Release: Frozen Synapse 2

Strategy is best served cold.
Frozen Synapse 2 is now available, DRM-free on Owners of the original Frozen Synapse or Frozen Cortex get 10% off until September 27, 5pm UTC.
The little green dudes return! Together with those pesky red dudes. With them, they bring the astonishingly addictive turn-based tactics, this time applied to an open city with grand strategy maneuvers for you to pursue. Shady deals, ruthless politics, and powerful people control Markov Geist and it's up to you to figure out the best way to navigate its neon-lit streets. With more objects and units added to the fray, plus a tricky A.I. that tries to outplay you at every turn, this is the sequel your green dudes deserve.
Grab the game's Soundtrack for your melodic synth collection.