Release: Shadow Man

The voodoo you should do.
Shadow Man, a remarkably dark and gripping action-adventure game based on the voodoo-filled comic book series, is available on for only $5.99! With your purchase, you also get a comiXology giftcode for the digital Shadowman (2012) #1 comic book, and a $5.99 discount code for a Valiant Comics official Shadowman t-shirt (7-day offer)!
They say that magic of blood is the ultimate kind of magic. It pleases the mighty dark spirits of the Deadside, giving its user power that no human being should ever wield. But the human soul is easily corruptible by such temptations. There are always those, who would reach for the forbidden fruit. They will kill to taste it. They will kill again to keep it. But the Man of Shadows, the traveler between the worlds, stands guard. His destiny is to maintain balance between the Deadside and the Liveside. By the power of gruesome voodoo artifacts, he's implored to stop all strife--by any means necessary.
Shadow Man is a third-person perspective action game that will amaze you with its dark story and aesthetics. You will explore two overlapping worlds, held together by the power of eternal magic. The nonlinear gameplay will take you to numerous impressive locations with many terrifying enemies to defeat and clever puzzles to solve. If you enjoy action games with deep and unique setting, solid gameplay, and dark mood, you can't go wrong with this comic book-inspired classic!
Start your fascinating journey through the dark realms of bloody magic and madness in Shadow Man, for only $5.99 on, today! Special bonus codes for the comic book and $5.99 discount for the official Valiant Comics t-shirt will be e-mailed to you. This special offer lasts until Tuesday, September 24, at 9:59AM GMT.