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2.2.0as changelog Part 2

Classes & Mechanics
Druids now gain the Woodland Stride ability on level 2 and Hunters now gain the Woodland Stride ability on level 5;
Blessing of Luck and Resolve was dispelled by the companions — fixed;
Celestial totem, greater worked incorrectly — fixed;
Chosen of Dark Nova buff gave +10 bonus instead of correct +5 — fixed;
Fiend Totem, greater worked incorrectly — fixed;
Vital Strike didn't work with Brilliant Energy feat — fixed;
Abyssal Salamander in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC now uses its spells and abilities against the commander;
Aeon had no opportunity to dismiss the area effect spells — fixed, according cantrip added to the spellbook;
After gaining Improved Uncanny Dodge, bonuses from Uncanny Dodge could disappear — fixed;
Superior Summoning now works as intended;
Aivu's Heroic Aura now works correctly;
All of the Shifter's feats now you can select in Mythic Extra feat;
Allied Spellcaster and Shielded Caster are no longer considered as Combat Feat;
Animal companions no longer can learn Indomitable Mount Feat by themselves;
Animal companions no longer can pick Mounted combat feat;
Arcanist's Eldritch Surge ability was preventing the Arcanist's effective level for techniques from being raised — fixed;
Arcanist's Eldritch Surge ability gave the option to increase spell difficulty or caster level, instead of increasing both at the same time — fixed;
Archon's Aura can now have Persistent metamagic;
Armored Battlemage no longer have access to Devoted Blade, Bane Blade, Enduring Blade, Ghost Blade arcanas;
Blood Kineticist's abilities have gotten their own animations;
Buff from Protection from Arrows now works same as Protection from Arrows, Communal;
Carnivorous crystals provoked an attack when they changed form during ambush — fixed;
Cavalier of Order of the Star Calling ability did not add half of the Cavalier's level to the Paladin's level to determine the effect of Channel Energy and Lay on Hands — fixed;
Cavalier was losing the ability to share teamwork feats after using the Tactician ability — fixed;
Cavalier could not extend the buff that gives an ally a teamwork feat with one more use of the Tactician ability — fixed;
Cavalier's ability Bigger They Are of the Disciple of the Pike archetype didn't work — fixed;
Cleric's Dispelling touch used to dispell all kind of effects - fixed, not the ability affects only spells;
Cruoromancer's Commanding Infusion ability now gives +4 to Charisma instead of Constitution;
Crusader Edge and Bless Weapon didn't work with Enduring spells — fixed;
Curse of Undead affected both enemies and allies — fixed;
Death ward now protects against Wracking ray;
Death's Realm and Bone Spear spells have been added to the Lich's mythic spellbook;
Dragonkind spells gave tail attack as primary attack — fixed to secondary attack;
Drovier's Animal Aspects now works correctly;
Expanded Arsenal (Magis School) feature now correctly counts bonuses;
Extra Rage Power feat now works correctly for Barbarian Instinctual warrior;
Fixed the favored enemy progression for the Order of the Nail;
Fixed the interface for leveling up animal companion;
Fixed the premade Inquisitor build;
Granted powers of Domains to determine their effect are tied to the sum of the caster levels of archetypes with domains, not the sum of the levels of archetype classes with domains — fixed;
Hellhound Breath no longer deals extra fire damage to each affected target;
Hunter's Surprise now works correctly;
Identical spells from regular class spellbooks and mythic lich spellbooks are now displayed correctly in the list;
If a character does not take Inspired Rage while already in barbarian aura, they do not receive the effects of Inspire Ferocity — fixed;
If an Barbarian upgrade was chosen for the skeletal champion, he didn't get rage powers as listed — fixed;
If the companion who betrayed you has a pet, it will switch sides with its owner;
Improved Evasion feat now works correctly;
In The Last Sarkorians DLC, it was possible to Trip animated weapons — fixed;
Kineticist's Earth Blast Wall didn't work against incorporeal creatures — fixed;
Kineticist's Magnetic Infusion bonuses lasted only one round instead of two — fixed;
Ley Line Guardian's Conduit Surge ability now affects only spells;
Lich's Flay for Purpose spell now doesn't tear the victim apart;
Mighty Charge didn't double the threat range of any weapons during a charge — fixed;
Mounted character now correctly interacts with doors and items;
Mythic Demon's ability "Aspect of Vrolikai" affected the abilities as well as spells — fixed;
Mythic feat "Sorcerous Reflex" could be used with the spells of zero rank — fixed;
Mythic Gold Dragon's Perfect Soul ability now gains +8 to Wisdom;
Natural armor sometimes worked against touch attacks — fixed;
Now you can select Abyss as your Favorite terrain when leveling up;
Oracle's Life Link ability now only works during combat;
Order of the Shroud Cavalier abilities now work correctly:
- Challenge ability now grants morale bonuses to attack;
- Spiritual Shield ability now gives a reflection bonus to defense. An undead condition has been added to the ability description;
- Destroyer of the Undead ability now overcomes damage resistance;
- Stand Against Darkness ability now gives the ability to make Attack of Opportunity. The ability now does not require undead to be the target of the summon, but works once per round;
Retribution ability of Order of the Star Cavalier now works correctly;
Paladin's Divine Weapon Bond — Disruption ability had the wrong difficulty and could be used with any type of weapon, not just melee bludgeoning weapons — fixed;
Premade build for rogue has been corrected;
Rage Power "Fiend Totem" was applying the damage twice when used against the unarmed attacks — fixed;
Removed +5 Intellect bonus for Skeletal Magus and +5 Wisdom bonus for the Skeletal Cleric;
Saddle Up ability remained available after retraining into a class that doesn't have an animal companion — fixed;
Serenity effect no longer allows critical hits;
Shaman's ability Paragon of Battle was being performed as a quick action rather than as a standard action — fixed;
Shaman's Enemies' Bane ability didn't allow choosing the type of the enemy — fixed;
Skald now grants their allies passive "Inspire Ferocity" effect;
Skeletal Champion no longer can have inquisitor upgrade more than one time;
Skill points were not increasing from Intelligence if the Inherent modifier was used to increase the characteristic — fixed;
2.2.0as changelog Part 3

Classes & Mechanics continued
Some bosses didn't have the immunity for the Mythic Persuasion as they should — fixed;
Some enemies could try to disarm animal companions — fixed;
Spell Specialization feat now includes Mythic spells;
Student of War ability Know Your Enemy now correctly ignores immunity to critical hits;
Student of War ability Mind Over Metal, Oracle's ability Nature's Whispers, and biographies Acolyte and Healer now add the highest characteristic bonus to the armor class;
Swarm That Walks size requirement was incorrectly displayed when creating 1 Swarm Clone — fixed;
The "Best jokes" ability didn't work according to the description — fixed;
The Barbarian could get Fatigued after Rage even they have feat Tireless rage — fixed;
The Bullying Thrill feature of an Animal Companion Bully Archetype didn't give morale bonuses according to the description — fixed;
The Fire Shield ability of Scorcher of Souls worked incorrectly — fixed;
The Heroic Invocation spell did not suppress the fear effects — fixed;
The Hunter Forester ability Breath Of Life now works correctly;
The requirements for taking certain Bloodlines have been reworked — for example, you can no longer take two different Draconic Bloodline;
The temporary HP displayed incorrectly in some cases — fixed;
There was a permanent Corruption even after taking a rest — fixed;
Tower Shield Training ability at 3rd level did not increase the maximum Dexterity modifier of the armor;
Transformation spell allowed characters to activate magic items — fixed;
Vavakia's claw attacks in demonic form now work correctly;
Weapon Snatcher ability now uses the Trickery check correctly;
When completing Chapter 2, the characters will fully heal and get rid of all negative effects;
When fighting Mephistopheles, there is now a limit of creatures summoned by the archdevil. Changed Mephistopheles' behavior on low difficulty levels;
When polymorphed, player character couldn't use any items — fixed;
While Demonic Rage the character didn't gain immunity to Daze, Paralyzed, Petrified, Frightened, Stunned, Confused, and other conditions — fixed;
Winter witch couldn't pick a shamans' or witch's spellbook at 1st level — fixed;
You can now choose Persistent as your Favorite Metamagic;
Chain Lightning spell now deals a maximum of 20d6 damage;
Knight of the Wall Cavalier's Soul Shield ability now correctly calculates will save bonuses;
Magic Nullification now dispels buffs from the Aeon spells;
Oracle's Nature's Whisper and AC Bonus of the Scaled Fist Monk simultaneously gave a bonus to defense — fixed;
Order of the Sword Cavalier's Knight's Challenge ability now replaces Challenge made by the same character. Also, it is now impossible to Challenge a creature that has already been affected by a Knight’s Challenge spell;
Power Attack and Deadly Aim optimized its work to turn off immediately at will and both apply additional buff on attacks that indicate that you use them. Their effects will active until your next turn or 1 round in real time;
Radiant Ground now affects 30 feet of radius instead of 20;
Ranger Demonslayer's Fiendish Quarry and Improved Fiendish Quarry abilities now work correctly;
Retaliation of the Chain now works correctly;
Righteous Might ability used by an evil character now correctly gives Damage resistance — Good;
Rogue's Finesse Training now can be chosen only among the weapons you are proficient;
Shaman Witch Doctor archetype can now choose the Extra Channel feat;
Shaman's Wind Ward hex ability distance is now Touch instead of Close;
Shieldbearer Warpriest's Shield Adept ability now correctly calculates bonuses from the equipped shield to concentrate checks;
Spike attacks granted by the Grow Spikes ability of the Shifter Manticore Child allowed the Midnight Bolt to be used an infinite number of times — fixed;
Successful saving throw against the Drone ability, provides a character with immunity for 24 hours — now works correctly;
Summon Perpetually Annoyed Wizard now have correct duration;
Sun Form spell now correctly calculates damage for it's rays by adding angel's mythic level to the caster level;
Supernova spell description now correctly states that it damages everyone, not only enemies;
Freezing Nothingness now correctly calculates it's DC to break free;
Temporary and permanent effects of the Mind Fog spell no longer stack their penalty;
The Bomber's Eye spell has been fixed. Now contains the attack source in the log, and the attack bonus type has been changed to Insight;
The damage bonus of the Destruction domain's Destructive Smite ability of the now works correctly;
The Helmet of Comradery now correctly calculates its bonuses from allies and don't count wearer;
The Nauseated effect applied by the Phantasmal Web spell now works correctly on creatures immune to poison;
The range of the Warpriest's Battle Companion ability was fixed;
Trip immunity now provides immunity to the Trip combat maneuver as well, not just to the prone condition;
True Arcane Bloodrage now works according to the description;
Various sources of Haste were multiplying bonuses — fixed;
Vital strike with a Shifter's Aspect of Manticore calculates damage correctly;
Warpriest's Destructive Attacks ability now has the correct type of bonus and correct description of the damage source;
Warpriest’s From the Grave ability now provides the correct bonus to saving throws;
Warpriest's Lead by Example ability now correctly adds skill check bonuses;
Warpriest's Soaring Assault ability is now working correctly with winged characters;
Fixed an issue where skills that allowed avoiding a decrease in speed due to overload were not doing so;
The resurrection timeout for the Commander before the game is considered finished has been increased to 2 rounds (12 seconds);
Movanic devas will no longer apply Holy Aura if they already have it;
Angel Sword Speed of Light no longer stacks with haste;
Arbitrament, Word Of Chaos, Blasphemy, Dictum and Holy Word spells no longer affect the caster, but all affect any creature of the proper alignment;
Arcanist's Exploit Wooden Flesh ability no longer gives you plant traits, you only count as a plant for spells and abilities that have special effects on plants;
Archmage's armor no longer triggers from items;
Azata Supersonic Speed no longer stacks with haste;
Azata's Incredible Might ability now works not only on weapon attacks and damage rolls, but to all attack and damage rolls;
Azata's Revolt spell now adds caster level to damage;
Barbarian rage penalty to AC no longer progresses;
Bloodrager's Elemental Strikes dealt the wrong amount of damage — fixed;
Bloodrager's Reformed Fiend damage reduction now bypassed by evil as written;
Boon Companion now correctly recalculates when you take level in class without animal companion;
Cavalier's Bigger They Are ability did not give a bonus against creatures greater than in the description — fixed;
Disrupting weapon spell now has a correct DC for saving throw;
Duelist Crippling Critical ability now works correctly;
Fixed a bug with Hilor endless free companions respec;
Fixed a bug with respec available on the Core difficulty in The Inevitable Excess DLC;
Imitator could fulfill the requirements for taking other traits and abilities when leveling up through the abilities Thief's Stance and Monk's Stance — fixed;
Incorporeal Bloodrager effects could be used infinitely if character picked mythic feat Limitless Rage — fixed;
Mounted Shield now works correctly;
Mutagen and cognatogen effects could stack — fixed;
Now you need a dragon ancestry to pick an archetype "Dragonheir Scion";
Paladin's Divine Hunter Bond now has progress past level 8th;
Rageshaper shifter Devastating Form no longer gives more than -2 penalty to AC;
Rune domain's Warding Rune ability now has correct duration;
Shield Focus (Mythic) now works correctly;
Sohei now don't get Flurry of blows with weapon training weapons until 6-th level (even if they receive weapon training from other classes);
Molten Orb spell now has the Bomb trait added;
The Arcane Bombardier and Alchemist's elemental bombs now have a description of the corresponding element;
The Crane Wing trait worked if the character had a weapon or shield in the second hand, or the weapon was held with a two-handed grip — fixed;
The Destructive Dispel trait now causes the target to make a saving throw only once per use of dispel magic;
The Force Reality ability is not working after latest patch — fixed;
The Hex Shaman's Chant ability mistakenly extended the effect of the Protective Luck spell — fixed;
The Uncanny Dodge ability, obtained as a temporary effect from the Barbarian Stance and Thief Stance abilities of the Imitator, does not work correctly — fixed;
Vorpal strike effect now correctly applies to Balor demon form;
Warpriest's Protection Blessing now correctly calculates from class level, not overall level.
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Update 2.2.0as, Part 4

Azata's Believe in Yourself spell had incorrect names for some of the buffs it gave — fixed;
Fixed missing Mount ability after saving in certain places;
Fixed the "Beast Totem" icon;
Fixed the change of player character's appearance according to their mythic path — the portrait and appearance will now change after completing the transformation;
Fixed the icons for the demonic forms;
Fixed the issue when the selection of a revelation happened before the selection of mystery when picking some classes and archetypes, which made it impossible to complete character creation:
If you import a character from the main campaign when starting the Inevitable Excess DLC, and then go to the main menu and start a new game, a zero-level character was created — fixed;
In the merchant interface window, it was possible to point cursor at items outside the available area — fixed;
Lich's late mythic appearance, portrait, and abilities are now only granted if the player follows the Lich's path and does not abandon the ritual;
Missed icon for the Death Throes ability — fixed;
Missed icon for the Vorpal Strike — fixed;
Some barbarian totems wasn't showing in the buff list when raging — fixed;
Sometimes Nenio's portrait remained the same even if Nenio's appearance changed — fixed;
Sometimes when using a photo mode, the player could light up all undiscovered loot on the location — fixed;
The Charge description displayed incorrectly in the log — fixed;
The tutorial advised a Greater Restoration spell to remove blindness, although this spell cannot remove blindness — fixed;
Updated the Demon Lord Aspect's icons;
Usable items were removed from action bar after polymorph — fixed;
When playing with a controller, normal spells and metamagic spells had the same icons — fixed;
When playing with a controller, some inscriptions in the weekly recruit growth were not displayed — fixed;
Fixed auto crusade settings to be set to "On" while starting the new game, if it was set so previously;
Sometimes the pop-up dialogues triggered right after rest — fixed;
Errors in the interface when starting a new game on consoles and PC with a gamepad have been fixed;
Inspect mode is turned off by default when using a gamepad — fixed;
Now, the Storyteller doesn't leave the awakening of the griffon in the Blackwing Library without a comment;
Removed recommendation icons for auto-leveling plans;
The issue with spells empowered by the "Completely Normal Spell" Metamagic not being usable in auto-cast has been fixed;
The power granted by some of the Warpriest Blessings didn't display correctly — fixed;
The tutorial window is now also shown when the character level up screen is open;
Ulbrig didn't acquire the UI slide for his second Act's quest if the player completed it in Act 3, which was the case for all players who got Ulbrig in that Act — fixed;
Throw Anything ability and Targeted Bomb Admixture spell effect were displayed in log incorrectly — fixed.

Сrusader's poses have been fixed in the cutscene with Minagho in the Gray Garrison;
Archon's Aura spell radius was not displayed — fixed;
Behavior of the Mythic Golden Dragon commander has been fixed in the cutscene with Storyteller;
Fixed the black triangle in Final Veil textures;
Fixed the fog of war in Chilly Creek;
In the Through the Ashes DLC, the cutscene with the inquisitors now shows the full scene;
Lots of visual fixes: Light shield in hand, cloaks on some NPCs, texture quality;
Puzzles colors and symbols in Sacred Lands weren't readable enough for the player — fixed;
Sigvorn from The Last Sarkorians DLC is now armed with a sword rather than a bow, which is more fitting to his story;
The animation of holding a shield in the inventory window has been fixed;
The commander is no longer rolling around on the ground after the first cutscene in the Prologue in Kenabres;
Yaniel has been flying during the dialogue with the commander — fixed;
Added visual effects for kitsune form change;
Fixed the golems blood visuals;
Fixed the visual effects for the Tankard of Free Spirit;
The fog of war no longer spreads through the walls of Drezen;
The Insightful Contemplation had no display of the area of action — fixed;
Ciar preferred to travel inside the horse rather than on it — fixed;
Fixed visual glitch with character, caused by using pause button while mounted;
Now in the Nameless Ruins location camera in the cutscene does not fly into the surrounding rocks;
Sometimes walk animation of units in the Commander's squad disappeared — fixed;
The permanent duplicate demon wings granted at Mythic level 9 have been fixed;
The visual glitch occurs when a halfling character enters a battle riding a leopard mount has been fixed;
Added visuals for the spell Wrath of the Righteous;
Fixed the salamander's animations;
Rectify State now has visual and sound effects;
Fixed the animal companions' attack animation with Sunder Armour;
Fixed the fog of war in Chilly Creek.

Part of the spells used the wrong range of application — fixed;
Fixed memory leaks in the fog of war;
Fixed potential FPS drops in Alushinyrra and Kenabres before the Deskari assault;
Improved the stability on locations with Vescavor Swarm.

A mysterious man came to call the commander to the theater instead of Tinna Scenery Master — fixed;
Angel's Heart description has been changed;
Arcane Weaver in Drezen now has more Stone to Flesh scrolls for sale;
Ashen Curse cast by the ungrateful captive of the Ivory Labyrinth now has only the Curse descriptor;
Bismuth could disappear from the commander after leaving Drezen. The charge of the triceratops statuette is now getting restored in Drezen;
Chief Khara could put her allies to sleep — fixed;
Companion pets now hide in Drezen Citadel and do not crowd the Commander's office;
Fixed a bug that caused character skill duplication. Also fixed saves corrupted by this bug;
Fixed collision for the characters;
Fixed incorrect display of some enemy cultists races;
Fixed possible duplicating cues in the illustrated event in Willodus Manor;
Fixed the cutscene in Arueshalae's personal quest;
Fixed the dialogue flow with the Hand of the Inheritor before the departure at Pulura's Fall;
Fixed the dialogue flow with the invisible drunkard in Gundrun;
Fixed the FPS drop during the second stage of Xanthir fight;
Fixed the objects visuals on the "Ravaged Long House" location;
Improved the flow of a dialogue with Wenduag in the Shield Maze;
Improved the mechanics of the incubus archers;
Improved the moving in the commander's bedroom, rearranged the furniture a bit;
In some locations the player character's pets could disappear — fixed;
Lady Konomi stays in Drezen after being kicked out — fixed;
Optimized the FPS in Seelah's personal quest;
Sometimes the characters couldn't interact with the levers — fixed;
Sometimes Ulbrig couldn't be taken to party at Leper's Smile — fixed;
Sometimes Ulbrig was so excited about interactions that he was jumping up and down — fixed;
The Aeon's gaze will now recognize Anevia's aura correctly;
The location of some traps have been changed to make it easier to defuse them;
The sound was missing from the Songbird cutscene — fixed;
Vissaliy Rathimus sold only 1 scroll of Raise Dead during the first chapter of the game. We convinced him to expand the assortment, now he has 24 Raise Dead scrolls.
When meeting Commander for the first time, Ulbrig can now really show his claws;
While solving the puzzle, players could block their playthrough by disconnecting the bridge and skipping to the other side — fixed;
Autosave now works after leaving the ship, and not on it;
Books that provide skills/bonuses have received an important item highlight;
Fixed infinite weapon respawn on enemies with extra arms;
Fixed the display of the Mephistopheles' portrait in dialogues;
Fixed the flow in romantic dialogue with Wenduag;
Herrax sold two identical recipes — fixed;
It is no longer possible to build large buildings on partially blocked cells in the outpost;
Mephistopheles is now immune to Baleful Polymorph;
Nenio won't talk in dialogue with Areshkagal's Projection if she's absent from player's party;
Now Sull doesn't start a conversation about Wenduag if she is not among the available companions;
Now, upon death, the character's overload from the strength debuff disappears along with the debuff;
Polymorphs and some other spells and effects are now temporarily hidden while camping;
The range of goods at the Arena Healer has become more relevant;
Undead Staunton Vhane has his characteristics and build changed (only for a new games or for the saves before he joins);
You can walk through the walls of a ruined house in a random encounter location — fixed;
Experience is not given for killing some zombies in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC — fixed;
Fixed Fog of War dissolves on Units appear;
In one of the events at Drezen on Mythic Angel Path, the astral deva hiding under the guise of a male monk now reverts to her old appearance as a deva, just as the text of the dialog says;
Mythic skeleton companion rework;
Saving game while resting is disabled on the gamepad control.
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Update 2.2.0av
Hello, crusaders!

An update 2.2.0av is here!

When importing saves and characters from "Through the Ashes" DLC to "The Lord of Nothing" DLC, in a rare case one of the characters could disappear from the party permanently — fixed. If you have already encountered this bug, you will have to go back to the save at the previous location before this bug;
You couldn't speak with the Pillars of the Skulls in the Ziggurat— fixed;
After the last update, Archmage Armor sometimes didn't work — fixed.

If you are playing with mods, don’t forget to update them before loading your saves!

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!

If a player managed to sneak past the giants unnoticed in "The Lord of Nothing" DLC, the alternate descent will now be hidden so as not to be misleading;
In "The Lord of Nothing" DLC, the ability to hit the giant guards on the bridge with charge has been fixed. Now they will immediately raise the alarm after suspicious actions of the player.

If the player killed the giants, that guard leather workers, before taking the quest in "The Lord of Nothing" DLC, the quest could not be completed — fixed.

Candle of the Playful Succubus inflicted twice more negative levels that it should — fixed;
The Hammer Fists bracers were not displayed on the character model — fixed;
After the last update, Archmage Armor sometimes didn't work — fixed.

Classes & Mechanics
Penta from “The Lord of Nothing” DLC now can correctly mount an animal companion;
You couldn't speak with the Pillars of the Skulls in the Ziggurat— fixed.

Skipping the cutscene in the battle with the goblin leader in “The Lord of Nothing” DLC caused the cutscene to freeze — fixed;
Sometimes the ghost horse's glow changed after its resurrection — fixed;
During the first battle with giants in “The Lord of Nothing” DLC, running forward and triggering the hide and seek cutscene could prevent further progression — fixed.

FPS drop while activating the Dispeller of Darkness — fixed;
When importing saves and characters from "Through the Ashes" DLC to "The Lord of Nothing" DLC, in a rare case one of the characters could disappear from the party permanently — fixed. If you have already encountered this bug, you will have to go back to the save at the previous location before this bug.

Fixed a bug where a dialogue with Kyton in “The Lord of Nothing” DLC could not be initiated.
Update 2.2.1a
Hello, crusaders!

An update 2.2.1a is here!

Fixed the ability to kill Sithhud the Reborn in The Lord of Nothing DLC before time. Now after killing him the cutscene appear and the party will not be stuck at the arena;
A blizzard elemental (Druid Winter Child companion) now resurrects after resting.

If you are playing with mods, don’t forget to update them before loading your saves!

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!

If shadows have been killed on the Shadow Plane in The Lord of Nothing DLC before the death of Ulab's brother, there was a duplicate dialog with the brother — fixed;
Polymorph on companions in The Lord of Nothing DLC final cutscenes has been fixed.

Now defeating Sithhud in The Lord of Nothing DLC triggers a dialogue with companions.

Classes & Mechanics
Vengeful Comets spell firing 2 projectiles even when the buff only gave one projectile — fixed;
Extra Hex (Shaman) feat gave a choice of Witch hexes instead of Shaman's — fixed;
Weretiger in the last form didn't have access to the Combat Expertise — fixed;
In some cases, the Weretouched didn't get a Trip combat maneuver — fixed. To get the maneuver, you will need to reuse animal form;
Fixed the ability to kill Sithhud the Reborn in The Lord of Nothing DLC before time. Now after killing him the cutscene appear and the party will not be stuck at the arena;
A blizzard elemental (Druid Winter Child companion) now resurrects after resting.

Cutscene in Dry Crossroads location with Greybor has been fixed.

Some symbols were missing from Chinese localization — fixed.
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Hello, crusaders!

An update 2.2.2g is here!

Assassin's Use Poison ability has been increased: now given by the formula 6 + Assassin's level multiplied by two;
Assassins get the Hide In Plain Sight ability back. Due to improved applicant recruitment, it will now happen on the 5th level instead of 8th;
Removed all checks for Assassin's Mark of Death ability — now the ability always triggers on the enemy;
Shadowcaster’s Shadowform ability now lasts longer;
The Dark Lurker got back the availability of a Rogue talent at level 20. Also, his Blade in the Darkness ability now has no limit on the number of uses per day. For the use of these abilities, retraining might be needed.

If you are playing with mods, don’t forget to update them before loading your saves!
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