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TentacleMayor: The Saboteur - For some godforsaken reason, they were really intent on piling on the TnA and innuendo in this. It's on the unskippable pre-game logos. It's in the cutscenes. It's in the chatter between characters. The protagonist lives in a cabaret. This is the game with the infamous $5 pastie-removal DLC for the cabaret dancers. Forshame. I don't need this *filth* in my wholesome murder simulator. Given the developer, I expected something closer to Mercenaries in tone.
GR00T: I bought this one on a whim and didn't expect much of it. But I had a blast with it. The TnA you noted is really only in your face (pun intended) right at the beginning. After you get rolling in the story it really isn't a factor at all. I had a great time blowing up, running over, and shooting Nazis as well as all the climbing, sneaking, stealing vehicles and tanks, and just causing general mayhem.
Filth and blowing up Nazis you say? I wishlisted
Previous games

The Darkside Detective (GOG) - clearly I need to do more research when I buy games from now on. I somehow bought this without voice acting + pixelated graphics, even though I know I don't like that style. sigh I've played point and click games without voice acting, but I just know it's going to feel like a drag with the pixelated graphics
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Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Wanted to see how far I'd get before I used up all continues. Metropolis Zone Act 2. Well I'm not going to start all over again, at least not any time in the forseeable future, even if I'll likely get to the place I kept dying with more continues/lives, since chances are I'll just lose them all again. This is why I don't like games were you run out of lives/continues and it's back to the beginning of the game - it feels like I'm wasting my time even if I slowly get better, and frustration gets the best of me. At least with roguelikes/roguelites every playthrough is different, these classic platformers - not so much. Of course I could use save states but that kills any sense of satisfaction.

For the record, a few years back I quit the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the same reason, though I only got to Labyrinth Zone back then and lost all lives/continues on the boss.
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99.99% of the ones I have I toy with them every now and then but really it's just the same Kill this get that type of thing same with RPG's kill this get loot box it gets REALLY boring REALLY quick.
Chicago 1930

I've been debating whether I should quit for a while now and finally did.

It's not a horrible game, but in terms of what I'll call "Commandos Clones" there are so many better ones, like Desperados, Crooks, or Shadow Tactics. Kind of takes the strategy out of it when EVERY GUY is capable of doing the same things with no real specialization. Oh, and NO HOT KEYS! WTF!?

I still have an itch for this so I think I'll hit Crookz or ST for a while. :D
Blade of Darkness - I know this game is loved, but controls turned out to be too awkward for me. Quit shortly after the tutorial after being killed by some tiny spiders.
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Previous games

Lego City Undercover (XB1) - great art + music with decent story and humor but the gameplay isn't challenging enough for me to justify spending time on. It would be better suited for kids. Here's hoping the rest of the Lego games I still have aren't like this (Avengers, Batman 3)

Legend of Kay Anniversary (GOG) - I want to love what THQ Nordic is trying to accomplish with bringing old IPs to life, remastering them and digitally providing them, but that means not every game will be for me. Like this one. Graphically it looks good. The story isn't the greatest. LoK is a product of it's time - the camera still borks out and the fights can be frustrating even on normal due to design decisions that were made i.e. casting magic is difficult mid-fight Voice acting isn't great but it's better than not having any (stares at Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy; here's hoping that will be better than this)
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Zombie Night Terror (Steam)

I love the original Lemmings game, so I thought this game might be fun because it looks a lot like Lemmings but with zombies! I'm not really a zombie fan by any stretch, but I thought in this type of scenario it fits perfectly because zombies are really stupid :).

The story between the gameplay segments quite good, it's like a cheesy action/zombie movie and focuses on the good guys trying to stop the zombies, but when you're playing the actual game you take the role of the zombies instead. I think it works very well, and is very funny and entertaining.

The graphics are also very good, no complaints there at all.

Where the game let me down is in the gameplay. The game is quite fun at the beginning, but as the game progresses the levels get to point where there is only one 'correct' way to complete each level, so I found myself attempting each level over and over again trying to get it right so that I can complete it and pass on to the next. Ultimately I found I wasn't enjoying myself any more because there was too much repetition of each level. I dunno, maybe I just need to git gud but I just don't have the skill or the patience. I think the game would be better if there was a bit more flexibility in the levels (multiple ways to solve each level).

Although I didn't finish the game, I can definitely see that it has potential, so I would still recommend it to those who enjoy puzzle games and don't mind repeating the same level many times to get it perfect.
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Previous games

Thimbleweed Park (NS) - The opening was great, switching between characters was awesome. Loved the writing, art, and music. Jokes were hilarious especially Ransome's. I was surprised how quickly I stopped caring as soon as I had control of all 5 characters at once. The characters wouldn't communicate and it seemed like 1 less-than-obvious puzzle after another. I think I'm getting more picky about games as time goes on just because there's so many games out there. I don't have time for ones that seem like chores. I still haven't found a series/game that's captivated me as much as Blackwell and the Walking Dead in terms of point-and-click. I have a strong feeling Monkey Island will be added to that list when I do get around to playing it.
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01kipper: Zombie Night Terror (Steam)

I feel your pain. I did finish the game but had not as much fun as I hoped I would have.
01kipper: Zombie Night Terror (Steam)

Ghorpm: I feel your pain. I did finish the game but had not as much fun as I hoped I would have.
Games are down mainly becasue of incorrect profit model. I've experienced several games.
On the contrary, I also know games that has been living for around 20 years becasue of their correct profit model.
01kipper: Let's get the ball rolling for 2018 :)!

Hard West

I normally enjoy turn-based combat games, so I thought I would enjoy this one. However, this game just did not fit well with me for the following reasons:

- Uneven/unfair combat mechanics. Specifically: the enemy has an overwatch ability, but the player does not.
- Checkpoint saves only. (Oh how I loathe thee, checkpoint saves!) To be fair, there is a quicksave feature which is dubbed experimental (or similar term), I did not attempt it because I don't want to risk using a not-fully-implemented feature which may end up messing up the whole game at a later point.
- Mostly text-based choose-your-own-adventure type minigame between tactical battles where random choices have random effects. This just felt really out of place to me, and not at all enjoyable in my opinion.

In all fairness I did not progress very far before quitting, but I had had enough by that point anyway.
that's unfortunate--in my experience this game serves as a narrative generator--sometimes you eat the tiger and sometimes the tiger eats you but! at the end you have a great story to tell
Tower 57 (Steam)

Based on the short time I played it, this game is a fun pixel-graphics twin-stick shooter, and reminded me a lot of the game Hammerwatch (which I really enjoyed a lot).

However, unlike Hammerwatch, although the game page on Steam says “Full Controller Support” it does not in fact support my DS4 controller at all (which is not entirely unheard of in my previous experience with Steam). In the case of this game though, it is doubly strange since (a) the developer claims that the game supports Dualshock (although it does not), and (b) this game is also available on PS4.

Unfortunately, when I play the game with mouse & keyboard, my mouse finger used to shoot begins to get painful after less than 10 minutes. I think this must be a sign of my age (and not just limited to the mouse, I had a similar problem with Shadow of Mordor using a controller). If there was an “auto fire” toggle (again, similar to Hammerwatch) then I could still enjoy the game. But it does not, which is a shame, because in its current state the game is unplayable for me :(.
Previous games

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (GOG) - No voice acting. Environment seems barren. Game doesn't seem anywhere near as polished and full as a game that released around the same time - VooDoo Vince (which was also remastered). Don't want to force myself to play it -shrug-
Dreamscapes: The Sandman (HOG, Shaman Games)

The game crashed in the opening cutscene. Total playtime = 3 min.

While Shaman Games look nice, after a frustrating experience with another Shaman production earlier this year and getting an hour in only for the game to become unplayable, I'm not inclined to bother with this one after the early warning.