!
I recently dumped Vikings Wolves of Midgard. Mandatory grinding in a single player game is lazy game design to me. 3 of the 6 artifact weapons caused the game to freeze up when I tried to assemble them a grand total of 5 times. And the final boss glitched out and just stood there for the 1st round of the fight and then caused the game to crash taking the whole computer with it in round 2.

I know MMO's are supposed to take a lot of time but for some reason it really got under my skin when I tried to go back to Star Wars The Old Republic I'm really hoping this means I'll be able to say no to World of Warcraft when the urge hit to go back to that thing again.

I'll probably dump Secret World Legends soon if Funcom doesn't start talking to us about the Congo world zone that is supposedly the next place we get to go. Its been about a year since we went to South Africa and its been radio silence about the Congo ever since.
Zombie Shooter (2007) (Linux/Wine)

I've lost my progress (or perhaps the game does not provide proper saving) and I'm not going to complete the previous levels again. The games seems to be quite short, I've completed halt of missions in 1h, but, well, no real need to finish the game. Nice mindless fun, indeed, but not exactly my cup of tea.

Works well under Linux+Wine.

List of all games completed in 2019.
I quit Close to the Sun because it ran like dog crap on my 1060 (and wasn't great anyway). Might try again on my new rig, we'll see.

I quit Dark Souls Remastered because I couldn't stand the saving system. That's one area where I'm very old school PC focused and expect to be able to save anywhere and not repeat content.

I have not quit Shadowrun Hong Kong but I find it a big drop down from Dragonfall and am having trouble going back to it. I think I'm about 2/3rds through it but haven't played since March.
Idle Wizard

For a fan of idle management games there is a lot to like in this game, and a lot of the <ideas> are clever, but...

if you're looking for a game to actually be enjoyable, in the end I can't recommend this one.

-Lots of features
-Broad mix of classes and pet combos
-Challenges are for the most part a neat idea
-Multi-tiered leveling system (multipliers, gear, bonuses, class/pet unlocks) is generally good if occasionally screwy or asking you to do inane things for unlocks.

-UI is clunky
-Many features aren't well explained, or not really explained at all
-Most class/pet combos are fairly useless

The game also pretty much forces you to leave it running, in some cases days on end (thus my 500 hours of steam-recorded game time), to complete a particular objective. While I could play non-steam games or watch movies with it running in the background, I normally shut my computer down overnight or when not home, and playing other steam games was not possible.

If there were a sequel, I would probably play it just to see if it improved on the flaws here. Likewise, I'd recommend it to someone who wanted an idle that goes a bit deeper in its options/designs/systems than the norm and wanted to explore (I certainly did).

TLDR: The concept of this game is great, thus why I kept sticking around even for long stretches where the thrill was gone. Those moments where it really works, are great.

Overall, the execution left me wanting, and I finally realized my limited gaming time is much better spent elsewhere.
God of War Ascension (PS3)

It's a Sony first party game, so take out the cutscenes and time you're not in control, take out all the QTE's and you have a 3 hour game with some decent environment puzzles for a brawler. But those QTE's...damn, mostly right at the end of long boss fights. And all that platforming where you instantly die if you don't see the green grapple point in time. And the worst part of all, the big hard fights often result in the camera going so far out that I can't even tell which is my character and which are enemies, let alone know what way I'm facing.

Still the game is short, fast paced and I was going to finish it, then I got to the legendary "Trial of Achimedes" near the end. Everything that sucks about the game multiplied by 10. Three huge waves of damage sponge enemies, QTE's to finish each main enemy, no health replenishment, no save points between waves. I could persevere and I'm sure I'd beat it, but I just can't be assed. It's not fun. I went and mowed my front yard instead, whilst pondering why people rave so much about Sony first party games.
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