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I looked through this short list (ha ha) a couple of times, but didn't see what I was looking for. Has the issue of rearranging one tab of your inventory completely blowing up another tab been fixed? My inner OCD needs to know this.
riggo49: I looked through this short list (ha ha) a couple of times, but didn't see what I was looking for. Has the issue of rearranging one tab of your inventory completely blowing up another tab been fixed? My inner OCD needs to know this.
You might need to elaborate more in your specific issue, since I cannot recall such a bug.

Also, pen311 is keeping this thread fairly clean. Maybe you want to create a new topic if it takes more than a few sentences.
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Install and patch files for version 1.1.0i and Hotfix to version 1.1.0j are available in the Downloads area of the game page.

GoG Galaxy of course had these updates also.

Update Hotfix released for version 1.1.0k


We’ve prepared a hot-fix for better crusading.

The issue fixed in version 1.1.0k is: in tactical battle, if a demon unit teleports, it teleports into the square occupied by your unit, and becomes untargetable. Now the demons will teleport as all proper demons should, and you will be able to avenge your fallen soldiers.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Update to version 1.1.1i :: 28

This update is available for windows via GOG Galaxy and Game Offline Downloads File installers and game patch...

No update for Mac as of yet.

Hello Crusaders!

We are back from a lockdown and a state holiday with more fixes for your bugs! Good news for our macOS players - we’ve finally defeated that tent issue that’s been causing us all so many problems. We also fixed the issue with crossblooded sorcerers and many more.

We also found out that some people still play the beta version of 1.1 patch - please opt out of it to update your game!

Please read the patch notes, but beware of possible plot spoilers below!

Known issues in this version (we will fix them in the next hot-fix):

- There’s a bug with the platform in the Mage’s Tower in chapter 4, and it’s not moving as it should;
- The filter of items doesn’t work in the loot interface.


- If Seelah was dead at the start of the chapter 4, she sometimes forgot to give her personal quest in chapter 5 – fixed;
Sosiel quest - "A Farewell" can be finished now;
- Sometimes Camellia refused to leave Drezen even after the player character had excluded her from the companions. - We explained to her the common courtesy rules, and now she'll leave when she has to;
- Fixed Lann's dialogue - now female characters have one more option to start a romance with him;
- During the romance with Lann the event with the letter didn't start, even if all conditions were met - fixed;
- Sometimes the fates of Galfrey or Irabeth would register incorrectly (and the game could consider them dead when they were alive) - fixed;
- Camellia won't try to attack the commander in the epilogue anymore, if you completed her whole quest chain;
- Seelah's final quest could result in two mutually exclusive outcomes - fixed;
- Irabeth used to forget to take her sword and give a reward for it - fixed;
- If Seelah was dead during your transition into chapter 4, she could forget to give her quest in chapter 5 - fixed;
- In the epilogue Nenio will no longer try to return and give the Commander her notes if the Commander didn't survive (she's so terribly forgetful!);
- Fixed an error which didn't allow to complete the objectives for The Secrets of Creation (if you haven't completed all the 4 puzzles yet, you need to enter the location, where you've solved the puzzle; if you have solved all 4 of them, the objectives will complete automatically).


- Fixed Arueshalae's event in Alushinyrra Lower City;
- Sometimes during the siege of Dresen it was impossible to pass through the gate - fixed. You shall pass now;
- Trever was missing from the camp near Threshold - fixed;
- Lich's Skeletal Companion wasn't under his master's control during the fight for Drezen - fixed;
- Interaction and transfer icons on some objects (like portals) sometimes didn't show in Alushinyrra - fixed.


- Game no longer crashes in crusade battles when the player attacks Mariliths;
- Fixed the issue when some companions participated in the council meetings from the blackness;
- If you start moving the army on the global map and switched to the party, the sound of the army chip moving continued playing- fixed;
- Return Shooting now works according to description;
- Magnificent Fencing now works according to description.

Classes & Mechanics

- Lilithu demons had 8 claw attacks instead of 4 - fixed;
- Return Shooting now works according to description;
- Magnificent Fencing now works according to description;
- Constitution bleed can now be removed from fully healed character;
- Halaseliax when on your side dealt damage to the player – fixed;
- Sometimes Swarm-that-Walks could only summon one clone, despite its size allowing to have more - fixed, but it's required to devour someone first;
- Constitution bleed can now be removed even from a fully healed character;
- Quarry did not work right when multiple characters in party used it against the same target - fixed;
- Demon gained a Major Demonic Aspect at wrong levels. Fixed, but requires retraining to work correctly;
- Demon now gets Demonkind on the 5th mythic rank, not on 7.

Turn-based mode

- Combat could get stuck if the mount was sickened, while rider was not and attempted an attack that required movement - fixed;
- Added another check to prevent Charge ability from being used if mount doesn't have enough actions;
- Mounts did not react correctly to noticing hidden objects while moving in turn-based mode - fixed;
- Charge ability could fail if used to initiate turn-based combat - fixed;
- In turn-based mode if the mounted animal companion didn't have the line of sight on the target, its movement could be interrupted, and its turn could get stuck - fixed;
- Fixed various problems with the Prediction bar for the mounts;
- Mounts would attempt a full attack even if they couldn't deliver it, but their rider could - fixed.


- Bracers Stormlord's Resolve could lead to a situation when the wearer became immune to all wearer's spells – fixed;
- Fixed the issue with the game freezing when using Sickle of Wicked Rites.


- No blood on wounded characters – fixed;
- AOE spells showed wrong affected area – fixed;
- Characters having wrong texture when changing equipment – fixed;
- It was impossible to interact with some chests - fixed;
- Improved the mod window;
- Fixed the visual for targeting the spells which aim as a direct line;
- It was impossible to create a Crossblooded Sorcerer - fixed;
- In the inventory, the quill icon on the scrolls the characters could study wouldn't update when switching to another c character - fixed;
- Map view in the crusade mode was cluttered by the names of all the locations - fixed;
- Cone attacks no longer hit the targets they were not supposed to hit;
- Bug report window now offers and option to log keyboard input, for those who experience issues with the keyboard.


- Issues with the game’s icon – fixed;
- Fixed the dialogue with the Hand of the Inheritor concerning Xorges;
- Some attacks with the left hand looked strange - fixed;
- Fixed the issue with inability to pause the game;
- We disabled the selection of the mount when it has a rider on. Now clicking on the mount will select the rider, and the mounted animal can only be selected via its portrait. This is done to avoid selecting mounts by accident;
- Fixed the issues which triggered some crashes on macOS;
macOS: Improved the loading of tent interior in chapter 2;
- Sound banks amount could hit the limit in Alushinyrra - fixed;
- Animal companions now help scouting for new locations on the global map;
- Improved the performance after battles;
- Fixed some cases of characters having wrong texture when changing equipment;
- Some dead creatures were falling down again upon loading a save, forced to relive their agony over and over again - fixed and put them to rest.
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Mac Users 1.1.1i: 302 release game install is now available.

**** Be warned, Please read the thread about Mac game saves, before playing this version... ***

Hotfix patch 1.1.1k :457 has been released!

1.1.1k :457 update is available via GoG Galaxy, Windows patch file, and Game installation files.

Hello Crusaders!

This is a hotfix for a save issue on macOS, plus we updated the patching for mods.

Additionally we would like to tell you that we are aware of the issues with the Mac version that our previous patch failed to fix, we’ve collected the reports from you, and we are working on a solution.
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Thank you very much for tending this thread so well, pen311.
If the developer marked users are not doing it, at least the community can count on you.
Before I am ignoring these forums completely out of frustration, just you know: I appreciate your work here.
I am adding right now some last information to the addendum I wrote, which maybe you or the others can make use of in the future. Just waiting for that... questionable forums issue which does not allow me to post too much or two posts in short time...

Update for Version 1.1.2d :462 is available via GoG Galaxy for Windows and Mac.

Offline Download Installers and Patch files are available for Windows.

Mac Users Game install files have not been updated as of this posting.

Update 1.1.2d

A new patch 1.1.2d is upon us. We fixed the problems you wrote us about - lost saves are back in place, the quest "Middlegame" can now be completed, and the game has been updated with other fixes and patches.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


- Sometimes Nura, killed by a player character, was displayed as alive - fixed;
- Daeran went on a date even when he was dead - fixed. We explained to count that sometimes such enthusiasm is inappropriate;

- Lariel didn't talk to the player character in Nexus after he was rescued - fixed;
- When failing Thaberdine’s quest in Chapter 3, events in the citadel could get stuck - fixed;
-The Next-Door Theater troupe thought the player's character changed past when taking over Dresen, even though that didn't happen - fixed. Now actors won't be confused by timelines;

- Quest "Middlegame" could not be completed - fixed;
- Sometimes the fates of Galfrey or Irabeth would register incorrectly (and the game could consider them dead when they were alive) - fixed;

- After the events in Leper's Smile some companions could refuse to communicate with the commander for 3 days - fixed;

- Trickster's closet kept working after choosing Legend's path - fixed. We blocked the path to fun;
- Sosiel's personal quest could get stuck if the Azata Commander killed everyone in the Fleshmarket - fixed;
- Fixed the inability to arrange a conversation between Regill and Sosiel in the camp;
- Sometimes the game did not recognize the death of Ciar - fixed;

- When angels were saying their farewells to the Commander (in the case of changing the mythic path in chapter 5), the game did not react correctly to the actions of the player - fixed;

- In Wintersun, after the first meeting with Marhevok, his guards did not leave with him - fixed;
- It was possible for Trickster Commanders to leave Areelu's Laboratory without receiving an "An Urgent Invitation" quest - fixed. For players who have not yet left in the 4th chapter, the quest will be activated. For those who left in the fourth chapter and beyond - the quests of the mythic path will be failed;

- One mongrel was still standing after hitting Savamelekh with the angel ability - fixed;
- During the final drow ambush, they could attack before their leader gave a signal - fixed;
- Hal will no longer appear at the beginning of Act 5 if he's been killed or said you won't meet him again.


- Fixed an issue where you could get stuck on the tower platform in Alushinyrra. (Warning! If you are already trapped, you need to load an earlier save);

- After returning from Iz, the player character appeared in the throne room - fixed;
- In Act 3, it was possible to kill the bosses again in some locations of Kenabres - fixed;

- After finishing the quest in Wintersun, the current leader of the settlement used to appear on the throne only one week later. Fixed. Now they will appear right after you deal with The Lady of the Sun;
In the Sacred Lands area the entire party and animal companions will be disabled now for the duration if the puzzle part.


- Visual effect of Dominate is shown correctly now;
- Purge now works according to description;
- It was possible to drag the general's abilities into creatures action bar - fixed;
- If an army moves to a selected point, it will no longer stop near allied armies. When moving with the navigation arrows, the army will stop as before when allied armies meet;

- Bards' and Azatas' auras now work according to their new description. The number of available uses of these auras has been increased from 4 to 8;

- Bolt of Justice now has two versions of the ability - against summoned units and against others;
- Fixed the issue with the Spider Swarm model disappearing in tactical combat;
- Abilities and debuffs with death effect could be applied to units with death immunity - fixed;
- All Traps now work according to new description;
- Yozz used to come to the Commander on the Demon path with only one rank up even for the crusade in chapter 3 - fixed;

- Poison I-III dealt abnormal damage when applied by caster generals - fixed.

Classes & Mechanics

- Fixed Aivu's abilities;
- If a rider’s reach is greater than mount's and the rider’s weapon is not ranged, mount should try to approach target so both rider and mount could attack;

- Spell Chain Lightning worked incorrectly - fixed;
- Azata spell Second Breath didn't work - fixed;
- Spell Resistance could become negative in some calculations, in particular leading to spam of combat log messages about immunity to some effects - fixed;

- When replacing a general's ability its tooltip was not updated - fixed;
- Close to the Abyss mythic ability did not give extra gore attack - fixed;
- Devil-Spawn background wasn't giving charisma penalty - fixed;
- Mythic progression could duplicate selected abilities - fixed;
- Demon Dancer with Inspired Rage had extra bite attack - fixed;
- Demonslayer didn't get bonus from progression of favorite enemy, but had bonus against neutral outsider - fixed;

- Changing your path to the Golden Dragon or Swarm That Walks broke mythic abilities taken in previous mythic levels fixed. However, players who are already in this situation should respec or load an earlier save;

- Giving conflicting commands to rider and mount at the same time in RTwP resulted in surprising behaviour - fixed;
- Additional change to Hal, so that he doesn't attack the player with his breath weapon;

- Khorramzadeh will no longer have Thundering Rage ability on difficulties lower than Normal. Thundering Rage will no longer grant empower metamagic to electric spells.


- Killing Pace didn't work correctly - fixed;
- Bone Amulet had no effects - fixed;
- Boots of Stampede didn't work correctly - fixed;
- Added Dinosaur Bone, Jade and Stone to Flesh scrolls to vendors;
- Fixed Obsession didn't work correctly - fixed;
- Enlivening Leadership didn't provide the stated +1 morale bonus to companions - fixed;
- Gloves of Arcane Eradication didn't provide the stated bonus on ranged touch attack rolls - fixed;
- Half of the Pair pendant didn't provide any bonuses - fixed;
- The Blitz Cut didn't bypass damage reduction - fixed;
- Skeletal Finger rod had infinite charges - fixed;
- The Bound of Possibility for Lich didn't provide the stated bonuses - fixed;
- Demon's Terror didn't work correctly - fixed.


- One of bleeding effects was not shown in UI - fixed.


- Save files that disappeared on macOS should be back now;
- One of the rare Trickster storyline finales was not supported in the epilogues - fixed;
- If the player's character sacrificed themselves, the "game over" window was shown instead of the ending - fixed;
- The "Follow Character" key wasn't working properly - fixed;
- Fixed the Sadistic Game Design achievement - it is now possible to obtain it;
- Fixed the issue with the small races sitting inside the furniture in the Drezen tavern;

- Finnean could start talking before you meet him. Now you will only see his lines in the camp if he is present in your team;

- Monster descriptions are back in the encyclopedia;
- Cloth physics added to flags that didn't have it;
- Fixed the issues in the objects' physics that caused crashes on macOS;
- The victims of Swarm that Walks no longer get dismembered, and can be used as food for the swarm.
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Update version 1.1.3e :01 has been released.

Available via Windows GoG Galaxy and Offline Installers and Patch file.

Update 1.1.3e Patch Notes!


A new patch 1.1.3e has just arrived! We’ve fixed the issue with Arueshalae’s romance, fixed the problem some players had with entering the Lost Chapel; we tweaked some cool mythic units in the crusade to make them feel more mythic, and also fixed Restless Slumber a lot of people complained about. We also fixed the issue with your spellbook looking like it was empty, and the FPS no longer should significantly drop on the global map. And last, but definitely not least - we’ve found that elusive fireplace! You can find the full list of changes below.

But beware of possible plot spoilers!


After completing Rapture of Rupture, it was possible to initiate a conversation with Vellexia again - fixed;
During A Matter of Reputation you can no longer kill Yozz if you are playing as a Demon;
During A Noble Intent quest Anevia wouldn't notice a player in stealth and refused to talk to them - fixed;
During The Price of Loyalty Yozz will no longer participate in the ambush if you already killed him during A Matter of Reputation;
Fixed an error which prevented the continuation of 'Once in Alushinyrra...' quest;
Fixed the issue with The Light Within quest getting stuck in the 5th chapter for the Angel mythic path;
If Commander's love interest was dead during the final stage of the Death's Embrace quest, they could participate in the dialogue dead - fixed;
Latverk could appear in the streets next to his house again after his death. We... took measures to ensure he stays dead;
Sometimes even getting ritually killed by an undead mage wouldn't make Daeran leave the party (rumours didn't lie - his vitality is truly legendary) - fixed;
Sometimes Ramien didn't want to go to Defender's Heart even if Hurlun was killed - fixed;
The final romantic dialogue with Arueshalae wouldn't start if she wasn't in the current party - fixed;
Wenduag could leave the party during the rest in Colyphyr Mines or later - fixed. However, if she's already left, she won't come back, and you may need an earlier save.


Fixed the unnecessary transparency of some staircases in Drezen Citadel;
Fixed an error which could cause Queen Galfrey and Irabeth to disappear during the siege of Drezen;
Fixed an error which could make Galfrey stay in Drezen's citadel in chapter 5;
Fixed an issue which allowed to endlessly shift the alignment in the dialogue in Sacred Lands;
Fixed the camera movement in turn-based mode on the staircase in Drezen Citadel;
Fixed the lighting on some locations where the tactical battles took place;
Fixed the movement freezing on the global map before entering the Lost Chapel;
The fireplace in the Defender's Heart tavern has been returned. We asked the thieflings to leave it alone;
The textures of chips on the global map don't go missing anymore.


All Dragons' melee damage has been moderately increased;
Azata Lilliend's damage and attack has has been significantly increased;
Azata Yamah has incorrect description and size - fixed;
Azata Yamah's damage and attack has has been significantly increased;
Convicts' AC and HP has been moderately increased;
Cuirassiers' damage and attack has been significantly increased;
Inspecting units in tactical battles didn't show a tooltip sometimes - fixed;
Lich's spell power has been significantly decreased;
Paladins' damage and attack have been moderately increased;
Preaching Sacrifice used to increase the effects from the negative morale, not positive - fixed;
Scaled Fists' damage and attack has been significantly increased;
Students of Stone's damage and attack has been moderately increased;
The Plagued Dragons Creation decree now creates an army with the correct number of units.

Classes & Mechanics

- Choosing Animal Domain as an Impossible Domain mythic ability now will allow to level up your animal companion to the correct level;
- Description has been added for Ascending Succubus race;
- Evil Arueshalae had an Ascending Succubus race - fixed;
- Fixed the maximal caster level for the scroll crafting for the characters with the appropriate class (such as Nenio);
- Fixed the mechanics of the Pillar of Life spell to match the description. Playful Darkness is watching you!
- Hellfire ray's fire component didn't add Sorcerer's dragon fire (brass/red/gold) bloodline +1 damage per die rolled - fixed;
- Purple Worm will no longer swallow if you have Freedom of Movement or similar effect;
- Restless Slumber has been fixed (now your enemies will rest in peace);
- Skald couldn't be merged with Loremaster - fixed;
- Some of the Paladin's abilities didn't work after changing the alignment on your mythic path - fixed;
- Swarm Feast didn't automatically devour killed enemies in the area - fixed;
- Trickster's Demoralize ability with "Persuasion 1 rank" now works only on enemies.


- Deathly Arousal mechanics has been reworked;
- Odds Evener mechanics has been reworked:
- The mechanics of Ardent Guard have been reworked.


- During level-up, when getting to the spell selection, the spellbook could appear empty - fixed.


- Elemental Barrage could cause the game to crash - fixed;
- Fixed the Immaculate Petal visuals;
- Fixed the issue with the quality of Queen Galfrey's portraits in the epilogue;
- Fixed the portrait of Areelu in the past;
- Fixed the unloading of sound files from the memory - now the sounds will be working more steadily;
- FPS could drop significantly on the global map - fixed.
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Update 1.1.3f released.

as of this post, only available via Windows and Mac GoG Galaxy update system.

Hello, crusaders!

It’s us again, with one little fix for one little problem with this guy named Latverk. Apparently we got a little carried away with our problem-solving in the previous patch, and Latverk disappeared a bit earlier than he was supposed to. Oops, our bad. We talked to our… contractor in Alushinyrra about it, and he promised that the quest involving Latverk will proceed as it should now.
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v1.1.3f offline game installer and patch files are now available for Windows users.

Update --> version 1.1.4d has been released.

Windows: Patch files and game installation files are available via GoG Galaxy and in the downloads area.


A new patch 1.1.4d is here! We fixed an issue with Arueshalae’s romance ending, and hopefully a lot of Commanders will be much happier now; we’ve made some fixes to the way touch attack works in the turn-based mode, and also made it so that the negative effects will be displayed first on your characters’ portraits.

But beware of possible plot spoilers!


- A dialogue with the vescavor queen in chapter 5 could be initiated multiple times - fixed;
- Azata's mentor won't be present after switching to the path of Legend anymore;
- In Camellia's final quest, if either she of the player had an animal companion, the animal didn't appear in the garden - fixed;
- In the fifth chapter, if the entire group was invisible, Hal refused to start a conversation - fixed;
- Seeking Forgiveness quest didn't fail upon finishing the 3rd chapter - fixed;
- Some players, who didn't complete the Dusk of Dragons quest, were unable to open the door in Dragon Burial Ground - fixed, but if you've encountered this issue already, you will need to load an earlier save, where you haven't approached the door yet;
- Storyteller could say that Hulrun died in Iz even if he died long before that;
- Suture could remain at the Fleshmarkets even after getting shipped to Colyphyr mines - fixed;
- One of the romance outcomes with Arueshalae was unavailable - fixed (you may need to invite her to your bedroom once more).


- Fixed a bug in Dragon Burial Ground, which didn't allow to roll a skill check to squeeze through the crack in the rock;
- Fixed the bug with the name of the area and the terrain type not being displayed on the mini map for the Blooming Meadow location;
- Fixed the disappearance of the map exit in the Lost Chapel area upon loading a save during Sosiel's quest;
- In Areelu's Laboratory companions, separated from the main group, would not react to the characters under the invisibility spell - fixed.


- Bear's Endurance, Song of the Second Breath, Ash Leprosy, Tumor now work according to their new description;
- Bestow Wrath damage has been greatly increased;
- Church Guards now have Aura of Onslaught with four uses;
- Cultists now take half damage from Channel Negative Energy — Damage Living cast by them;
- Cultists' spell power has been moderately decreased;
- Fixed the Tactical Superiority feat;
- Flaming Rain didn't work correctly - fixed;
- Mariliths now have Unholy Aura;
- Mighty Tempest damage has been greatly increased;
- New feature has been added to Necromancers that allows them to cast Channel Negative - Damage Living without damaging themselves;
- Overwhelming Shout now has two uses limit;
- Retaliation of the Chain damage has been significantly increased and now depends on general's Power;
- Retaliation of the Chain now shows correctly as a global buff and a feature;
- Royal Council's Help gave 100 Conscripts instead of 1000 - fixed (peasants are not happy though);
- Sometimes Necromancers healed themselves with Channel Negative Energy — Heal Undead - fixed;
- Song of Seasons didn't resurrect units after healing - fixed;
- Storm of Justice damage has been greatly increased;
- Summoned large units could overlap with other units - fixed;
- Test of Strength didn't work correctly - fixed.
- The animation of Painajai's Chain Spear didn't play - fixed;
- The Harpoon ability now correctly pulls units with large creatures;
- The logics of Formation abilities has been changed - now it is a permanent buff which can be changed during combat like a Fighter's stance;
- To Each Their Place didn't calculate crit chance correctly - fixed;
- Units' feature display has been improved;
- Visual effect of Flaming Rain is shown correctly now;
- Visual effect of Inspired Advance is shown correctly now;
- Visual effects of Place of Power, Acid Trap, Spring Trap and Weakening Trap have been changed.

Classes & Mechanics

- Under Deny Death buff character remains permanently paralyzed after combat ends - fixed;
- A saving throw To get out of Icy Prison was rolled against Caster Level, while it should have been 15+Caster Level - fixed;
- Characters could be affected by Acid Fog while under the effects of Life Bubble - fixed;
- Devastator now won't rise from the dead after it's killed;
- Fixed Improved Critical (Mythic) for rays;
- Heightened metamagic didn't work correctly - fixed;
- Keen kitsune's Intelligence bonus will now correctly affect the Skill Points;
- Life-Bonding Friendship used Charisma instead of Charisma modifier - fixed;
- Mystic Theurge couldn't choose spellbook of Skald - fixed;
- Mystic Theurge couldn't merge spellbook with Warpriest - fixed;
- Pranked Oracle could miss Glitterdust and Mirror Image spells - fixed (ready to party now!);
- Sometimes if the player refused to sign a contract to become a devil, Devil's mythic level-up option was available anyway - fixed;
- Zippy Magic was using extra slots from the rods - fixed.

Turn-based mode

- If the player lost control of their mount while it was carrying its rider to execute a command (e.g. from Confusion), turn-based mode could get stuck - fixed;
- Sometimes turn-based mode UI would not reappear after a cutscene interruption - fixed;
- The battle could get stuck, when a character was killed by a status effect, and passed the turn to its caster (mostly happened with poisons) - fixed;
- The mount could attack automatically, when you only hover the mouse over the potential target - fixed;
- Touch spell could get stuck if you moved cursor quickly over another character's portrait after casting it - fixed.


- Clemency of Shadows didn't always summon spiders - fixed;
- Elemental Imbuement didn't work as intended - fixed;
- Items that give a DC bonus now also work with hexes (such as Glass Amulet of Clarity and Slumber);
- Skinned Leather Cloak no longer affects dead enemies.


- For Swarm-that-Walks, the swarm counter was conflicting with the kinetic burn counter - fixed;
- Kestoglyr was missing a description after joining the player and before being taken into the active party - fixed;
- Now the negative status effects will be displayed on the portraits first;
- The loot window, which appears before exiting a location, only applied filters to the first group of loot - fixed.


- A mount and a rider's charge attack commands didn't "know" about each other, and interacted weirdly - fixed;
- Fixed the position of the Clawfall in combat;
- Fixed visual issues during the cut-scene with Baphomet and the Hand of the Inheritor;
- Some parts of a character could turn white when switching headgear or equipped items several times rapidly - fixed;
- Mod window didn't open in the Main Menu - fixed;
- Sosiel will draw in inappropriate places less often now.
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Be warned, there is a XP --> Level up error in this new version. (1.1.4d)

A Hotfix is being worked on and should be available soon....


Now Fixed in v1.1.4f build 482 --- See next post for details!
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Hotfix Patch to version 1.1.4f build 482 has been released via Windows GoG Galaxy and GoG Offline files and is also updated in the windows game installers for v1.1.4f build 482...


We’ve released a hot-fix for the issue with the XP bar and level up in your character interface. Now you will be able to see your progress to the next level, and level-up again when you reach the right number of the XP. This issue will not ruin your save, you can continue playing. We also fixed the issue with Hilor’s quest in chapter 5, Chasing the Spinner of Nightmares - now it will start (unless you have auto-crusade mode on - in this case it still won’t work for now, but we will fix it in one of the future patches).
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