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pen311: 9/14/2021

Version 1.0.3c (Build 50006) is now available for windows offline download, in the download section for GoG

MAC update has not been uploaded to the files section as of yet.
Lingxin: The file shows only 1.4 GB and not the 7.84 GB you mentioned. Is that right?
Yes, will fix it.. thanks.

MAC download section now has the updated 1.0.3c files.
9/15/2021 (v1.0.3d) (Build 50033) has been released

A 6mb patch to update v1.0.3c to --> version 1.0.3d is now available for Windows GoG Galaxy updates.

It is not yet in the GoG Downloads Section for Either Windows or MAC.

Pathfinder: WOTR Patch Notes – Update 1.0.3d

Here are the official patch notes for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (WOTR) Update 1.0.3d that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

Couldn’t choose the mythic path of Gold Dragon after retraining – fixed. If you retrained before the 1.0.3 patch, and Gold Dragon didn’t work, this should fix your problem;
The ruler of Alushinyrra and her guest wasn’t present during your audience with them in chapter 4 – fixed;
The game will stop pausing after the level-up interface now;
You will be able to retrain a character on the Demon Mythic Path now. However, if you retrained your demon in chapter 2 in version 1.0.2, you will need to load an earlier save, before you retrained. Otherwise you will have issues with the event when you get summoned in a dream and the following events.

Known issues:

In chapter 5, on the Mythic Path of Demon, Yozz will come to speak with you right after the summit and ask to come with him. If you tell him that you need more time to prepare, you won’t be able to progress the quest. The workaround is to go with him without delay.
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We made the thread sticky.
Cookiie: We made the thread sticky.
Thank You very much!

v1.0.3d (Build 50032) is now available in the GoG off-line Files Download area for MAC.
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: update 1.0.4d Patch notes

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!

**Quests and companions **
* It was impossible to find Chivarro during the Grudges to Settle quest - fixed;
* During ‘Once in Alushinyrra…’ quest the player was considered dead after teleportation to the House of Silken Shadows - fixed;
* After the completion of Morevet’s quest, some options related to it didn’t disappear from the dialogue - fixed;
* It was impossible to interact with Shamira during the Ultimate Joke quest - fixed;
* A dialogue with Ramisa at Flesh Markets could start again after you’ve already decided her fate - fixed;
* Sosiel will not try to break up with a character on a good Mythic Path anymore;
* Sosiel could get stuck painting in different areas, blocking some quests from completion - fixed;
* Sometimes you were unable to exit the location if you turned down Sosiel - fixed;
* Deep-Rooted Derangement quest in Wintersun could break after skipping the cutscene that started it - fixed;
* Weary Guardian: fixed a Trickster’s option;
* Bad Blood: sometimes the reinforcements in Savamelekh's Mansion forgot to join the battle, and were waiting in the corridor - fixed;
* Conspiracy in Shadows: Yozz wouldn’t teleport you to Alushinyrra if you wanted to do it after some preparations - fixed;
* Durability Test wasn’t failing after completing chapter 3 - fixed;
* It was impossible to enter the Bloody Trail location while you were on the dragon hunt - fixed;
* Burrowed Dreams quest completion wasn’t triggering - fixed;
* Lann and Wenduag’s quests could disappear from the journal - fixed;Lann sometimes didn’t receive the correct epilogue - fixed;
* Echo of Deskari was using an incorrect dialogue line in Palara Falls - fixed;
* Seeking Forgiveness quest wasn’t starting correctly - fixed;
* There was a way to duplicate Arueshalae - fixed. No more evil twins!
* On the Summit sometimes nothing was visible due to fog of war - fixed;
* Successful Diplomacy check with Mielarah wasn’t triggering the 50.000 discount - fixed;
* Woljif’s shop sometimes didn’t trigger when clicking the appropriate dialogue line - fixed;
* Forn Autumn Haze was appearing in Drezen after being killed - fixed. No ghosts allowed!
* Fixed Areelu and Swarm dialogue in the epilogue.
* Ramien could disappear after the combat with Halran started, blocking the quest from completion - fixed;
* Fixed amount of XP gained in dialogue with Storyteller.
* Shadow Dance quest sometimes didn’t complete after killing shadow demon leader - fixed;
* Dialogue wasn’t appearing when talking to the Hand of the Inheritor - fixed;

* Threshold: it was possible to start the final dialogues with the companions multiple times - fixed;
* Midnight Fane in chapter 5 has been visually improved;
* The entrance into The House of Wicked Knowledge wouldn’t show up on the map until you come close enough - fixed;
* Iz: crusaders and NPCs wouldn’t get devoured by Swarm-that-Walks in the crusaders’ camp - fixed;
* Cyborgs in Blackwater were stronger than intended - fixed;
* Gates weren’t opening in Blackwater - fixed;
* In some cases you could get a Game Over message after the third battle in Battle Bliss arena - fixed;
* It was impossible to exit Sevalros’ Cave - fixed.
* Door visual has been fixed in Heart of Mystery.
* You can no longer be forever locked in Ivory Sanctum.
* Sometimes attackers would get stuck on the gates during the attack on Defender’s Heart - fixed;

* Added 2 additional difficulty levels for the crusade;
* Added more UI texts for the events of the crusade;
* Aeon’s Call event could get stuck in some circumstances - fixed;
* Removed the crusade buffs stacking after character retrain;
* Fixed empty glossary links and various tooltips in the crusade mode;
* It was possible to buy the resources only in the city building mode. Now it has been moved into the crusade resources window;
* Delaying a fort upgrade after finishing the corresponding decree could interrupt the whole upgrade chain - fixed, all missed upgrade opportunities should become available on loading the save;
* Added clarifications to the description of the morale banner.
* Fortress upgrade decrees would appear before actually building enough bastions - fixed;
* Lich that transformed into a Swarm, continued to get Lich units from killing enemies - fixed;
* Sometimes an event wouldn’t happen in Drezen despite a notification about it in the crusade interface - fixed;
* Prudent feat now works according to description;
* Bless now works according to description;
* Incubi ability Crushing Despair had zero uses - fixed;
* Prices of mercenaries for the crusade have been fixed;
* Sometimes an extremely powerful enemy army with 1000+ units would spawn in chapter 5 - fixed;
* When setting Crusade on auto in chapter 5, all garrisons would be destroyed instantly - fixed;
* Loading into settlement to build buildings from crusade management could trigger an endless loading screen - fixed.
* It could become impossible to rank up diplomacy level in Crusade - fixed;

**Classes & Mechanics**
* When creating a Zen Archer, you didn't get any bow as a starting equipment - fixed;
* Gold Dragon Mythic Path was working incorrectly with the effects which increased ability scores - fixed;
* Gold Dragon was gaining double level after rebuilding Kenabres - fixed;
* Gold Dragon didn’t receive correct bonuses for entering dragon form - fixed;
* Vavakia's breath no longer deals occasional Wisdom drain after the first time. This will fix the situation with companions dying from wisdom drain in chapter 4;
* Last Stand no longer receives another use after a save-load;
* When switching from Lich to late game mythic paths, Lich abilities would sometimes remain available - fixed;
* The secret mythic path was not getting Mythic Feat or Mythic Ability selections during level ups - fixed;
* You could sometimes be judged again mid-combat on the secret mythic path - fixed;
* Corruption stacked on some companions - fixed;
* Some weapons weren't applying their effects on hit, if the character had only one attack - fixed;
* Crushing Offence wasn’t working - fixed;
* Vampiric Touch and Vampiric Shurikens didn't work correctly - fixed;
* Ice Storm's slowing effect didn't work - fixed;
* Hell’s Decrees which limit the ability to use magic schools, now cancel the previous decree, if cast on a target with one decree already being active;
* Hell's Decree ability could be used an unlimited number of times - fixed;
* Favored Enemy — Flying and Favored Enemy — Large didn't work correctly - fixed;
* Arcanist’s Icy Tomb no longer has a permanent duration and no longer applies all accumulated damage after entering the zone from the global map;
* Linnorm’s ability didn’t have a correct name and description - fixed.

**Turn-based mode**
* The cursor’s state was incorrectly reset to default in TBM at the start of the turn - fixed;
* Charge ability was getting interrupted randomly before starting - fixed.

* All relics now appear identified;
* Items from the Commander Pack did not appear in the chest when playing the game in Epic Games Store - fixed;
* The Robe of Water was being equipped in the wrong slot - fixed;
* The Robe of Air had a wrong enchantment - fixed;
* Fixed the visuals of Duality of Conjuration and Summoning;
* Game could freeze when using the Lexicon of Paradox - fixed.
* Francest’s Charming Voice was giving -2 penalty instead of -5 - fixed

**User Interface**
* Fixed the displaying of the left action bar;
* When cancelling the level-up, the game would pause until opening another interface - fixed;
* Fixed resting on the global map;
* A tooltip for some checks in the dialogues was showing incorrect numbers - fixed;
* A ‘Show all spells’ checkbox could break the spell book - fixed;
* Fixed the ‘Dominate Person’ effect on the main character;
* Multiple improvements for mythic retrain UI;
* Commander’s appearance wasn’t properly changing in the mythic level up UI - fixed;
* Bear’s endurance in some circumstances could use a wrong icon - fixed;
* Spellbook had minor graphical issues with scrolling - fixed;
* Gold Dragon didn’t have a description on the character screen - fixed.
* Swords of Gorum feat was lacking a description - fixed;

* The game could freeze after talking to Finnean - fixed;
* Skipping a cutscene of getting a mythic power in chapter 5 could lead to an endless black screen - fixed;
* The epilogues have been improved for Demon and Lich;
* Some achievements for fighting on Core difficulty level and higher couldn’t be unlocked - fixed;
* Fixed another case where the loading screen would not disappear if loading directly into turn-based combat;
* The summit scene in chapter 5 could not play out correctly if the Commander was mounted - fixed;
* The behaviour of numerous enemies have been improved;
* Mephisto no longer floats in the air.
* Looting a dead companion could trigger an endless loading screen after leaving location - fixed;
* Deskari no longer uses Areelu’s voice for one of the dialogue lines in Iz;
* Companions that were dead when a cutscene loaded another location, could disappear from your party forever - fixed.
* Multiple minor fixes in epilogues for consistency;
* A soldier in Drezen no longer leans to air as if a wall was there;
* Enemies no longer target each other by offensive spells and abilities.
* Cutscene with Minagho and Staunton didn’t start in some circumstances - fixed;
* Cayden Tankard cosplayed a familiar, flying randomly around the party - fixed;
You guys have been absolutely super in your game updating...!...I don't know of any game I've ever purchased that has hopped on patching and bug fixing as fast and as furious as you guys, Owlcat! Bravo!....;)
Yeah, now we just need to get the patch on GOG.
Where is the patch? I still see 1.0.3c as the latest version available
My partner keeps saying the patch isn't available yet. Come on Owlcat. Don't do this to GOG customers.
This thread is ONLY for Game Version patch, files, hotfix and updates to the games.

Please post the off topic stuff in the numerous other threads already started.

Thank You.
1. Do the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: update 1.0.4d Patch notes apply to the version 1.0.4d.02 too? Kinda rhetorical since you would not at a .02 if there were no changes or hotfixes...

2. I noticed that once more, while we have the patch notes here it is still missing for GOG Galaxy at the very moment. There it goes only (for Windows) up to 1.0.3d 15th September.

The .02 addon feels kinda sneaky so I am curious what has been changed/fixed.
I also, have no idea, what the quick hotfix patches fixed, other then the loading of steam page on startup of GoG pc version...
pen311: I also, have no idea, what the quick hotfix patches fixed, other then the loading of steam page on startup of GoG pc version...
If you do not know it, then I doubt anyone but the developers can know it - considering how well you tend this thread for us. Thanks for your efforts. =)