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I might be wrong.. Forgive me if so.
When Garret loots something, like Gold from a chest, or jewelry... does it not usuall display the amount automatically?

I mean yeah sure, I can scroll through my inventory until I see exactly how much I have... but I seem to remember it being displayed upon looting?
game options/auto equip.
Ah yes. Thank you very much for that.

Also... I've noticed a couple of sound anomolies.
Like for example, if I swing the sword to hit an object in the world... the *SWING* sound is fine and loud... but whatever it hits is dead quiet.

So hitting a rock, a box etc produces the faintest of sounds.
Any ideas what I could do with my sound settings? :)
try to change your ingame sound driver.
It appears to be to do with a particular part of different levels.
For example, at the start of Level 2... before you get into the water to go into the mines.. if you hit a box etc, its very quiet.

Settings do not improve it. But its only a small things, all things considered.
It was some time ago, but I am sure something is wrong... When I played Thief when it was new I remember I made the zombies to follow me and I went underwater they'd follow and drown. Now they wait me on the shore...

What is going on? Is the TFix doing that or the Gold version or am I just completely confused?
not sure about the unmodified GOG build right off the bat, but yes, zombies won't go and drown themselves with TFix. removing the dumb stuff, remember?
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I kinda liked the old way... :| Overall for levels with plenty of Zombies like the second. It is possible to have the old behavior?
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not without gamesys editing.
voodoo47: not without gamesys editing.
that is means to use dromed to edit the game?
found a way to make oldDark and NewDark coexist peacefully in one Thief install. if you want to try it out, just extract this archive to your TFixed Thief install, and run the legacy exe of your choice (THIEF_orig.EXE, or THIEF_ddfix.EXE). when running a legacy exe:

-mods will not be loaded, so you will get full vanilla looks
-gamesys/map fixes WILL be applied
-resolution is set to 1024*768, anything else might not work
-separate save folder will be used (so oldDark and NewDark saves won't mix)
-separate bind file will be used (so oldDark and NewDark binds won't mix)
-running oldDark should not break NewDark in any way, and vice versa

if found usable/stable, it will get included into the main TFix build.
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ok, your chance to contribute to TFix development - you can vote on how the interactive candles mod should work here.
TFix 1.21 is out. interactive candles, olddark support, more map overhauling etc.
voodoo47: TFix 1.21 is out. interactive candles, olddark support, more map overhauling etc.
Uh.. I'm a bit confused.
This seems an enhancement pack, more than just a collection of community patches for the original version.
Am I wrong?
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