Release: Into the Breach

Faster than landcrawlers.
Into the Breach, a mechanized turn-based strategy from the makers of FTL, is now available, DRM-free on
**Buy it until March 6th, 3PM UTC and get FTL: Advanced Edition for FREE.**
If you already own FTL on, please contact Support to get a gift code for a friend.
Our timeline is under attack! Hideous alien creatures burrowed under our civilization and the only way to drive them back is by employing giant mechs. From the future!
Fine-tune your formidable machines, plan your every move, and watch your fire - there are still some civilians left in there. If everything else fails, just turn to the future for reinforcements and another chance.
In the press:
- Jason Shreier from the Kotaku gang played the game a few weeks back, loved it and described it as beautiful kaiju chess. Catchy.
- Gamespot gave the game 9/10, calling it "a pristine and pragmatic tactical gem with dynamic conflicts that will inspire you to jump back in again, and again, and again."
- The people at We Got this Covered found the game to be fantastic, saying "it borrows confidently from FTL's successes but differentiates itself as a tight, highly replayable tactics game".