Release: Stellaris: The Machine Age and Stellaris: New Player Edition

Stellaris is a fan-favorite sci-fi grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive, where you can explore new worlds, encounter new beings, and face the challenges of intergalactic colonization, diplomacy, warfare, perils, and crises.
Now, its newest expansion The Machine Age, as well as the New Player Edition pack are available on GOG!
Stellaris: The Machine Age presents a new age of galactic adventure. As your scientists discover ever more advanced means to commune with the machine, your society will face new ethical and social dilemmas. Biological species grapple with the effects of rapid augmentation, while the very nature of identity is thrown into question by the rise of synthetic consciousness. Meanwhile, in an otherwise unremarkable corner of the galaxy, a robotic empire has arisen with individualistic personalities. A democratically elected government now presides over the fate of these singular Machines.
Get ready for new endgame crisis, new player crisis path, individualistic machines, new cybernetic and synthetic reactive portraits, new situations and advanced authority swap, 3 new origins, and more!
When it comes to Stellaris: New Player Edition, it’s a package specifically designed to help you navigate your first hyperlanes as you venture into unknown planetary systems of this vast game.
It contains: the base game, Stellaris: Utopia DLC, Stellaris: Galactic Paragons DLC.
It’s time for you to achieve your dreams of galactic conquest!