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Here you can find out about the current version, updates, patches to the Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous game.

Some info here might contain spoiler information.

Aug 3rd, 2021

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous beta, version 0.8.1 Patch..


When persuading Lann to lead the mongrels, a speaker was displayed incorrectly - fixed.
After meeting the messenger from the Queen in the Warcamp, it was impossible to find the Queen herself - fixed.


During the siege of Drezen, you couldn’t commence the assault on the final gates - fixed.
Some random encounters caused the game to crash - fixed.
In Midnight Fane one set of stairs was inaccessible - fixed.

Turn-based mode

the game would sometimes freeze in turn-based mode - fixed.
Loading a save after a turn-based battle could make some parts of the map inaccessible - fixed.


Some units couldn’t move in the crusade tactical battles or got stuck - fixed.
Some units could occupy the same space in tactical combat, making it hard to target - fixed.
You could receive rank-ups before the requirements for them were met - fixed.

Classes & Mechanics

Encyclopedia links didn't work in character creation - fixed.
Mythic ability Rupture Restraints could be used indefinitely - fixed.
The description of Mythic Demon’s Aspect of Vrolikai didn’t specify that to apply negative levels you need to rage - fixed.
Mythic Demon’s Aspect of Vavakia could deal damage to all enemies within 50 feet multiple times during the round - fixed.
Mythic Demon’s Aspect of Vrock didn’t give the enemies a penalty to reflex saves - fixed.
Mythic Ability Everlasting Judgement didn’t give the Inquisitors the ability to use Judgements any number of times per day - fixed.
Some enemies wrongly worshipped Abadar - now they no longer do.
Elemental Witch’s Elemental Ray damaged the Witch - fixed.
Mythic Trickster’s Ray of Halberds had too many halberds in it - fixed.
Mythic feat Sorcerous Reflex didn’t work in turn-based mode - fixed.
Halflings didn’t benefit from the Hasty trait - fixed.
Sometimes your character could lose their mythic levels, which led to inability to proceed in Drezen and complete chapter 2 - fixed.
Cleaving Shot wasn’t dealing damage to enemies within 10 feet - fixed.
Flames of the Abyss empowered the wrong number of attacks - fixed.
Daeran couldn’t ride a mount - fixed.
Mythic Demon’s Death-Stealing Gaze didn’t give negative levels - fixed.
A lot of enemies had an Accomplished Sneak Attacker feat - fixed.
Mythic Lich’s Weapon of Death didn’t give a penalty to caster level to overcome spell resistance - fixed.
Mythic Lich’s Decaying Touch didn’t deal unholy damage and ability damage to strength - fixed.

Issues with various animations - fixed.
Minotaurs’ axes were hanging in the air - fixed.
When reporting a bug, the default context was always Crusade, which was incorrect - fixed.
Sometimes characters would lose their materials for a second and would appear white - fixed.
Fixed issues with scaling of cloaks.
Fixed cloaks on rangers, rogues, and inquisitors.
The ability to change body types was previously disabled in character creation - fixed.
Fixed tiefling tails.
Clothes and armour could change colour to gray - fixed.
Some capes weren’t coloured - fixed.
After loading a save, abilities would disappear from the quick bar - fixed.

A friendly reminder: Even though Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is still in beta and incomplete, there are already some mods out there. If you use mods, please don’t send bug reports from the modded game, or if you do send them, don’t forget to mention what mods you used or what did you change, if you edited your save, for example. We respect our modding community, but at this moment our priority is to ensure our game works well without any modifications.
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This is a good start :D
First release of Pathfinder: WotR is version 1.0.0p Build 49713, is now available for download.

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Overnight saw the release of the game's first patch.

Updated game version is now v1.0.0s Build 49717
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What's changed in 1.0.0s?
Guess I'll just wait for a few more patches to start playing.
Patch 1.0.0u has been released:

- On Mac: right-click mouse button didn't work in the inventory - fixed.
- On Mac: trails (dotted lines) didn't show in turn-based mode - fixed.
Update 1.0.1c Build 49813

Currently available for Windows version. An update for Mac is coming soon.

Spoiler: fixed the logic in the first dialogue with the Herald of Iomedae while following the Angel Mythic Path
Spoiler: a battle in Greybor’s quest in chapter 5 didn’t start - fixed
Dry Crossroads - couldn’t exit the area - fixed
Couldn’t speak about the shield during Sosiel’s quest if you refused to recruit Regill - fixed
Battered Spirit could be interrupted by a dialogue between Sosiel and Regill - fixed

Weather effects slowed down, when they shouldn’t have - fixed
Fixed the lighting in Pulura’s Fall and Heart of Mystery.
The Next-Door Theater’s location in Drezen has been fixed
Sosiel could be seen painting without an easel - fixed. Now he has his easel again
Shrine of the Three couldn’t be completed - fixed

Some of the Generals’ starting abilities didn’t work - fixed
Mass Hold Person didn’t work in tactical combat - fixed
Song of Seasons didn’t work correctly - fixed
Fixed building models in garrisons
Mouse cursor in tactical battles was changing incorrectly - fixed
Penetrating Strike didn’t work - fixed
Fixed a formula in the rituals for the Generals
AoE targeting in the tactical battles has been fixed
Fixed a loop when a tactical battle started
Pillaged resources weren’t displayed after battle - fixed

Classes & Mechanics
Detect Magic ability was available, though didn’t do anything. Now it’s no longer available
Arcane Trickster prestige-class was impossible to pick even with all prerequisites met - fixed
Persistent metamagic could not be applied to any spells - fixed
Swarms dealt damage each time they touched a unit instead of once per round - fixed
Some of Mythic Angel’s summons had zero charges - fixed
Arcanist’s Arcane Reservoir could sometimes stop replenishing after rest - fixed

Turn-based mode
After moving while mounted and attacking, it was possible to continue to move - fixed

Armor is not displayed when equipped on pets - fixed
Metamagic effects didn’t apply to scrolls crafted on rest - fixed
Kinetic diadems applied incorrect bonus values - fixed
Draven’s Hat gave unlimited quicken metamagic - fixed
Triceratops spawned from a statuette didn’t have a proper sound bank - fixed

User Interface
Opening the encyclopedia from the tutorial didn’t show the correct page - fixed
In the character sheet, additional attacks of the animal companion were not displayed - fixed
Fixed broken links in the credits
Fixed broken links in the character’s history
Fixed texts in the rest UI
On Windows 7, video was not displayed in the tutorials and during the launch of the game - fixed
After exiting the city building mode while a building is selected, Esc key would stop working - fixed
The DC of cooking during the rest was displayed incorrectly - fixed

Bows’ visuals have been improved.
Occasionally you couldn’ pause by pressing the spacebar - fixed
The tank is always selected from the party to loot containers, even if he/she is farther away from it than others. Now the character, who can get to it faster, will pick the loot
Monitor lizard animal companion was moving backwards - fixed
A crash to the main menu could occur when loading a location, due to a unit missing the visual part - fixed
Fixed an issue when a scimitar was sheathed incorrectly
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Pathfinder: WotR has been updated to Windows version 1.0.2e (Build 49905)

A 1.5g size update patch in the download section is available for windows users.

MAC users have an update via Galaxy for version 1.0.2b

Update 1.0.2e/1.0.2b Patch Notes


We’ve prepared a new patch for the Windows version - 1.0.2e!

The list of patch notes is rather long, so here’s what the majority of you’ve been asking about:
The red defence banner issue has been fixed;
Auto-casting issue has been fixed too;
The problem with vendors not buying your loot has been fixed as well;
Archers no longer change their target for no reason at all;
Some achievements got fixed;
We also fixed a number of items;
Some mythic quests didn’t progress - and now they do;
The issue with Intel GPU has also been fixed (read below)

We’ve also uploaded a patch for Mac

, and we apologize for the delay. 

Mac version has been updated to 1.0.2b

, and the difference is that it includes the fixes from previous and this Windows patch, but doesn’t include the fix for Intel GPU loading issue.

If you want to know what else got fixed, read the full patch notes:

Please be aware of plot spoilers in the description below!
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The Final Verdict: it was impossible to speak with Regill after the event, and leave him in the party - fixed;
Conspiracy in Shadows: a dialogue with Yozz was looping - fixed;
Conspiracy in Shadows: it was impossible to complete the quest if you killed a certain NPC - fixed;
Conspiracy in Shadows: it was impossible to exit from Shamira’s palace after loading an autosave - fixed;
In Mythic Demon’s quest in chapter 5 one NPC’s allies couldn’t be killed - fixed;
Dragon's Awakening: marked on the map places where the NPCs need your help;
The Light Within quest didn’t progress for Angel Mythic Path - fixed;
Arueshalae's quest couldn’t be completed if it required Nurah's answer - fixed;
Fixed Sosiel’s quest in chapter 4;
Sometimes you couldn’t get an ending for Seelah’s questline - fixed;
Fixed a throne room event with Anevia, that was blocked by Sosiels romance event in chapter 5;
The Price of Loyalty: fixed the cut-scene freezing if you are on the Demon’s mythic path and finished the preparations yourself;
Iz: the Swarm-that-Walks and Gold Dragon can now use their unique dialogue options to affect the boss battle;
You can now tell Daeran about the Inquisitor’s plan in chapter 5;
After completing the Third Wheel quest, Morevet Honeyed Tongue still had dialogue options related to the quest - fixed.

Fixed fog of war in Drezen’s temple;
Optimized the lighting in Aeon’s scene in Threshold;
Fixed camera movements in Threshold;
Fixed camera movement in different areas of Drezen;
Optimized the lighting in the epilogue;
Optimized the lighting in Kenabres in the prologue;
Optimized the lighting on the streets of Kenabres;
Optimized the lighting in Pulura’s Fall area;
Fixed the lighting in some random encounters;
Chilly Creek: Jernaugh could get killed by wild animals by accident - fixed;
Gwerm's Mansion: you can no longer teleport into the locked room;
After speaking with Latverk your character couldn’t move - fixed;
Increased the duration of a certain boss battle in chapter 5;
Improved the passability of the Threshold area ;
Visual improvements for Gray Garrison;
Visual improvements for Arendae party house;
Visual improvements for Pulura’s Fall;
Fixed the issue with characters falling through the floor in some areas;
Iz: a cut-scene could freeze if activated while mounted;
Some corpses in various areas didn’t look like corpses - fixed;
Midnight Fane: some companions, who were not in the party at the moment, could hover above the floor - fixed;
Spoiler - Animated Weapons and Armors in Finnean’s quest had their natural armor reduced on core and higher difficulties;
Added a reminder to the journal to pick your equipment at the beginning of Colyphyr Mines
In Colyphyr Dungeon, when your equipment was confiscated, your companions also lost theirs - fixed;
When transitioning from Ten Thousand Delights for Fleshmarkets, the party could end up underground
In Ten Thousand Delights it was possible to sink underground - fixed;
Removed an unnecessary skill check in a house in the Upper City in chapter 4;
Teleportation arcs have been marked on the map in chapter 4;
Vendors and important NPC are now marked on the map in chapter 4;
Dry Crossroads: reduced the difficulty of battles;
Neathholm: improved the performance, highlighted the important spots;
It was impossible to trade with Sarzaksys at the Fleshmarkets - fixed;
Residents of Drezen now leave when a battle begins;
Fixed camera movement in The Ivory Labyrinth area;
Improved the lighting in The Ivory Labyrinth area;
It’s possible now to return to the ruined temple in the prologue after you jumped across the chasm.

Added a tooltip for hospital’s progress bar in tactical combat;
Defence banner could turn red, even if demons weren’t attacking your forts - fixed;
Initial power of the Generals has been increased;
Swords of Gorum project could be received multiple times - fixed; if the Swords of Gorum project was being resolved at the moment of the patch application - it will be resolved automatically;
Quests that required waiting in auto crusade mode now have information about the time of waiting;
Tutorial in tactical battles have been fixed;
Wenduag used to appear in the throne room during the military council, when she shouldn’t have - fixed;
Damage of all Ranger's trap abilities has been moderately increased;
Cards of the finished projects used to remain on the right with an exclamation mark, until you open them. Now after the project is complete, the card will be automatically opened to inform you that the project is done, then go away;
After choosing a decision in an event, the card would close without showing the outcome - fixed;
Indication whether it’s possible or not to start an event wasn’t changing over time - fixed;
Fixed a visual bug with a boulder in tactical battle;
Tooltips have been added for the damage done by the abilities of Generals and troops.

Classes & Mechanics
Sometimes archers changed the target chosen by the player and started to attack someone else - fixed;
Numerous swarms could crawl over the same character - fixed;
Parameters of rat swarms and locusts swarms have been tweaked;
Animal Companion was present in the Group Manager window - fixed;
Death of the main character didn’t count as a game over sometimes - fixed;
Enemy's illusionists could cast colour spray on their allies - fixed;
Mounted effect didn't dispel after the rest, hence mounting lagged. Resolution: now it dispels;
Some Animal Companions' attacks were missing - fixed;
If you retrained a Kitsune and chose another race, you could still have a Kitsune Bite - fixed;
Vital Strike now works with ranged weapons;
Followers of Godclaw weren't able to pick positive or negative channel ability - fixed;
Mythics Legend's Corruption Resistance didn't work - fixed;
Velociraptor animal companion's talons were dealing 1d3 damage instead of 1d6 - fixed;
Mythic classes were losing ability to use mythic summons after gaining Mythic rank 3 - fixed.

Turn-based mode
When skipping a turn, tooltips could get stuck - fixed.

Robe of Transmutation could be equipped only in the Armor slot, not the Shirt slot. Resolution: fixed, if it was equipped - don't forget to equip it again, as it will be unequipped after the patch, and put into the inventory;
The Signet of House Vespertilio disappeared after 1 use. Resolution: it no longer disappears. If it is no longer in your inventory after you've built a bridge on Kenabres square - it will reappear in your inventory;
Wrath of the Undead aura was affecting neutral units - fixed;
Estoc of Purity didn't have cold iron quality - fixed;
Light Crossbow of Oracle's Misery effects didn't have any descriptions - fixed;
The Hat of Heartening Song didn't have an icon - fixed;
Mantle of Night didn't work as intended - fixed.

User Interfaces
Fixed some SPOILER companion's UI story updates not working;
Auto-cast spells were getting disabled after loading a save - fixed;
Added an option to move the camera with the middle mouse button on the global map, and on the local map (while holding Alt);
Some Mythic Paths had empty prerequisites - fixed;
Improved the visual of tridents;
After deleting all saved games, the "Continue" button in the main menu could still be pressed - fixed;
Previously looted corpses with some loot left on them did not save their "loot was checked" status - fixed;
The combat log no longer reverts to its initial size after reloading;
During character creation it wasn’t possible to customize the human shape of kitsune - fixed;
Voice settings were reset after going back and then returning to the voice selection - fixed;
During character retraining, it was impossible to select the same portrait you’ve been using before - fixed;
Vendor inventory would stop working correctly in some cases - fixed;
Some weapon enchantment effects stay in the inventory window after character is changed - fixed;
Mythic Angel’s description was missing in the UI - fixed;
In character creator it was possible to change the race of a pre-generated character - fixed;
The intention lines didn’t work correctly in battles - fixed;
Spells blinked while switching toggle "Possible spells" in the spellbook - fixed;
The names of settings tabs were displayed incorrectly after saving the changes - fixed;
Combat log wasn’t clearing after loading a save with a different protagonist - fixed.

Fixed Spark, Memories frozen in time, Prelate's Nemesis achievements;
GOG Only: Updated Galaxy SDK, which should solve Galaxy-related crash issues;
Fixed the issue with the animation of the stretcher-bearers in the first cutscene;
In Mythic Demon’s path: fixed the appearance of Tarshary;
Some slides couldn’t appear in the epilogue - fixed;
Fixed another rare case of crashing to the main menu;
Companions sometimes couldn't take their position during camping - fixed;
Some mongrels still had a wrong race - fixed;
Fixed the issue that led to crashes with Intel GPU (you will get better performance if you run the game in 1366х768 resolution);
Sometimes buffs and status effects on the main character could stay on even after reload - fixed;
Fixed incorrect XP numbers for the checks with very high DC;
Added an auto save right after arriving to Colyphyr Mines;
FIxed Hepzamirah’s weapon appearance during battle.
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9/10/2021 -- 1.0.2g / 1.0.2f

Hot-Fix patch to upgrade to version 1.0.2g (Build 49914) is now available for Windows

Hot-Fix patch to upgrade to version 1.0.2f is now available for MAC

Hot Fix Patch Notes:

We’ve just uploaded a hotfix (1.0.2g for Windows and 1.0.2f for Mac) for the following issues:

Difficulty settings were resetting to default after the 1.0.2e patch - fixed;
It was possible to loot the same corpses multiple times - fixed;
In the crusade mode, the Necromancy effect only spawned the undead units if there were none in your army - fixed.

To arms!
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MAC Users - Version 1.0.2f is finally available in the downloads section.

Critical known issue.

Crusaders! An important announcement:
We are now working on an issue that turned out to be really serious and the fix deeply affected the internal structure of the game. Please note that if you saved after using respec in Act II or further, your saved game may remain corrupted, potentially blocking your playthrough. Mythic Demon and Lich are the most affected by this problem. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused, and strongly recommend reverting back to a save made before respeccing.

Please stay away from the respec function up until the next patch. The problem will be gone then.
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Pathfinder:WotR has been updated to Version 1.0.3c (Build 50006) Available via Galaxy GoG updater.

Will post again when it is available for Download from the files section.

Be advised, this is a 1.4 GB update file.....

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: update 1.0.3c patch notes

Known issues

In chapter 5 don’t skip the scene of getting a Mythic level, it may break the game;
Re-training your character will break late game Mythic Paths, such as Legend, Gold Dragon, Swarm-that-Walks, a secret path;
Sometimes opening a UI which pauses the game, such as level up screen, may pause the game even after. Workaround: open and close the inventory if it happens;
Characters on a secret mythic path, who have already taken mythic ranks in it, won't be able to get mythic feats or abilities from previous mythic ranks of that mythic path.


Deep-Rooted Derangement could break if you skipped the cut-scene which started it - fixed;
Fixed the infinite XP gain in the dialogue with Thaberdine;
The second dialogue with Nulkineth could start more than once - fixed;
The logics in the dialogue with Toil in Ember's quest in chapter 5 has been fixed;
The logics in the dialogue with Melies in chapter 5 has been fixed;
A romantic event with Galfrey from the 3rd chapter could start in chapter 5 - fixed;
Fixed inability to complete the Grudges to Settle quest if you kill Chivarro before talking to Herrax;
Sometimes Arueshalae refused to talk even after leaving the prison - fixed;
Anevia in chapter 5 now properly recognizes whether the player remained the Commander in chapter 3 or not;
A cutscene in the end of Death's Embrace sometimes didn’t start - fixed;
Fixed an error which could give a wrong objective related to the Prisoner of the Abyss quest after talking to Sosiel;
A cut-scene with Azata’s Free Crusaders could freeze in Midnight Fane - fixed;
Sometimes Days of Strife wouldn’t fail after finishing chapter 1;
From a Dead Woman's Hands: in some cases it was impossible to call Sosiel to talk with Paralictor Aminos Renth in Drezen - fixed;
A Conversation with Halaseliax sometimes didn’t start after Dragon's Awakening - fixed;
Above the Clouds: it was possible to get an objective to speak to Desnans about music too early. Fixed. If you already got the objective, just wait until the time is right for this dialogue to trigger;
In some cases after Azata’s battle at Flesh Markets, a conversation with Rhamisa wouldn’t start - fixed;
A cut-scene with Rhamisa could trigger twice, if you went into her hideout again - fixed;
A romantic scene with Galfrey didn’t start before Midnight Fane - fixed;
Dragon's Awakening: Halaseliax could stay in Drezen while he was supposed to leave fore Kenabres - fixed;
Fighting against your previous companions on some difficulties resulted in their resurrection after fight - fixed;
In chapter 1, if, after scouting the Tower of Estrod, you failed to report to Irabeth before the attack on the tavern started, this objective wouldn’t be completed - fixed. You will receive another objective;
Fixed replies in the dialogue with Nocticula during Demon’s quest in chapter 5.


Killing (and looting) Seelah in Molten Scar would break the game later on. Fixed for new games, but an already affected playthrough requires loading an earlier save;
Iz: visiting the place of the boss fight before the boss arrives would make it impossible to start the dialogue later - fixed;
Fixed Azata’s navigation issues in Drezen;
Some players couldn’t enter Hellknights Outpost in chapter 5 - fixed;
Sometimes saving during the scene of breaking the gates in Drezen would break it - fixed;
Terrain in some areas could be entirely black - fixed;
A stinky passage from the lair of the Fulsome Queen unto the mines of Colyphyr wouldn’t appear - fixed.
Cutscenes in the Drezen Citadel could fail to start sometimes - fixed;
Fixed some issues which prevented talking to companions in Nexus;
Lost Chapel: a fight with ghouls sometime wouldn’t start if you kill a cultist by the gates too quickly - fixed;
Fixed an incorrect Mobility check in Midnight Fane.


Stronghold now takes 2x2 instead of 1x1 cells;
Mouse cursor could get stuck if you had a spell selected and hovered over the combat log resize - fixed;.
The Economy tab was working incorrectly - fixed;
A Dragon's Advice event didn’t trigger in Drezen - fixed;
The initial attributes of the Generals were fixed;
Generals' ability Elemental Weapon did not work on ranged attacks - fixed;
Damage of all Ranger's Trap abilities has been moderately increased;
Added an indicator for the recruitment button, when new units are available for recruitment.

Classes & Mechanics

Order of the Gate Hellknights were getting wrong abilities before level 9 - fixed;
Battle Meditation mythic ability was not appearing in the ability list - fixed;
Death of any companion from Negative Levels with enabled option "Dead companions rise after combat" would cause the game to freeze/crash when combat ends - fixed;
Arcane Enforcer couldn’t select the Full Reservoir mythic ability - fixed;
Magus’ Spellstrike ability wasn't working correctly with reach weapons if the target wasn't in touch range - fixed;
Bolstered Metamagic added 2 damage per Caster Level, instead of 2 damage per damage die - fixed;
Mythic Lich was not becoming a true undead creature. Resolution: Killed him to undeath;
In some instances during Aeons playthrough some enemies could revive themselves indefinitely - fixed;
Intimidating Display could disappear - fixed;
Eyes of the Bodak spell no longer can kill NPCs in cities;
Gold Dragon’s Perfect Mind ability didn’t provide some of the bonuses stated in the description - fixed;
Swarm-that-Walks got fatigued instead of gaining the immunity to fatigue - fixed;
Some abilities no longer keep giving bonuses after retraining;
Fixed favorite class HP bonus;
Alchemist Incense Fog didn't work correctly - fixed;
Hagbound Witch could start dealing 0 damage with any weapon - fixed;
Your character couldn’t attack enemies in some cases - fixed;
Ability Mount Companion didn’t have a description - fixed;
Vampiric Touch and Vampiric Shurikens didn't work correctly - fixed;
Ice Storm's slowing effect didn't work - fixed;
Favored Enemy - Flying and Favored Enemy - Large didn't work - fixed;
Velociraptor animal companion's talons were dealing 1d3 damage instead of 1d6 - fixed;
Emergency Help ability was not properly targeting wounded allies - fixed;
Weapons, included in different weapon training groups, sometimes didn't receive appropriate bonuses - fixed.

Turn-based mode

Prediction panel in TBM was mistakenly showing Spell Combat attack as possible in cases where it wasn't (e.g. when the character was using a two-handed weapon) - fixed;
TBM did not work in some places with moving/appearing objects - fixed;
Charge ability was getting interrupted randomly before starting - fixed.


The attack bonus from Dead Bough's scorches stacked multiple times - fixed;
The Triceratops Statuette took away the ability to mount - fixed;
Tankard of Free Spirit didn't summon anything if the owner's level was below 7 - fixed;
Victims' Madness didn't have a description - fixed;
Bane spell granted by Unholy Signet had a wrong DC - fixed;
Red Dragon Helmet didn't display on the characters - fixed;
In the Numerian dungeon you could loot a weapon without a name or description. It has name and description, though you can't equip it;
Unending Distortion didn't work - fixed;
Francest's Charming Voice and Francest's Mighty Call now display proper mechanical description.

User Interfaces

In auto-crusade mode, it was impossible to move on the global map sometimes - fixed;
Completing Camellia's quest in chapter 5 didn't always provide an update to her story in the UI - fixed;
Fixed the issue with targeting spells on the portraits of the characters;
Inventory and Character sheet were empty in some cases - fixed;
Head slot is available for animal companions from now on;
Parts of character could turn white when switching a headgear or equipped items several times rapidly - fixed;
Fixed the wrong marker for the Grudges to Settle quest on the map of Alushinyrra;
Added tooltips for the menu bar buttons that were missing them.


Dead characters sometimes continued to play sounds - fixed;
Burning houses in Kenabres stopped playing sound effects after saving and loading again - fixed.


Fixed a bug when after a minotaur's death, it's flail was floating in the air;
Fixed the achievements Truly Important Deed, Get the Toad;
Fixed the fight in the Arendae Party House - your party no longer starts the combat flat-footed;
Fixed some crashes related to particle effects;
Fixed the game hanging instead of returning to the main menu when you complete it;
Fixed the visual of Mythic Lich;
Added a character retrain interface. Now you can’t interrupt retraining anymore;
Fix the Dominate Person effect on main character;
Fixed the issue with the animation of the Master Backstabber ability.

If you find anymore bugs, please remember to use Alt + B in game where the problem is, to send a bug report to the Dev's for review.
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Version 1.0.3c (Build 50006) is now available for windows offline download, in the download section for GoG

MAC update has not been uploaded to the files section as of yet.
pen311: 9/14/2021

Version 1.0.3c (Build 50006) is now available for windows offline download, in the download section for GoG

MAC update has not been uploaded to the files section as of yet.
The file shows only 1.4 GB and not the 7.84 GB you mentioned. Is that right?