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Mac Users, GoG Galaxy and Game offline Download Installation files have been updated to version 1.1.4f build 331!
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Another Hotfix to update the game to windows v1.1.4i build 486 has been released.

At this time it is only available via Windows GoG Galaxy.


We’ve released a hotfix for the Molten Scar issue, when it was impossible to leave the area. Looks like we accidentally locked the demons in there with the Commander (oops).


Now available in Patch update file and Game installation files - for Windows...
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Update to game version 1.1.5f build 493 released today!

Available for Windows GoG Galaxy and GoG Offline Install Files.

The Patch File for windows is not currently available. (At the time of this post)

Mac Version 1.1.5f build: 342 is available for GoG Galaxy and for GoG Offline game installer files.

Update 1.1.5f Patch Notes!


A new patch 1.1.5f is here! We've fixed the issue with Hold Person, Mass, and it will no longer hold you back! We've also fixed crashes upon loading some areas on macOS, and optimized some aspects of the game to improve its performance.

Known issues:

- If you leave Drezen right after Anevia gives you the Night Gamblers quest, it may be impossible to speak with the gamblers and Sosiel when you return. Workaround: speak with them as soon as the quest starts. We will fix this issue in one of the future patches.

- In Alushinyrra some NPCs may end up underground sometimes. If that happens, save the game and reload it.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


- Former companions attacked Swarm-That-Walks without explaining themselves - fixed;
- Chasing the Spinner of Nightmares now starts with auto-crusade mode on;
- Demonic Hide-and-Seek quest couldn't be completed correctly, if the search for Lexicon of Paradox had been skipped - fixed;
- Fixed an error which prevented the player from dumping Sosiel;
- Fixed an error which prevented the player from exiting Sosiel's gallery;
- Fixed the romance scene with Sosiel in chapter 3;
- If you forgave Greybor in chapter 5, he didn't return into the party properly - fixed;
- Insisting on sex with Sosiel after the event with card could result in the game freezing - fixed;
- Some meetings in the throne room for the Azata path could move from chapter 3 to chapter 5 - fixed;
- Using coup de grace against Trever in Battlebliss could lock you on the arena - fixed.


- At Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery there was a black entrance into one of the buildings - fixed;
- Characters couldn't leave the elevator platform in Colyphyr Mines after loading a save - fixed;
- In Azata's court a twin of Kel Five Knives could appear - fixed;
- In Midnight Fane, a starting cut-scene could get interrupted, which could cause issues with this part of the game - fixed;
- In the Ineluctable Prison players could get stuck sometimes while mounted in the warden's room, where there was a lot of furniture - fixed;
- In the Ineluctable Prison two enemies could occupy the same spot sometimes - fixed;
- Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery area has been optimized for CPU, fixed issues with walking through fences, fixed
- camera movements, and decorative objects on the floor no longer dissolve when the character walks over them;
- Minor improvements in the visuals of Alushinyrra Middle City;
- Once again we told Sosiel to use the correct easel in Drezen;
- There was a secret passage in the Ineluctable Prison a Mythic Demon could use in chapter 5, and it caused some issues. Other demons found that passage and made sure you won't be able to use it again in chapter 5;
- We revoked the citizenship of the rolling boulders in the Ivory Sanctum and the Ineluctable Prison.


- Army markers at the borders of the screen used to hide behind the UI elements - fixed;
- Black Spot didn't work correctly - fixed;
- Flames of the Abyss was applying to the wrong target - fixed;
- Global buffs were not displayed in the crusade management mode - fixed;
- Twincast now works according to description;
- Unexpected Maneuver now works according to description;
- Visual effect of Blade of the Inheritor is shown correctly now;
- Visual effect of Boulder is shown correctly now.

Classes & Mechanics

- Arcanist Nature Mage couldn't merge their spellbook with Lich at Mythic Level 3 - fixed;
- Bloodrager with bloodline Draconic — Black used to get Ascension on the first level instead of claws - fixed;
- Enemy marked as a Scapegoat wasn't getting a 10% spell failure chance - fixed;
- Greater Aeon's Bane made an additional attack instead of just increasing the damage - fixed;
- Hold Person, Mass didn't work correctly, and the status applied even if a saving throw against it was successful - fixed;
- Mythic Brew Potions feat didn't require Brew Potions feat - fixed;
- Scaled Fist Armor Bonus was lower than it should have been - fixed;
- Spells of Dirge Bard sometimes worked incorrectly on the undead - fixed;
- Swarm Infest didn't automatically devour the target - fixed;
- Swarm That Walks and Gold Dragon had wrong mythic ability and mythic feat progressions - fixed, but retraining will be required for correct work;
- Swarm That Walks didn't have the immunity to paralysis effects on level 9 - fixed;
- The Heroes Never Surrender spell didn't restore spell slots or abilities - fixed.

Turn-based mode

- Torlek didn't leave combat in some situations - fixed.


- Additional fixes for Half of the Pair;
- Ring of Sacred Touch's additional healing from touch spells didn't work - fixed;
- Robe of Mephistopheles didn't work as intended - fixed;
- Skeletal Finger allowed to quicken unsupported spells, didn't deplete charges in that case. Furthermore, it used up charges when casting for standard action - fixed;
- Source of Dividing Power's unholy quality could not be used - fixed;
- The mechanics of Promise of Greatness has been reworked.


- After acquiring all possible bonus feats, the next level up could become blocked - fixed;
- Legend's XP was displayed incorrectly - fixed.


- Fixed an issue with retraining a character into a class with an animal companion and using a pre-made build;
- Fixed macOS version getting stuck on loading sometimes;
- Fixed the crash when using Scorching Ray with Ring of Pyromania and Sarenrae's Blessing effect;
- Fixed the issue with the loot not showing when the dismembered corpse is too far;
- Mounted animal companions refused to exit areas - fixed;
- Various optimizations to reduce memory consumption, especially on low-memory configurations.
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Update 1.1.6e is now released.

Windows: Available via GoG Galaxy Updater! No Game update Patch File or Install Files as of this post.


A new patch 1.1.6e is here! It contains some fixes for the crusade and skald rage powers, a fix for the boss fight in the free DLC, and some other mechanical fixes.

Known issues:
Descriptions of Displacement, Blur, and Protective Talismans currently still contain errors - they reduce the incoming damage for a certain percentage instead of allowing to completely dodge the attack.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


- During the wedding game in Seelah's quest, Aivu could get stuck behind the barriers - fixed;

- Even if players refused help from inquisition in Kenabres, sometimes Ramien still would ignore the invitation to Defender's Heart - fixed, but to make him join, you would need to load a save before you invited him to the tavern;

- The combination of some Aeon decisions regarding Queen Galfrey's fate could lead to premature conclusion of epilogue slides - fixed.


- In Ineluctable Prison, after Trickster's joke, it was possible to start a conversation with Vorimeraak again - fixed, now she has an appropriate bark.


- Blur had incorrect name and description - fixed;

- Choice effects in Targona's dialogue (mythic Legend rank up) didn't give anything - fixed;

- Contain the Enemy didn't work correctly - fixed;

- Debilitating Poison didn't work correctly and didn't show as a global buff - fixed;

- Elemental Protection now works according to its description;

- Enemy Ash Giants wouldn't attack - fixed;

- Fixed the categories for some event cards in the Crusade UI;

- Generals didn't gain Abyssal Summon and Lesser Abyssal Summon spells in tactical combat - fixed;

- Greater Abyssal Summon didn't work correctly - fixed;

- In Russian localization there was in error in the text of Royal Council's Help event, claiming 1000 conscripts would join, however the right number was 100. After checking their register (and suppressing some riots), the Royal Council decided they can't afford to send 1000 conscripts,and will continue sending only 100 instead;

- In the 5th chapter, the events of crusade related to Trickster Mythic Pass weren't playing - fixed;

- Second choice effect in Locust Knight's dialogue (Swarm-That-Walks mythic path) didn't give additional HP to player's character - fixed;

- Stunning Screech didn't work correctly - fixed;

- The visual effect of Displacement is shown correctly now.

Classes & Mechanics

- Dispel Magic, Greater (Target) spell now has a restriction: 1 successful dispel per 4 caster levels;

- Dispel Synergy didn't work correctly - fixed;

- Mental Prowess ability didn't work correctly - fixed, and now will properly work with wild talents;

- Skald rage powers (Increased Damage Reduction, Celestial Totem, Powerful Stance, Celestial Totem, Lesser) weren't applied via Raging Song to either the Skald or to any party members affected by Raging Song - fixed;

- Some units will be immune to the effects of Repurpose or Flay For Purpose, for the sake of cut-scenes they participate in;

- We removed any mentions of the Rahadoum Faithless background, which was in beta, but didn't make it into the final version of the game.


- A tutorial tip about empty spell slots before rest will appear more frequently now;

- Fixed an issue which could lead to a looping cutscene before the final boss in Love Beyond Death DLC;

- Fixed the colors of the druid class costume;

- Fixed the issue with the material of cut-off body parts (during dismemberment).
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Windows Game Install files for v1.1.6e: build 499 are now available in the downloads file section.

Windows Game patch is still not available!

Mac: Game install files for v1.1.6e: build 348 is now available in the download files section...
Will the update files ever be available or will we remain 2nd class compared to steam? :(

It's still 1.1.4i I guess...
kicker044: Will the update files ever be available or will we remain 2nd class compared to steam? :(

It's still 1.1.4i I guess...
You can update via GOG Galaxy, or redownload the complete installer. (If the changes are major enough, an update may become large enough that a dedicated update would be more effort than it's worth - haven't checked in detail what files were changed post 1.1.4, or how much. Done three playthroughs, taking a break until DLC arrives.) :)
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Update game version 1.1.7c :build 506 has been released at last!

Windows: Available via GoG Galaxy, Patch File update from v1.1.6e --> 1.1.7c, and full v1.1.7c game install files, are both available from the game offline download file section.

Mac: As of this post, only available via Mac GoG Galaxy.


Patch Notes!

A new patch 1.1.7c is here! This time the patch is sponsored by the Trickster Appreciation Society and contains some mechanical fixes for everyone’s favorite fish-lover (Trickster’s Nature, World, and Stealth feats) and a fix for Trickster’s rank-ups, which led to some issues in the citadel of Drezen, like not being able to rest, for example. We also fixed some bugs not related to the Trickster (see below). Some of you have been asking us when we will release the next big patch, and all we can say for now is that we do work on it, and will have some news for you soon!

Known issues:

Bestow Protection in the crusade mode has a wrong formula in the description, the correct number of temporary hit points is (2x Mythic rank) percent, not (d10×mythic rank) percent;
If you play on macOS, your inventory may not work in the first area of the prologue, but will work when you go to the next area. We are working on the fix for it.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


- A Refuge from the Present: fixed the missing text in the pop-up window before the battle. Fixed the issue that could make this quest impossible to complete;

- Fixed the error that could block the progress of the Devastation quest;
- Fixed the issue of getting stuck with Yozz during Greybor's quest in chapter 4;
In some cases, Yozz didn't appear during The Price of Loyalty quest when he should have been there - fixed.


- Fixed the issue which could lead to breaking the battle at the Shrine of the Three before it began;
- In the house of Wintersun's leader, the characters could get stuck in the doorway sometimes - fixed;
- In the Nameless Ruins, after interacting with the statue, Nenio and the player could get stuck in the lying animation - fixed;
- The 4th obelisk in the Ineluctable Prison sometimes couldn't be broken - fixed (and was also moved to a nearby room).


- Absorption now works according to the description. The number of uses of this ability has been increased to 3;
- Bestow Protection didn't work correctly - fixed;
- Dominate in tactical battles no longer leads to freezes;
- Fixed an error in the dialogue with Odan;
- Fixed an incorrect link in the description of Zagelforntz's Masterpiece decree;
- Fixed generals' Bone Arrow ability in tactical battles;
- Fixed Mass Hideous Laughter in tactical battles;
- Fixed the description of Blood Potion feat;
- Fixed the mechanics of healing in tactical battles;
- Judgment Day now works according to its description;
- Some choice effects in Socothbenoth's dialogue (mythic Legend rank up) didn't give anything - fixed;
- Some events could appear as available for the second time, and as the result, could not provide the rewards, because they were already given - fixed;
- Wealth Brings Strength now shows correctly as a global buff and a feat;
- Fixed the issue with Trickster's rank-ups.

Classes & Mechanics

- Paladins' ability Smite Evil didn't work correctly if it was used by a couple of paladins on the same target - fixed;
- Skald's Damage Reduction didn't stack before you gained a new level - fixed;
- Trickster's Knowledge (World) 1 rank didn't work correctly - fixed;
- Trickster's Lore (Nature) 3 rank didn't work correctly - fixed;
- Trickster's Stealth 3 rank didn't work correctly - fixed;
- Warpriest's spellbook was not available to be merged when taking the Loremaster Prestige Class - fixed.


- All-round defense didn't have a name in a tooltip, and its radius was 5 instead of 10 - fixed;
- Broken Gauntlets had an incorrect name and could be worn by animal companions. Resolution: now the name is The Stern Hand, and it can be worn only by companions or the player;
- Perfect Storm didn't work correctly - fixed.


- Items in non-active slots (such as shields) could still give bonuses - fixed.


- After exiting the area while a party member is captured in a pit, said party member would appear out of the map in the next area - fixed;
- Fixed some issues with items not being displayed on kitsune's model while they were in a human form;
- Fixed the issue with the materials of the mythic banners;
- Sometimes when inspecting an enemy, various messages appeared in the battle log - fixed.
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MAC Users: v1.1.7c: 356 is now available for download in the offline files section.

Version 1.1.7f has been released.

Windows : Available via GoG Galaxy and Offline Full game Install download files.

Windows Patch from 1.1.7c --> 1.1.7f has not yet been posted.

Mac: Mac v1.1.7f game install download files are now available.

Game version 1.1.7f patch notes:

Will post them soon.
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*********** 1 of the older missing patch files has been added. However, 2 are still missing. *************

Windows Game update Patch File for version 1.1.5f build 493 --> version 1.1.6e build 499 is now available in the offline downloads section of the GoG website, and also available via Windows GoG Galaxy in the game extras folder.

As of today were still missing the following windows offline game update patches. The patch added today was the middle of the 3 missing game update patches, so this add, is only helpful if you have version 1.1.5f already installed.

Still missing:

1.1.4i --> 1.1.5f


1.1.7c --> 1.1.7f


Also of note:

Game update to version 1.2.0p should be available next week sometime. should be out of beta by end of weekend.

Looking forward to seeing if there will be a patch file even created for the over 1275 fixes, changes, adds to the game. over a gig in size.
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Update 1.2.0aa build:547


A new patch 1.2.0aa build: 547 is out and available for everyone now! If you participated in the Steam 1.2.0 beta, please don’t forget to opt out, because the beta branch won’t get the update. And thank you for your participation!

Game version 1.2.0aa: 547 is available via GoG Galaxy and GoG offline installer files.

Windows Patch file 1.1.7f --> 1.2.0aa: 547 is available in the offline downloads section, and via GoG Galaxy in the game extras.

Paid DLC1 is also available for download and GoG Galaxy install.


- We’ve fixed the Commander's tent on MacOS;

- Beer Elementals and Lager Beer Elementals finally look like beer;

- Reworked Aivu's Frightful Presence ability so that it can be now activated and deactivated;

- Changed the visual of Mythic Aeon after the full transformation;

- Fixed the issue which prevented the Masterful Dispel achievement from unlocking;

- The researchers of the crusade projects now properly report their findings;

- Now when you sell items, 1 click moves the whole stack to the selling zone.

The patch also includes numerous tweaks and fixes for the crusade, various mythic paths, and other aspects of the game (see below).

The list of patch notes is rather long, so we have to divide it into multiple posts.

Patch Notes 1.2.0aa:547 Part 1 of 5

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


- Fixed the inability to complete the quest "By the Will of the Stars" if you pick up the mysterious message from under the stone and leave the location without ambushing;

- The dialogue with the final boss in The Secrets of Creation quest wasn't working - fixed;

- A date with Vellexia sometimes wouldn't trigger if the commander was invisible - fixed;

- A dialogue near the Sword of Valor in Iz could sometimes cut off before it was supposed to - fixed;

- A quarrel with Zacharius didn't always make him hostile - fixed;

- Added reactivity to the dialogue with Cessily if the player is a follower of Sarenrae;

- Anevia could come to the Commander to report the situation in Wintersun while being dead - fixed;

- Arueshalae, after rejecting the path of redemption, and becoming evil, won't be refusing intimacy with a player on the path of a lich, until they complete the mythic transformation;

- Baphomet (or his statue, to be more precise) sometimes assumed that you were following the Devil mythic path, even when you were not - fixed;

- Berenguer could mention the rescue of Lariel before the player got to actually rescue the angel - fixed;

- Changed the appearance of the ghost which helps the Demon escape from prison in chapter 3;

- Dead Wenduag could appear during the lich transformation ritual - fixed;

- Disabled notifications on the quest "The Conquest of Alushinyrra" in Demon's mythic path;

- During the final scene at Threshold, an Angel could see both Katair and Eliandra, regardless of your previous choices this has now been fixed;

- During the hellknights' tribunal, Regill did not blame the Commander for accepting Nocticula's Profane Gift, as well as the attempt to befriend Baphomet - fixed;

- Final romantic event with Wenduag didn't start, if she was previously removed from the active party - fixed;

- Fixed an issue, which prevented Staunton from appearing in Drezen for the Aeon;

- Fixed the Fearless Flirt quest with Jeocot, and now a scene with him will work correctly at the Fleshmarkets;

- Fixed the issue which prevented Yozz from waiting for the Mythic Demon in the capital in chapter 5;

- Herald refused to talk to the angel character in Nexus if he previously told him not to interfere in the conversation - fixed;

- Improved the scene of Trickster turning Vellexia into a mirror;

- In Leper's Smile you can now use more spells to heal the blind halfling;

- In quest On Hope's Wings, objective "Find and save Targona" was marked as failed even if completed - fixed;

- In rare cases, the quest Dragon's Awakening could not start at the right moment - fixed;

- In Sarzaksis' dialogue some of Arueshalae's lines were labeled as Sarzakys' Interpreter's lines - fixed;

- In the fifth chapter, on the Legend path, Targona had Aivu's lines instead of her own - fixed;

- Irabeth had a wrong alignment, and wasn't prepared for a march on Iz - fixed;

- It was possible to find the clapper of the bell in Green Gates even if you refused Arueshalae's help - fixed;

- It was possible to send Berenguer to a dangerous mission in Alushinyrra once more - fixed;

- It's now possible to kill Arueshalae without further ado in Green Gates, if you threatened her earlier;

- Killing Daeran during One Final Breath didn't end a romance with him, which affected the Lich mythic path - fixed;

- Mielarah could still charge you the full price, even if you agreed on a discount - fixed;

- Minor fixes for the dialogue with Deskari in Iz for Swarm-That-Walks;

- Minor improvements in a dialogue with Shamira in chapter 4;

- Now it's possible to mention the information from Lexicon of Paradox while rolling the checks in the dialogue with Iomedae, Nocticula and Areelu in chapter 5. Additionally, reading two halves of the Lexicon now provides bonuses;

- Peacefully solving the conflict in Chilly Creek in the final dialogue now gives experience points;

- Second Lann's quest could end incorrectly, if a dead Wenduag was present in the group - fixed;

- Sometimes the Spiritual Bonds quest didn't start - fixed;

- Sometimes when changing mythic paths in Chapter 5, former Lich still had access to the Ziggurat - fixed;

- Sosiel will stop asking Wirlong Black Mask about his brother, if you already found his brother on the arena;

- Sosiel's companion quest wouldn't complete after speaking with the impostor for the second time - fixed;

- Targona could die in combat while searching for a portal to the lair of Echo of Deskari (quest "Devastation"), which made the further progression of the angelic mythic path impossible - fixed;

- The quartermaster will now leave the commander, who stepped on the path of Swarm-That-Walks in chapter 5.
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Patch Notes 1.2.0aa:547 Part 2 of 5


- A trap at Mutasafen's Laboratory now works correctly;

- Added a mark on the map to show where the Alushinyrra's assassin guild is located (the place you need to visit during Greybor's quest);

- Added Personal Chest to Threshold camp;

- Brawlers in Alushinyrra Lower City stopped fighting, when the player left, and didn't resume the fight afterwards - fixed;

- Commander could get stuck in Drezen if accompanied by Aivu or a skeleton - fixed;

- A companion with the highest Fortitude used to roll the checks in the brothel instead of the Commander - fixed;

- During Drezen siege, players could enter the citadel through enter point on top of the tower - fixed;

- Fixed an issue in Blackwater, which allowed to loot a container with a bomb before coming up the stairs;

- Fixed an issue when you could be sent to buy slaves in Alushinyrra, but they were no longer available;

- Fixed an issue with the absence of raindrops on the ground when it rains;

- Fixed and optimized the lighting in a number of locations within the Enigma;

- Fixed incorrect camera angle when entering Pulura's Fall from the global map;

- Fixed minor issues with navigation during the siege of Drezen;

- Fixed minor issues with navigation in Gray Garrison;

- Fixed problems with the portal in the Upper City of Alushinyrra hidden behind the barrier (under certain conditions it was impossible to remove the barrier blocking it);

- Fixed the camera movement in the final cutscene in Nexus;

- Fixed the floating candle effects in Heaven's Edge;

- Fixed the Gray Garrison area loading incorrectly after the destruction of Wardstone;

- Fixed the issue with infinite skill checks to assemble the Helm of Psionic Protection via the computer in Blackwater;

- Fixed the lighting in Drezen's tavern;

- Fixed the passability in Areelu's Laboratory;

- Fixed the passability issues in Alushinyrra Upper City (and a certain chest has become easier to access);

- Fixed the wrong text when inspecting a dragon scale in Dragon Burial Ground;

- Improve the scene of Yaniel's death in Midnight Fane;

- Improved the behavior of salamanders in Alushinyrra's Lower City;

- Improved the fire effects when returning to Drezen;

- Improved the navigation on the map of Kenabres;

- Improved the passability of Alushinyrra brothel;

- Improved the placement of enemies in Colyphyr Mines;

- Improved the scene of teleportation for Morevet Honeyed Tongue;

- In Alushinyrra brothel it was possible to pick Morevet after killing her - fixed;

- In Iz, when transitioning from indoors to the wall outside, part of the group could end up above the wall - fixed;

- In Midnight Fane it was possible to get 2 keys from the priestess of Nocticula - fixed;

- In rare cases, the second dialogue with Targona didn't happen in Areelu's Laboratory - fixed;

- In some areas of the Colyphyr Mines one could see through walls - fixed;

- It was possible to block the doors in the Midnight Fane so that getting to Drezen (in Chapter 5) would be impossible - fixed;

- It was possible to get stuck on the balcony of the Assassin's Guild in Alushinyrra is you saved the game nearby - fixed;

- It was possible to miss an encounter with daring slavers in Alushinyrra Lower City - fixed;

- It's no longer possible to exit the Lair of the Spinner of Nightmares until you finish your business there;

- Lighting has been optimized at the Spinner of Nightmare's Den;

- Minor improvements in the dialogue with the cultists in the Ten Thousand Delights;

- Minor lighting and weather tweaks in Tower of Estrod;

- Minor visual improvements in Alushinyrra Middle City;

- Now during fights in Alushinyrra, flying islands will ignore camera movements;

- Now during the final dialogue in the game, only the player rolls for checks, not the party members;

- One of the rare scenarios in Temple of the Good Hunt for the Lich mythic path worked incorrectly - fixed;

- Optimized the lighting in various Iz locations;

- Participants of two cut-scenes in the Valley of Temples now dismount during these cut-scenes;

- Portraits and names of Nocticula and Iomedae are now being displayed correctly in the dialogue on the first floor of Threshold fortress;

- Removed a duplicating narrative text on a picture with a dragon at Dragon Burial Ground;

- Slaves at Fleshmarkets had loot - fixed;

- Sleeping giant in Ashen Grotto sometimes would initiate a combat and get back to sleep right away - fixed;

- Sometimes the unlucky tiefling at Kenabres Market Square could get stuck under rubble twice - fixed;

- Sosiel now plays cards in the cemetery more often;

- The Ashen Grotto area now has proper terrain settings;

- The borders of the level geometry were visible in the fog under the Ivory Sanctum area - fixed;

- The exit has been marked on the local map of the Lair of the Spinner of Nightmares area;

- The name of the final Enigma location was missing - fixed;

- In Alushinyrra Middle City, specifically at the Fleshmarkets, some characters could get stuck underground - fixed;

- Visual fixes for buildings in Drezen;

- While in Iz and Threshold, Targona had a demonic wing regardless of your choices - fixed;

- Yaker will no longer hang out at Hellknights Outpost if he died in the beginning of chapter 5;

- Areas that require a certain companion to be present in the party, can no longer be entered if that companion is dead;

- It was impossible to go inside the burning building at Kenabres Market square - fixed.
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Patch Notes 1.2.0aa:547 Part 3 of 5


- A ‘Board!’ feat has been added to Vampire Ninja Pirates;

- Added mammoth animation;

- Additional 20 Speed has been added to Vampire Ninja Pirates;

- Asmodean Clerics now have Slow ability;

- Bane of Demons didn't work correctly - fixed;

- Beer Elementals and Lager Beer Elementals finally look like beer;

- Bestow Curse now has additional use;

- Bolt of Justice — Unholy Enemy now works according to its description;

- Burning didn't work correctly - fixed;

- Cause Fear ability now has a sound effect;

- Cone of Cold didn't work correctly - fixed;

- Damage and speed of Bards, Duelists, and Inquisitors have been moderately increased;

- Damage and spell power of Knights of Ozem have been moderately increased;

- Damage and spell power of Sorcerers have been moderately decreased;

- Damage from Ambush has been significantly increased;

- Damage of Asmodean Clerics, Barbarians, Beer Elementals, Hardened Veterans, Infernal Cavalry, Lager Beer Elementals, Mummy Clerics, Sisters of the Golden Erinyes, Vampires, Warbarian Ragepriests, Water Elementals, Monks, Honor Guards, has been moderately increased;

- Damage of Centipedes, Clerics of Cayden Cailean, Golden Legionnaires, Kalavakuses, Tarry Demodands has been slightly increased;

- Damage of Erinyes, Infernal Archers, Marksmen has been moderately decreased;

- Damage of Mendevian Cavaliers has been significantly increased;

- Dominate can no longer be applied to units with immunity to mind-affecting effects;

- Dragon Disciples spell power has been slightly decreased;

- Fixed giant spider's web-spitting animation;

- Fixed the abrupt end of battle and incorrect order of turns after the effect of Crushing Despair ended;

- Fixed the bloodstains in the tactical combat;

- Fixed the issue with Trickster's rank-ups;

- Fixed the visuals of the giant salamander;

- General's healing abilities used to heal undead units instead of damaging them - fixed;

- Greater Channel Negative Energy didn't heal the undead units - fixed;

- Harpoon can't be applied to Large units now;

- Honor Guards, Monks, Scaled Fists and Sisters of the Golden Erinyes now have Shield Wall ability;

- It will be easier to apply spells to the units on global map now;

- Pet Drake now works according to its description;

- Precise Prediction ability now has a sound effect;

- Pressing the Search button didn't update the resources - fixed;

- Profane Healing now has additional use;

- Raiders' damage has been significantly increased;

- Rapid Strike didn't work correctly - fixed;

- Retaliation ability now has a sound effect;

- Shield Wall didn't give the bonus to some grand tier units - fixed;

- Siphon Time now works according to the description.

- Sleep Breath ability has been added to the Dragon Disciples;

- Some players could not proceed to the Military Rank 2 - fixed;

- Some units could use Slow on ranged units - fixed;

- Sometimes you could get an event card about the arrival of Yozz, but he wouldn't show up In the citadel - fixed;

- Summon Steeds (Centipedes) didn't work correctly - fixed;

- Summon Steeds (Elks) didn't work correctly - fixed;

- The actual damage from Stone Throw was lower than the predicted damage - fixed;

- The AI of Giant Salamanders, Fire Elementals and Water Elementals have been improved;

- The attack and damage of Arcanists, Bards, Dragon Disciples, Signifers, Magi, Sorcerers, Witches, Wizards has been significantly increased;

- The attack and damage of Illusionists, Necromancers, Retrievers has been moderately increased;

- The damage of Bloodrager has been significantly increased;

- The event card "Pillar of Skulls Calling" sometimes appeared after the event already took place - fixed;

- The health of Cultist Cutthroats has been slightly increased;

- The Search button didn't become active after buying the required resources - fixed;

- The speed of Giant Salamanders has been moderately increased;

- The spellpower of Illusionists has been significantly decreased;

- The spellpower of Kineticists has been moderately decreased;

- The spellpower of Tarry Demodands has been slightly decreased;

- The Stubborn ability increased the damage more than the design suggested - fixed;

- The tutorial about army management popped up during the first dialogue with Irabeth - fixed;

- Time Manipulation didn't speed up recruit growth - fixed;

- Upon finishing the project, the result wasn't displayed - fixed;

- Visual effect of Fear Aura is shown correctly now;

- Warpriests' damage and spell power have been moderately increased;

- Wounded feat didn't work correctly - fixed.
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Patch Notes 1.2.0aa:547 Part 4 of 5

Classes & Mechanics

- Added an ability to dismiss repurpose effect from an undead creature under your command and kill it permanently;

- Added an error message for attempting to cast mind-affecting spells on the undead;

- Added name and description for the Dismiss Repurpose ability;

- Added Skeleton Upgrade Selection for Lich on 10th mythic rank. Characters that already got the 10th mythic rank need to be retrained to get the feature;

- Additional spell damage from Aspect of Brimorak didn't work - fixed;

- After retraining a monk, you kept the wisdom bonus to AC for the new class - fixed;

- Aivu the dragon had Weapon Focus (Dagger) - fixed, but only if you haven't met Aivu yet;

- Aivu used to eat so many cookies that she could eventually become even more powerful than the Commander, which looked quite strange (it is the Commander who gives her powers, after all). We had to fix it: now her caster level cannot get more than 20, and also the damage of her breath weapon and her damage reduction were decreased a little bit. To not get her upset, we gave Aivu the ability to wear cool shiny bardings instead;

- Angelfire Apostle and Feyspeaker couldn't merge the spellbook with the Angel - fixed;

- Angelfire Apostle didn't get 10 level spells when merging spellbook with Angel - fixed;

- Angelfire Apostle had the Cleansing Flames feature on level 5 instead of level 9 - fixed;

- Animal Companion feature Destructive Wrecker had no description - fixed;

- Animal companion gained from Impossible Domain - Animal was leveling up incorrectly - fixed;

- Arcane Bloodrage spell Protection from Arrows didn't have a description - fixed;

- Ascendant Element mythic ability description has been clarified;

- Believe in yourself spell incorrectly used mythic levels for scaling instead of CL - fixed;

- Break Enchantment spell didn't remove petrification from characters - fixed;

- Breath of Life casting took a full round, which was incorrect - fixed;

- A Cavalier could Challenge their own horse. We asked them to treat their animal companion better, and they won't do it again;

- Cruoromancer's animate dead spell on level 3 couldn't be placed into their favorite school slots - fixed;

- Cruoromancer's Commanding Infusion ability didn't work correctly - fixed;

- Darrazand used Greater Dispel Magic on himself when you first met him during Drezen siege - fixed;

- Demon Lord Aspect mythic ability description has been updated;

- Demonic Rage mythic ability description has been clarified;

- Dispel Magic — Target used to make more than one dispel check - fixed;

- Doom to Servitude won't work on the undead anymore;

- Dragonkind II transformed the character into a red dragon, even if the character has a gold dragon bloodline - fixed;

- Ember used to put Evil Eye on her friends - fixed;

- Enduring Spells and Greater Enduring Spells worked with the spells cast from scrolls and items - fixed (they will only work with spells you memorized now);

- Enduring Spells worked on abilities - fixed;

- Fast Healing buff didn't have a description - fixed;

- Fixed description of Demonic Aspect;

- Fixed Domain Zealot and other sources of metamagic;

- Fixed the detection of hidden enemies with Trickster's Perception 2 rank;

- Fixed the issue when resurrection didn't apply negative levels on Core difficulty and higher;

- Fixed the issue with incorrect calculations for saving throws in dialogues, cut-scenes and interactions;

- Fixed the issue with the incorrect number of attacks from Skald's Inspired Rage;

- Fixed the Mounted Combat feat (mobility check didn't happen when the mount was hit);

- Fixed the texts for some feats of the Gold Dragon;

- For Arcane Rider with the Enduring Blade ability, the animal companion didn't get the weapon enchantment - fixed;

- For certain group formations, some characters could not move after Athletics check - fixed;

- Freezing Cold didn't increase the Winter Witch's caster level by 1 at 6th - fixed;

- Frightful Presence ability description has been added;

- Gold Dragon could select racial feats that they were not supposed to have - fixed, but will require retraining if you took those feats already;

- Gold Dragon mythic path improvements: Perfect Body, Perfect Mind, Perfect Soul features now add a bigger bonus to the attribute with maximum value;

- Greater Arcane Bloodrage spell Displacement didn't have a description - fixed;

- Greater Arcane Bloodrage spell Haste didn't have a description - fixed;

- Greater arcane bloodrage was giving haste or displacement effect for a single round - fixed;

- Havoc dragon's breath weapon description has been updated;

- Heavenly Host wasn't giving the Sword of Heaven effect to the whole party - fixed;

- Hellfire Ray dealt more unholy damage than it was supposed to - fixed;

- Hellknight Signifer with Order of the Gate didn't reduce the arcane spell failure chance - fixed;

- Hellknights could use domain abilities, but couldn't pick mythic ability Domain Zealot - fixed;

- Heroes Never Surrender and Joy of Life didn't restore restore spells correctly - fixed;

- Hunt Caller got Call of the Wild — Beast Shape III on level 17 instead of 18, and Beast Shape don't work - fixed;

- Improved the description of Angel's Sword of Heaven;

- Improved the description of Azata Supersonic Speed feat;

- Improved the description of Demonic Rage;

- It was impossible to select Crossblooded Sorcerer's spellbook for Hellknight Signifer - fixed;

- It was impossible to talk to a companion after their retraining - fixed;

- Lich's Skeletal Fighter could select bardings and advanced weapon training in Bonus Combat Feat - fixed;

- Marvelous Endurance fast healing had incorrect calculation - fixed;

- Mongrel's Blessing had incorrect DC - fixed;

- Mutasafen has been weakened on difficulty levels below Normal;

- Mutation Warrior now has the right number of charges for Spontaneous Healing discovery;

- Mythic Carnivorous Crystal had an unlootable belt and 12 Mythic Levels instead of 6 Mythic Levels - fixed;

- Negative Energy Fervor — Self didn't have a description - fixed;

- Nightshade Nightcrawler summoned by Lich didn't do anything - fixed;

- Now Demon gains the first Demon Lord Aspect at the 9th mythic rank, and the second aspect at the 10th mythical rank. If the character has already reached 9th mythic rank, you'll need to retrain them in order to get the new feature;

- On a successful save from a Telekinetic Strike, the target used to take half the damage, which was incorrect - fixed;

- Oracle curses didn't give features from the previous levels when you got a curse after multiclassing - fixed;

- Persuasion 3 rank for Mythic Trickster didn't work correctly - fixed;

- Powerful Charge ability, gained from mythic demon's Kalavakus or Schir forms, didn't have a description - fixed;

- Remove Fear used to give immunity to fear - now it no longer does;

- Reworked Aeon's Enforcing Gaze feature. Now you have more options to choose from and make builds;

- Reworked Aivu's Frightful Presence ability;

- Shaman's Evil Eye didn't have VFX that Witch's Evil Eye had - fixed;

- Shaman's Life Spirit Channel Positive Energy didn't have a description - fixed;

- Some disease effects from the enemies didn't work correctly with the effects that were supposed to protect from them (such as Aura of Health, for example) - fixed;

- Song of Courageous Defender wasn't giving DR 5/- to a chosen companion and was giving 5 to energy resistance instead - fixed;

- Spirited Charge don't work correctly - fixed;

- Summon Skill says summon "Vilderavn" instead of Wild Hunt - fixed;

- Swarm Clone mythic ability description has been updated;

- Sword of Heaven mythic ability description has been clarified;

- The Command Undead ability of the Lich had a too low DC - fixed;

- The Death of Elements — Consuming Elements ability of the Lich had a wrong usage counter - fixed;

- The description of Ascendant Element has been Improved;

- The description of Dazed condition was incorrect in some situations - fixed;

- The descriptions of Aeon's mythic abilities have been updated;

- The majority of drow used to be neutral - fixed, now they are as evil as they should be;

- The Piranha Strike feat, when used with a kineticist's Kinetic Blade didn’t increase the blade's damage - fixed;

- The Sage Sorcerer archetype didn't list the benefits of the Arcane Bloodline, and didn't have any bloodline info in the character panel - fixed;

- Trickster Lore Religion rank 2 didn't offer two domains as stated, abilities from the domain didn't have correct progression - fixed;

- Trickster's Athletics 3 Rank now works correctly after increasing your level;

- Trickster's Mobility 3 Rank now works correctly;

- True Arcane Bloodrage spells didn't have descriptions - fixed;

- Using scrolls with the spells you already have in your spellbook doesn't require a Use Magic Device check anymore;

- Vital Strike damage didn't count as precision damage - fixed;

- Wandering Spirit ability didn't have a description - fixed;

- Warpriest's Sacred Armor abilities didn't have descriptions - fixed;

- We changed how Swarm Clone mechanics works: now you can have a clone since 8 mythic rank, and max count of clones at 10 mythic rank has been increased to 5;

- While in Schir's form, the ability Powerful Charge of Mythic Demon didn't have a description - fixed;

- Witch's Animal Servant hex could have been used on animals - fixed;

- Zippy Magic worked with abilities - fixed.
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