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Patch Notes 1.2.0aa:547 Part 5 of 5

Turn-based mode

- A portrait has been added for Deep Shadow Demon.


- Belt of Bloodlust applied morale bonus for the incorrect duration - fixed;

- Boots of Freest Rein didn't apply bonus speed - fixed;

- Clasp of Death belt is now a robe;

- Fencer's Gift wrongly applied bonus damage to both weapons when dual wielding - fixed;

- Feral Raider didn't work correctly - fixed:

- Fixed an issue when Menace of Death immediately applied unable to attack condition along with Haste;

- Flowing Half-Plate didn't apply the stated bonuses - fixed;

- Master Fencer's Sword applied incorrect bonus on damage rolls - fixed;

- Robe of Virtue didn't apply the stated bonus to AC against evil enemies - fixed;

- Rushlight didn't have the stated "radiant" enchantment - fixed;

- Savage Unity didn't work correctly - fixed;

- Sickle of Wicked Rites granted stackable bonuses if used against ally - fixed, old bonuses removed.

- Staff of Order didn't apply the Axiomatic quality properly - fixed;

- The description of Angel's Heart had a typo - fixed;

- Twisted Temptation didn't work correctly - fixed;

- Weapons and belts used to scale incorrectly if equipped when your character was changing size - fixed.


- Abilities, gained from items, displayed as gained from level up - fixed;

- An expanded tooltip could not be closed using the X button - fixed;

- Crane Style in summary had a different icon than in selection phase - fixed;

- Fixed the issue with the "Show headgear" option in the inventory not affecting headbands;

- Fixed the layout for the duration of buffs in character screen;

- Fixed the size of a tick swarm;

- Improved the display of Areelu Vorlesh abilities in the inspect window during the battle with her;

- Improved the visual of Enchantment and Necromancy cones;

- In vendor UI the names of some items and the price overlapped - fixed;

- In vendor UI the number or items looked different in different slot types - fixed;

- Now when you sell items, 1 click moves the whole stack to the selling zone. Double click no longer opens a window to select the number of items. Meanwhile, drag and drop or a click with Shift will open the window to select the number of items. Selecting items from vendor's inventory works in a similar way, except a single click selects only 1 item, not the whole stack;

- Splitting items in the loot window worked incorrectly - fixed;

- The state of "Rest for the recommended period" checkbox is now saved between rests;

- When an equipment slot was locked, the corresponding items weren't marked as unfit for this character - fixed;

- When hovering over an interactive area on the map, no text appeared - fixed;

- When you remove the scroll from the crafting window, the needed components won't be showing anymore.


- Added more voiced party banters (romance, birthday, and some of the rest);

- Added music and Arueshalae's singing to the scene at Dimalchio's mansion;

- Added sound effects for General's Good Hope ability;

- Added sounds to the broken computer;

- Audio mix for units and spells in tactical combat got a bit better;

- Buttons didn't have sounds in the tutorial - fixed;

- Hover and click sounds have been added to the tactical combat mode;

- Improved the sounds of the mythic cutscenes in chapter 5, during the battle for Drezen;

- Regill's speech was too quiet sometimes - we made him speak a bit more loudly;

- Replaced a wrong voice file in one of Queen Galfrey's romance events;

- Some army units had wrong voice banks - fixed;

- Sometimes people in the Blackwing Library kept screaming even after being rescued - fixed;

- The guy from crevice in Leper's Smile didn't stop crying after being saved sometimes - fixed;

- The item split window didn't have sounds - fixed.


- A dialogue with the Harem of Ardent Dreams guardian could end up with a spontaneous teleportation - fixed;

- After depleting all the charges in a rod, it was possible to use it once more - fixed;

- After loading a save near the camp or teleporting to it on the global map, the party still gained corruption while resting - fixed;

- AoE effects after battles with Darrazand and Baphomet will be dispelled now;

- Arueshalae finally learnt how to properly ride a triceratops (we are so proud of her!);

- Blood wasn't displayed on animal companions in inventory - fixed;

- Changed the visual of Mythic Aeon;

- Combat log will now update when a character is taking damage or restores health while on global map;

- Dismemberment animations no longer break scripts;

- During the beta, companions could get Azata or Aeon powers - fixed;

- Fixed a freezing of Regnard's attack scene on the skeleton king;

- Fixed companions disappearing from the roster in some rare cases;

- Fixed incorrect appearance of dragon Halaseliax;

- Fixed some visual bugs with the rapier weapon;

- Fixed the dark tent issue on macOS;

- Fixed the effects of falling down for some enemies;

- Fixed the game freezing on macOS if there are issues with settings file;

- Fixed the issue when Tiefling's tail fell through the floor;

- Fixed the issue which prevented the Masterful Dispel achievement from unlocking;

- Fixed the issues with Aeon's visuals;

- Fixed the missing character model in character creation;

- Fixed the mounting animation, when both horses and riders were under the effect of Legendary Proportions;

- Fixed the position of Fortune's Temper on the characters;

- Fixed the position of longsword on characters;

- Fixed the rider's animation when riding Aivu;

- Fixed various non-critical errors during the loading of the game:

- Gnome eyebrows had issues with coloring - fixed;

- Improved camera position in the dialogue with Deskari;

- Improved the speed of scrolling of the group members, both with the button and the mouse wheel;

- It was impossible to unlock the Truly Important Deed achievement in case of skipping the cutscene in the mansion - fixed;

- Potions on Greybor's belt were too large for him - fixed;

- Saving was slower during beta - now it's back to its regular speed;

- Some mounted animation works correctly now when the rider needs to move their arms;

- Sometimes wings and tails were visible on invisible monsters - fixed;

- Summoned creatures now save correctly;

- The camera takes the correct position after loading the game;

- Updated loading screen hints;

- We added a notification that a special item is needed, if you can't interface with the teleports on the map of Alushinyrra (that is if you don't have a coin for the portals);

- We removed the corpses of summoned creatures;

- When making a mercenary with an animal companion, the animal didn't appear in warcamp or the capital - fixed;

- When skipping cutscenes with shaking camera, the shaking could persist sometimes - fixed;

- When trying to use Swarm Clone while the size of the Swarm is less than 1, the player could get a warning "condition hasn't been met :;," - the description has been improved;

- Angel's halo is now visible in the mythic path selection window;

- Fixed the wings of mythic commanders.

************************* The End of the patch notes for v1.2.0aa build 547 ***************************
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Hot-Fix Patch released for game and DLC version 1.2.0af build 553

Windows patch and game install files available in the offline downloads and via GoG Galaxy and Extras file section.

Update 1.2.0af: build 553


A hot-fix 1.2.0af build 553 is available now.

Known issues:

- Companions in the Inevitable Excess DLC can’t be retrained if you got them not from an imported save.


- The screen went black when the party was attacked during rest - partially fixed; the bug happens much rarely now, and will be fixed fully in one of the nearest patches;

- Some mythic paths were getting incorrect companions in Inevitable Excess - fixed;

- Minor changes to Camelia's auto leveling in the Inevitable Excess DLC.

End of Patch Notes for v1.2.0af build 553
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Update 1.2.1g :Build 563

Windows version is available via GoG Galaxy...

As of this post, it is not yeat available for offline download or via patch file update..


A new patch 1.2.1g: Build 563 is out now! It contains new content and fixes for the Inevitable Excess DLC and changes for the main campaign as well.


Epilogues of the Inevitable Excess DLC have been improved. Lich, Demon and Azata got additional content;
You should be able to retrain your companions in the DLC now;
In the crusade mode it will be easier to increase the Leadership stat;
We’ve fixed the issue with loading some older saves. It was reported by macOS players, but could happen in the Windows version too;
It should be possible to pass through the doors in turn-based mode now.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


Captain Seilkind sometimes could disappear from Mineshaft Fourteen - fixed;
During the 4th visit of Socothbenoth, it was possible to pick some answers twice - fixed;
In Inevitable Excess DLC the epilogue has been enhanced and improved;
In Inevitable Excess DLC, a new content has been added for the Lich mythic path. Also mythic Lich can get a special reward in the main campaign, after importing a final save from the DLC into the 5th chapter;
In Inevitable Excess DLC, a note has been added to the journal that Valmallos will contact you himself when the time is right;
In Inevitable Excess DLC, Azata and Demon mythic paths got special new dialogue options;
In Inevitable Excess DLC, Devarra incorrectly reacted to the decisions made by the commander regarding her progeny - fixed;
In Inevitable Excess DLC, when using a special Trickster option in Deal with Shamira quest, it was impossible to complete the quest and move between the areas - fixed;
In Inevitable Excess DLC, Zacharius reacted to a mythic Lich character incorrectly - fixed;
In Inevitable Excess DLC, Lariel incorrectly reacted to mythic Angel - fixed;
In Inevitable Excess DLC there are more places to look for the ingredients for Thaberdine's elixir now;
Morevet didn't return to the brothel after her quest was successfully completed - fixed;
Seelah stopped rolling fortitude checks for everyone during the drinking contest;
We added a warning regarding a point of no return in the Inevitable Excess DLC, when entering Valmallos' Threshold.


At Wedding Meadow a skeleton could appear as an interactive object even when it wasn't possible to interact with it (if you have already found the bone for the dog) - fixed;
At Wedding Meadow, some objects could become transparent near player's characters - fixed;
During the council board meetings in Drezen, Daeran now will be indoors;
Fixed an issue in the Extirpators' Camp, where it was possible to glance beyond the edge of the map;
Fixed the lighting in Mage's Tower;
Fixed the lighting on the prison building in Drezen;
Hepzamirah and Shamira didn't return to Fleshmarket on time - fixed;
In Ineluctable Prison some teleportation abilities could still work - fixed;
In Inevitable Excess DLC, a female shaman in Iz had a wrong name - fixed;
In Inevitable Excess DLC, a puzzle has been removed from the entrance to the final dungeon;
In the 5th chapter, after returning to Midnight Fane, when transferring into the caves, the party could get stuck outside of the area, which blocked the progress - fixed. If you encountered this issue already, you will need to either load an earlier save, or use a rope, which will teleport the party back together;
Optimization of the Enigma area has been improved;
Seelah's animal companion was in the wrong place in the Crusader's Camp - fixed;
Some companions could speak from the darkness in Drezen - fixed.


Agony had incorrect description - fixed;
Bestow Curse didn't work correctly - fixed;
Damage of Ghlaunder Knights has been significantly increased;
Damage of Grave Knights has been moderately increased;
Damage of Infernal Infantry has been moderately increased;
Demonic Lullaby had zero spell slots - fixed;
Demon's choice in Nightmares event didn't work even if the player had the Demon mythic path - fixed;
Dominate has been renamed to Charm. New Dominate is a unique Asmodean Clerics' ability similar to Charm with an extra DC;
Drake Poison event now gives Poison ranks correctly;
Enervation (global spell) now works according to its description;
Freezing didn't work correctly - fixed;
Military Tribunal project was available to everyone, instead of those who fulfilled the necessary requirements - fixed;
Reduced the amount of experience required to get the Leadership rank up;
Some enemies had incorrect portraits in tactical combat initiative row - fixed;
Summon Steeds (Mastodons) now summons 4 Mastodons instead of 1;
Vescavor Swarm now has a spell power stat;
Visual effect of Sleep will be depicted correctly now.

Classes & Mechanics

Aeon Gaze will no longer work on enemies with echolocation, thoughtsense and blindsight, because it is gaze;
After fighting Areshkagal, the effects from the arena traps could remain on the player's characters - fixed;
Ambush status effect didn't help against Frightful Presence - fixed;
Assassin's Poison Use had incorrect DC values - fixed;
Burning Hands (Acid), Burning Hands (Cold), Burning Hands (Electricity), Scorching Ray (Acid), Scorching Ray (Cold) and Scorching Ray (Electricity) worked incorrectly with metamagic feats - fixed;
Enforcing Gaze — Save DC had an incorrect effect on the enemies - fixed;
Enlightened Philosopher's mysteries didn't add the class skills - fixed;
Erastil's Blessing didn't have a description - fixed;
Freedom of Movement and Crusader's Edge worked incorrectly with extended metamagic - fixed;
Greater Warpwave in Inevitable Excess worked incorrectly - fixed;
In Inevitable Excess DLC enemies have been weakened for Story and Casual difficulties;
In Inevitable Excess DLC, the reward effects could be lost upon death - fixed;
It was impossible to retrain the Skeletal Fighter companion - fixed;
Ki Power: Wholeness of Body healed an incorrect number of HP - fixed;
Lord Beyond the Grave used to give bonuses to Lich - fixed;
Paralyzed condition was permanent even if the option to remove negative effects after combat was turned on - fixed;
Trickster's Breath of Money ability didn't work correctly - fixed;
Trickster's Stat Focus wasn't visible during feat selection after you got Perception 2 rank - fixed;
When starting Inevitable Excess DLC, Daeran had all aasimar heritages at once - fixed;
Witch Doctor shaman didn't have descriptions for the Counter Curse spells - fixed.

Turn-based mode

Fixed another case of units not being able to pass through the doors in turn-based mode.


Call of the Fiery Things didn't have a description - fixed.


Companions, which remained in another area, stopped being visible when pressing Tab;
Deep Shadow of Frost attacked allies - fixed;
Fixed a number of performance issues caused by a memory leak;
Fixed an animation for a particularly bushy dwarven beard;
Fixed an error, which prevented you from asking Lann about his enmity towards Andoran;
Fixed the conditions for one of the epilogue pages dedicated to kenabres;
Fixed the loading of some older saves:
Fixed the size and the position of Warhammer of Obstinacy in character's hand;
Improved the visual of the Ice Storm spell;
Improved the visual of the Stone Call spell;
In some cases it was impossible to retrain the companions when playing the Inevitable Excess DLC - fixed;
Missing companions should return under player's control.

************** End of Patch Notes for version 1.2.1g Build 563 ***************
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pen311: Update 1.2.1g

Windows version is available via GoG Galaxy...

As of this post, it is not yeat available for offline download or via patch file update..
It is now available for offline download and patch.

Unfortunately, it seems that a bug involving spontaneous spellbook merging with angel/lich patch, which is keeping me from starting a serious playthrough of the game, still hasn't been fixed.

Hot-Fix patch to game version 1.2.1h is now available!


We’ve released a hot-fix 1.2.1h. It takes care of the following issues:

In some cases your companions could disappear never to be seen again, when they were not supposed to do it - fixed. However, if you have experienced such a disappearance already, you may need to load an earlier save, before that happened. For example, if Nenio disappeared when you entered the Lost Chapel area, you will need a save before you entered Lost Chapel;

- When you saved and reloaded, corpses could disappear along with the loot, including the quest items - fixed;

- Sometimes enemies in random encounters were too strong for your level - fixed.

************** End of Patch Notes for version 1.2.1h Build 566 ***************
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Update 1.2.2a


A new patch 1.2.2a has arrived!

Known issue: We were getting reports about an issue with the spell progression when merging the spellbook of an oracle with Angel’s. It currently works correctly, giving you oracle spells based on your oracle caster level on non-mythic level up, and giving you mythic spells from the summed-up caster level on mythic level up. Earlier, before we fixed oracle's spellbook merging, you were getting oracle spells based on the summed-up caster level, but not the mythic spells. We will update the description of the merged book in one of the nearest patches for more clarity.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


- Companions could be missing from the council before the siege of Drezen. Again. We've dragged them back, once more.

Classes & Mechanics

- Character creation for a Devil character has been fixed in the DLC;

- Inevitable Fate ability could be used more than once per day — fixed;

- Newly created Swarm That Walks started with the 0 swarm size — fixed;

- The Anomaly Distortion effects in the DLC now disappear after the combat ends;

- The Inevitable Fate ability now works correctly with healing spells;

- Trickster's Persuasion 3 rank could ruin some boss encounters, making them unbeatable — fixed.


- Daeran is no longer immortal now, so be careful with what you do with him;

- The game was asking to choose a save to import from the Inevitable Excess DLC campaign, when there was only one appropriate save — fixed.

******************** End of Patch Notes for update v1.2.2a *********************

Update 1.3.0k

Now available via Windows GoG Galaxy and in the Offline Download game installers and game update patch.


A new patch 1.3.0k is here!


Interacting with the puzzle elements during the “Secrets of Creation” quest should be more comfortable now;
Breaking out of the Icy Prison got easier;
We’ve clarified the descriptions of some mythic abilities;
Treat Affliction requires consumables now—look for the First Aid kits!
Covenant of the Inheritor got the useful properties it was supposed to have, and stopped turning off all the time;
In the end of the Inevitable Excess DLC, you will see new epilogue slides and hear the narrator!
We optimized a number of visual effects, which should help the performance.

********************* Mod Users *******************

if you use mods, please update them before you start playing the game! Mods that worked fine with earlier versions may break your game after the game updates.

*************************************************** Version 1.3.0k Changelog - Patch Info **************************

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


Changed the mechanics of interaction with puzzle elements and art for "The Secrets of Creation" quest;
Completing the Storyteller's quest (gathering elven pages) now provides proper reward;
Fixed an issue when Yozz couldn't be found in Drezen;
In Ineluctable Prison, it was possible to ask the warden about the quest sword, even if you didn't have that quest in your journal – fixed;
In the lair of the Spinner of Nightmares in Inevitable Excess, you can no longer ask the illusions how to find Lourry, if you have already found her;
In the Shrine of the Three objectives to examine the altar, the statues, and the water source didn't complete – fixed;
Killing the Storyteller in the DLC, after completing his quest, increased the level of Order in the world – fixed;
Minor improvements in the dialogue with Zeklex;
Trever now reacts if the Lich kills Sosiel;
Under some conditions, special Azata and Demon options were not available in the final dialogue of the DLC – fixed;
Fixed an error in a dialogue with Hilor in Drezen;
Fixed an error in the dialogue with Yozz in Drezen in chapter 5;
Fixed the issues with Nurah in the Borrowed Dreams quest;
In some cases, the finale of the Battlebliss quest didn't work correctly, and Irmangaleth didn't kill Zeklex - fixed, now they will be killing each other properly;
Killing Ramien did not fail the Starward Gaze quest, and dragged it through the whole game – fixed;
The difficulty of skill checks in the second Seelah's quest has been increased to match the overall difficulty of the second half of the 3rd chapter;
We added the possibility to improve Radiance with the scabbard made by Joran Vhane for the cases when you left the sword in your personal chest before meeting him. For those who have missed this upgrade, it will be applied retroactively if you haven't gone to Midnight Fane yet.


A number of texts have been added in the 4th chapter;
After exiting and entering Blackwater once more, the dialogue with the defeated chief could start again – fixed;
Artisan's Tower wasn't marked as visited after you explored it – fixed;
At the Enigma final arena, enemies could fall under the floor – fixed;
Berenguer didn't depart from Drezen after the change of mythic path in chapter 5 – fixed;
During Daeran's party in the Heaven's Edge estate, perception checks will be rolled only by the player's character now. After the party you can search the estate with your companions though;
Fixed a tooltip for the chest in the Wedding Meadow location;
Fixed an error, because of which Laulieh didn't appear in the capital;
Fixed the battle behavior for Svendack, the priestess from Ineluctable Prison;
Fixed the crevice in the walls in Shield Maze;
Fixed the dissolving into transparency of the walls under the characters in Drezen;
Fixed the encumbrance issue while trying to solve the Sacred Lands puzzle;
Fixed the floor becoming transparent in the Enigma;
Fixed the issue, because of which in some cases events failed to start in the capital;
Fixed the multicolored ray of light from the windows in Gray Garrison;
Fixed the passability issues in Threshold and Valmallos' Threshold;
In Gray Garrison, Irabeth and Staunton will now join the fight for the Wardstone against Minagho;
Liotr's lines in Drezen were displayed as Commander's – fixed;
Nenio could participate in conversation in Enigma, even if she was abducted by demonic forces – fixed;
Ravaged Long House didn't have a terrain type – fixed;
We've added an option to attempt to smoke Greybor's pipe during the dialogue with him in Threshold. All commanders can do it, except the Lich. Liches support healthy lifestyle!
You can no longer shoot through the walls in Blackwater, sorry;
During Drezen Siege, the crusaders on the right side of the ram are handling it correctly now;
Trickster path's explosion in Gray Garrison now kills everyone in the room instead of just dealing damage;
Companions, which are not present in the active party, will no longer join the fight for Defender's Heart;
Fixed a cutscene at Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery;
Fixed the hole in the Chilly Creek location;
Fixed the lighting in Blackwing Library;
Fixed the position of characters in Midnight Fane in chapter 5;
Fixed the positioning of NPCs in Drezen's temple;
Fixed the shadows on candles in Gwerm's Mansion;
Fixed the spots of incorrect camp positioning in Iz;
Fixed transparency of the walls that were blocking camera view in Iz;
In Crusader's Camp, before the attack on Drezen, missing companions could appear at the council (for example, Wenduag, if you chose Lann in the prologue) – fixed;
In Midnight Fane enemies could attack through the closed door – fixed;
In Threshold sometimes you couldn't see the characters behind the wall – fixed;
We forced the flying tents at Wedding Meadow to land.


Daring Strike, Bestow Wrath, Mighty Tempest and Ambush damage has been significantly increased;
Devoured Souls didn't work correctly – fixed;
General’s skill "Guardian of the Young Country" now has a description and a correct name;
Gold Dragons now have correct portraits;
The effect of Infernal Might has been increased;
It's possible to build a Fighting Pit in Drezen now;
The event card "Yet Another Stupid Advice" for Trickster's rank-up didn't disappear after the dialogue in the throne room – fixed.

************** End of Patch / update notes part 1 of 2 for version 1.3.0k **************
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***************** Update / Patch Notes part 2 of 2 for version 1.3.0k ****************

Classes & Mechanics

Changed difficulty for the Icy Prison effect. A Strength check has been replaced with a Fortitude save to increase the chance to break free;
Corrupted Hand of the Inheritor had a wrong alignment – fixed;
Dispel Magic could dispel auras – fixed;
Disrupting Weapon spell can now be subjected to metamagic;
Divine Fortune had an incorrect description – fixed;
Erastil's Blessing effect didn't have a description – fixed;
Fast healing effect didn't have a description – fixed;
Finger of Death has a correct description now;
Firebrand didn't grant vulnerability to some spells – fixed;
Fixed the description of Force Reality in Russian localization;
Fixed the error in Shaman's Wind spirit ability description;
Fixed the error in the tooltip for Lore (Nature);
Flame strike dealt half fire damage and full divine. Now it does half fire damage and half divine;
Greater Command has a proper description now;
Improved Hex ability didn't have a name – fixed;
Ki Power: Quivering Palm requires an attack, but it wasn't noted in the description – fixed;
Kineticist's Elemental Overflow now shows in class progression;
Life Bubble spell had an incorrect range type – fixed;
Powerful Charge ability didn't have a description – fixed;
Removed slings from the list of weapons for the Mwangi hunter background, as this item doesn't exist in the game;
Shaman's Intimidating Display and Hex no longer disappear when the character leaves the party;
Slayers could pick uncanny dodge twice in the talents – fixed;
Taolynn, pre-generated cavalier character, had an issue with bonus feat selection – fixed;
The DC for most mythic abilities now is 10 + half character level + mythic rank + max ability modifier;
The description of Aeon's Power Of Law ability has been clarified;
The description of Dispel Magic, Greater has been updated;
The description of Finnean's +3 form has been corrected;
The description of Mwangi Hunter background has been updated;
The description of Perfect Strike ability has been updated;
The description of Shroud of Water ability has been clarified;
The descriptions for Aeon's gazes have been updated;
The descriptions of some Mythic abilities have been clarified;
The stats and combat abilities of Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail II of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune were fixed and improved;
Trickster's mythic feats have been removed from Loremaster's feat selection;
Unarmed Strike progression for Monks could work incorrectly – fixed;
Fixed the way Midnight Bolt worked with Vital Strike;
The Second Chance blade used to lose only one stack of its attack bonus buff on hit, and didn't lose its buff after the fight – now its buff will be completely removed on successful hit and after the fight;
The Warden's Circlet's ability didn't have a name and description – fixed;
Vendors now sell First Aid Kits to use with the Treat Affliction ability;
In case of merging the mythic spellbook and a spellbook of a spontaneous caster, the character now gets an independent progression of known spells in mythic rank ups.

Turn-based mode

Fixed another case of units not being able to pass through the doors in turn-based mode;
Various optimizations for the turn-based mode;
It was impossible to walk through open doors in turn-based mode at the locations which consisted of many parts, after fighting in one area part and then transitioning to another and starting a combat there – fixed.


Coif texture has been fixed;
A musician didn't have a flute while the animation was playing – fixed;
Fixed the issue with the cloaks on female dwarves;
Fixed the T-poses for corpses after loading a save;
Improved the visual effect of the Gold Dragon breath attack;
One-Eyed Devil has grown his tail back;
Sometimes hostile halflings had weapons too big for them – fixed.


Added a description for Horns of Naraga;
Corrected the name of Blitz Cut;
Covenant of the Inheritor was missing good-aligned and cold iron properties, and deactivated on rest or transition between locations – fixed;
Fixed the position of Thundering Burst Dueling Sword +3 scabbards;
Fixed the texture issue with the Talion Keeper shield;
Flawless Bracers of Armor +9 now have spell resistance 32 instead of 19;
Flawless Cloak of Resistance +7 now protects from temporary negative level properly;
The Covenant of the Inheritor's buff was displayed twice and removed on rest – fixed;
The description of Honorable Judgement has been fixed;
The Promise of Power ability, granted by Stevanius's Ring, had an incorrect type of action to activate – fixed;
The Seal of Madness used to petrify enemies, instantly killing them – fixed.


Baphomet had no portrait in turn-based mode – fixed;
A character's health was only visible when hovering over that character – fixed;
A character's model in the UI could stop working correctly after a couple of transitions between the areas – fixed;
Devastator has a portrait in turn-based interface now;
Fixed Finnean in the Inevitable Excess DLC;
Giant Spider now has a portrait in turn-based mode;
Increased the number of slots for the global map spells;
It was impossible to choose a mythic portrait when creating a new character in the Inevitable Excess DLC – fixed;
Minagho got a portrait in turn-based mode UI;
Mythic level up window no longer closes if you still have mythic levels to distribute;
Mythic Schir didn't have a name – fixed;
Some locations with ingredients didn't have names on global map – fixed;
Tick Swarm now has a portrait in turn-based mode;
You can see attributes of the summoned creatures when you inspect them now.


New interchapter screens in the Inevitable Excess DLC got voice-over;
The Mythic Lich players didn't hear additional ambient sounds in Drezen – fixed.


Added a startup.json option ("DisableFogOfWarScissorRect": true), which can solve the black screen issue on some computers with macOS;
Changed the position of Cold Iron Gnome Hooked Hammer in character's hands;
Changed the visuals of Plague storm FX;
Characters are no longer limited by the speed of formation in battle, except when the tank is selected;
Fixed an issue where monsters without loot got the loot after reloading;
Fixed character twitching during character creation;
Fixed incorrect settings on some materials, which lead to missing visual effects;
Fixed missing character modes for some macOS players;
Fixed the cloaks on NPCs;
Fixed the headgear bug for Skeleton Companion;
Fixed the position of a spear in character's hands;
Fixed the position of Blaze of Disaster in character's hands;
Fixed the way characters hold the Divine Protector shield;
Greybor no longer forgets his daughter's name;
Hand of the Inheritor in Nexus restored all the spell slots instead of simply healing the party – fixed;
If a companion died in a pit, there was no body left, and the party couldn't leave the map – fixed;
Improved the visuals of blood mist FX;
Inquisitor's, Oracle's, and Slayer's class headgear could override currently equipped helmet in some cases (i.e., after loading a save)– fixed;
Now it's possible to loot a corpse if it got partially stuck in another object;
On the global map, the dashed line crossed the junction points above them instead of below – fixed;
Optimized the visual effects of some buffs;
Paws of big animal companions no longer fall through the ground in the inventory;
Various improvements and optimization of visual effects;
Xorges' AI now works correctly;
Added new illustrations for the ending slides of the Inevitable Excess DLC: for Azata, Demon, and a general one for other epilogue slides;
Corpses with loot could disappear – fixed;
Fixed camera movements in Alushinyrra Upper City;
Sometimes there were problems with rest and exit after entering a location – fixed;
Sometimes, after getting Trever into the roster, the option in dialogue with Sosiel to expel the brothers from the group was missing – fixed.

*************** End of Patch notes for version 1.3.0k ************************
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*************** Patch notes for version 1.3.1b *******************

Update 1.3.1b

We are here to bring you an update 1.3.1b!

Please verify the integrity of game files if you still have crashes after downloading the patch.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


- Fixed the trigger for Hilor's quest in 5th chapter;

- In one of the book event in the second DLC, the team got attacked by the monster despite having a lookout – fixed;

- In some cases, players on the Demon mythic path could get 2 mythic levels at once instead of one – fixed.


- A cultist could kill Rekarth in the basement – fixed;

- Fixed minor error in mercenaries' cutscenes;

- Fixed the disappearance of Camellia in Drezen. We are helpful, are we not?

- Fixed the navigation in the theater's basement – you can no longer get stuck under the door;

- Minor fixes for the graveyard area in Through the Ashes DLC.


- Fixed the black holes in the terrain at the Graveyard.


- Fixed the white loading screens;

- Mouse cursor returned to its normal size.


- Fixed the crashes on loading on some PC configurations.

************************ End of Update 1.3.1b patch notes *********************

Update 1.3.2c

The update 1.3.2c is here! And the achievements unlock again now!

If you experience any issues after the patch, please try to verify the integrity of game files. And if you use mods, don’t forget to update them.

Known issue: In Areelu’s Lab, the projectors malfunction right now, but Suture will try to fix them in the next update.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!

********************************* Patch Notes for update 1.3.2c ****************************************


Camellia's romance event in chapter 5 still triggered, even if you didn't choose her during the jealousy scene – fixed;
Demon's mythic quest could fail in chapter 5 when it wasn't supposed to – fixed;
Improved the dialogue with the undead Staunton in chapter 5. He will no longer get confused about Minagho's fate, and the dialogue cues for Angel and Lich won't be available for other mythic paths anymore;
In some cases, during the jealousy scene in chapter 5, characters wouldn't react to the player's choice – fixed;
In the Catacombs book event, Frada got less loot from the cavern than Langrat - fixed;
Sometimes, after her quest, Morevet got confused, whether Zerieks was alive or dead. We gave her some meds for her memory;
Wenduag's romance dialogue branch in chapter 5 was available, even you locked yourself out of her romance – fixed;
Ziforian fought against the player and didn't say his line in the dialogue, when he was on the player's side – fixed.


A commoner in the Catacombs stopped yelling their lines while running away from centipedes – fixed;
After the cutscene in the temple, Langrat returned to his place without animation – fixed;
Enemies could attack during the cutscene with Langrat in the temple – fixed;
Fixed camera movements inside the Hellknights Outpost;
Fixed navigation errors in Drezen;
Fixed one more reason why Yozz could disappear from Drezen if you told him to wait. If he already disappeared, you need to leave Drezen and come back again, and Yozz will return;
Fixed the disappearance of characters' models in Sevalros's Lair;
In the Catacombs below the theater, if you managed to sneak past the spider, an invisible wall could block your access to loot – fixed;
In the Catacombs, a failed mobility check didn't deal damage – fixed;
In Inevitable Excess, a non-functional trap was removed from Iz;
It's possible now to set the oil in the Catacombs on fire by using Alchemist's bomb ability;
One home guard in the Rich Quarter didn't follow the party – fixed;
Optimized Neathholm area;
The texts of plays in the theater were mixed up – fixed.

Classes & Mechanics

Eye of the Swarm now works correctly on the clones of the Swarm That Walks;
Fixed the error with auto-leveling after retraining (the character's stats would be too high);
Fixed merging of the mythic spellbook and a spellbook of a spontaneous caster;
Metamagic (Bolster Spell) now only hits the enemies;
Arsinoe now sells Alchemist's Kits VI and Scroll Scriber's Kits IX;
Zero State spell dispelled abilities that were never meant to be dispelled. Resolution: Toggle abilities and Arueshalae's Desna's Aegis buff can't be dispelled now.


Fixed the position of hanged corpses;
Sometimes, when you put on and removed an item in the inventory, it would not display on the character's doll properly – fixed.


Achievements were not working – fixed;
Fixed the issue of infinite loading of a save with a monk under polymorph effect;
On the global map, the dashed line crossed the junction points above them instead of below – fixed.

**************************** End of Patch notes for update 1.3.2c *************************************************

Update 1.3.3c


The update 1.3.3c is here!

If you experience any issues after the patch, please try to verify the integrity of game files. And if you use mods, don’t forget to update them.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!

------------------------------ Begin Patch 1.3.3c notes and changes ---------------------------


Fixed Elan's lines in Seelah's quest;
It was impossible to kill Inai through dialog - fixed
Fixed dialogue option in Camelia's quest;
Fixed the option to complete Hylor's quest after the death of certain NPCs;
Fixed the start of The Pillar's Counsel for Lich;


Fixed transition in Drezen citadel;
Fixed the transitions between locations in Threshold;


Fixed the description of the paladins unit;
Fixed the display of unit barks;

Classes & Mechanics

Fixed the swarm behavior;
Daggers now deal slashing and piercing damage;
We sent the rogue from the Kenabres Graveyard to be retrained, and he now uses the bow correctly;
Prestige class Loremaster didn't allow picking Wizard Spell, Druid Spell and Cleric Spell - fixed;
After killing Cheliax Queen player gained two mythic levels instead of one - fixed;
Mythic demon in chapter 5 could use the secret passageway from chapter 3 - fixed;
Fixed bug with inability to choose Legend's path in chapter 5.
Creature under the effect of great invisibility now does not lose the effect after the 1st attack in combat;


Added personal name colors for Rekarth and Sendri;
Increased the base view radius on the global map;
Golden Chalice now has an icon;
The local map now changes lighting depending on the time of day, even if you do not leave the location;
The local map is now a little brighter at night;


Character's clothes could turn gray after starting a new game - fixed;
Fixed a bug that could spawn two Yozzes in Drezen;
Zombies on Graveyard played crawling animation when players left combat - fixed;
In some cases, invisible barriers appeared in the spiders' lair - fixed;
Fixed the doors in turn-based mode;
Minor text fixes in book events;
Robe of Fire now equips in shirt slot;
Player character and some units could float in the air - fixed;
Fixed a bug in the interaction with Yaniel's corpse.

------------------------------ End of Patch 1.3.3c notes and changes ---------------------------

Update 1.3.3e


We’ve prepared a hot-fix for the problem some of you have been experiencing since yesterday, that is, when your party kept following you in the hubs, like the tavern, crusader’s camp, Drezen and so on. Your companions will relax now and stop following you. Another issue this fix addresses is that some bosses had treacherous minions who were helping you in battles—now they will be hostile to you. We’ve also fixed the Blooming Meadow location.

We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you a happy crusade!
Im trapped in the ineluctable prison! After beating the Hand of the inheritor he just... stays kneeling, no dialogue exit... third play through.

Update game version 1.3.4c


The update 1.3.4c is here!

If you experience any issues after the patch, please try to verify the integrity of game files. And if you use mods, don’t forget to update them.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!

---------------------------- Begin Patch Notes for game version 1.3.4c --------------------------


- We've made the clock puzzle in the final dungeon of Inevitable Excess DLC easier;

- After liberating Kenabres (since chapter 2), when resting on its map, the party will no longer gain corruption, and will lose it instead;

- At the cemetery, it’s now possible to get past the trap to disarm it;

- In the Rich Quarter, some corpses of the cultists were impossible to loot – fixed;

- Gelatinous Cube didn’t get close enough to push the column on it – fixed;

- In Ivory Sanctum there was a trap impossible to disarm – fixed;

- You can no longer finish chapter 4 and start chapter 5 if you have undistributed mythic level.

Classes & Mechanics

- Aura of Courage won't be giving immunity to buffs and spells with Evil descriptor anymore, and will work as its description says;

- The Know Your Enemy ability of Student of War now properly activates as a swift action at the 7th level;

- Fixed the description of the Icy Prison spell and the DC formula to get out of it;

- Delay Poison didn't work on quasit poison – fixed.


- Changed the DC for Rod of Mortiferous Blizzard, making it more useful in the main campaign.


- One Slab with Red Symbol was missing an icon – fixed;

- Navigational arrows were missing from the global map – fixed;

- The glossary links for "Summon vavakias" and "Summon Vrocks" decrees didn't work in the dialogue – fixed.


- Battle music kept playing during the first dialogue with Langrat – fixed;

- Sendri could address Brodie during camping, even the latter was dead – fixed;

- Small ghouls no longer carry huge bows;

- The game now "remembers" that Gesmerha and Marhevok died in chapter 5.

---------------------------- End of Patch Notes for game version 1.3.4c --------------------------
Thanks for the information regarding the latest patch.

Could someone make sure that the transition patch from the older version (1.3.3e) is uploaded to GOG?

I didn't see it there yet...only the newest version (1.3.4c) of the full game download.