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version 1.0.8d

Update 1.0.8d is available for windows GoG Galaxy Users. and the offline Downloads Files. No Patch as of yet.


A new update 1.0.8d is ready.

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!


Daeran wouldn't show up to his not-a-date, because he was still drunk after his birthday party - fixed, now he'll make sure to sober up before such an important event;

During the final dialogue in the game, one of dialogue options could lead to a loop - fixed;

Fixed an error with the game not ending if Greybor died during The Price of Loyalty quest, when he was loyal to you;

Fixed incorrect reactivity in a dialogue with Anevia in chapter 5 after the summit;

Rapture of Rupture sometimes wouldn't complete after the death of Vellexia - fixed;

Sometimes a conversation with Vellexia wouldn't start during the Rapture of Rupture quest - fixed;

Sometimes in Nexus a dialogue with Hand of Inheritor wouldn't start - fixed;

The Last Steps quest sometimes wouldn't continue - fixed.


Berenguer would not appear in Drezen after joining the crusade - fixed;

Blackwater - assembling the Helm of Psionic Protection is no longer limited to one attempt;

Daeran could get stuck in the sitting animation in Nexus - fixed;

Ineluctable Prison - fixed an issue when Hepzamirah's ghost wouldn't disappear when you attempted to attack her;

It was possible to walk through one building at Kenabres market square - fixed;

Players could meet a tiefling on Kenabres square after the attack on Defender's Heart, if they previously killed him - fixed;

Skipping a cut-scene of using an elevator in the mines of Colyphyr could leave the party floating in the air - fixed, now you can't skip that cut-scene.


Abyssal Host status could stay when switching from Demon to another mythic path - fixed;

Added a button to hide the log;

After loading a save, upgrades could disappear from the projects Outpost to Bastion Expansion and Bastion to Fortress Expansion - fixed;

Enemy units were using healing abilities on squads with full health - fixed;

Leaders of enemy armies had incorrect names - fixed;

Magic Instructor feat now works according to its description;

Raising a Dragonslayer project now grants the correct item;

Summoned units used to appear without a visual effect - fixed;

Tactical battles wouldn't begin sometimes - fixed;

We redesigned the progress of filling the hospital and added a tooltip for the current hospital counter;

When the limit of units on the battlefield had been reached, then after using the summon ability a new creature would not not appear. Resolution: If the limit of units on the battlefield is reached, the general won't be able to use the summon ability, and a tooltip with a warning will appear;

You can bind a hotkey to turn on the Inspect feature for the units in tactical battles now;

You can now inspect a unit by hovering over its model;

You will be able to see damage above everyone who takes it now in tactical combat.

Classes & Mechanics

Oracle lost the Divine Zap orison after the previous patch - fixed;

Aeon Bane no longer dispels effects on enemies who were not affected by the spell due to spell resistance, immunities or other reasons;

Cognatogen — Wisdom gave a penalty without providing a buff -fixed;

Lich and Angel Mythic Paths get access to their 10th level spells now;

None of the last three summons for the Azata Mythic Path actually summoned the creatures they were supposed to summon - fixed;

Paladin, Ranger and Bloodrager had no spell books after 3rd level in some cases - fixed;

Sacred Armor — Fortification 25 ability had no description - fixed;

Sensei Advice: Mass Extra Attack ability had no name - fixed;

Shaken condition now can be removed during rest;

Kineticists couldn't dismiss area effects of infusions - fixed;

War-priest Spontaneous Casting and its two sub-types didn't have any description - fixed.

Turn-based mode

Sometimes the game could crash when trying to charge while mounted - fixed.
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MAC Offline Game Installer files are now available for v1.0.8d

Still no windows game patch for v1.0.7f --> 1.0.8d as of yet...

Hotfix v1.0.8e is now available via Windows and Mac GoG Galaxy Users.

Hello crusaders!

We’ve released a hot-fix for the issue when the game would freeze when you kill a gargoyle with certain weapons. Now you can hit them with everything you’ve got!

Thank you for your patience.


Download Offline Game patches and game installers for v1.0.8e are not yet available.
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Hotfix Patch v1.0.8d --> v1.0.8e is now available in the Downloads area.

Windows Game Installer Files are now updated to v1.0.8e in the Downloads area.
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Finally, windows game patch for v1.0.7f --> 1.0.8d is now available in the file downloads section of the game.

New Game Version 1.0.9c has been released to all platforms.


So Far Windows GoG Galaxy has the update available.

No Mac, or Offline patch or game installers as of yet!



A new patch 1.0.9c has arrived. It’s a small patch this time, but something big is coming, stay tuned.

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!


Areelu's insidious plan could not be fulfilled - fixed;

'Where's My Dragon?' quest could get stuck after talking to Early Sunset at the Fleshmarkets - fixed.


Bastion of Justice had a wrong terrain type - fixed;

Fixed a crash in Mage's Tower;

Scrubland by a Bend in the River had a wrong terrain type - fixed.


Bait action could prevent the enemies from taking their turn - fixed;

Fixed the missing units issue when you changed the general of an army.

Classes & Mechanics

Angel and Lich didn't have 10 level spells on 10 level mythic if they merged spellbooks. Fixed, but it requires the summary caster level of merged spell books to be at least 28 for these spells to work;

Your character could lose Sneak Attack when changing Mythic Path from Trickster to Gold Dragon - fixed.

Turn-based mode

Experimental fix for camera behaviour in turn-based mode in places with big difference in elevation;

Pits weren't respecting the player's decision to play in turn-based mode - fixed.


One companion could fill multiple roles during rest - fixed;

Upon changing the language settings, the names of settlements didn't change - fixed.


Kervil the Sparkling Fist could get carried away playing with his weapon, and forget he needs to fight - fixed;

Using Midnight Bolt in some situations still didn't work as it should - fixed.
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Windows Game install files have been updated to v1.0.9c

Windows Game patch to update v1.0.8e--> 1.0.9c

Mac Version 1.0.9c is available for GoG Galaxy users, but offline game install files are still at version 1.0.8e
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Mac game version 1.0.9c is available for offline game installation in the game files area.

Game branch version update 1.1.0 is now in Beta and should be released in next few days.


Update 1.1.0 (Beta) Change Log

Over 100+ Fixes, changes, and updates are in this release. The list below is long!

Beware of possible plot spoilers and a wall of text below!


A cutscene with Anevia during the 'What you dream of?' quest could freeze - fixed;

Visual changes in one of the magic projector's tapes in Areelu lab;

Added companion interjections in Crunukh's dialogue;

Сhanged the check at the start of Ember's quest in Chapter 3 from Persuasion to Perception;

Xorges and Xarra stayed in Lower City after deciding their fate - fixed;

Difficulty of the checks in dialogue with Dimalchio increased from 20 to 30;

Ember sometimes forgot your decisions during her companion quest - fixed;

Fixed the amount of spent and received gold when dealing with Succubi in Experiencing the Bliss quest;

Fixed an issue when Sosiel was supposed to leave after a dialogue, but stayed;

Jerribeth didn't interact with the player as they arrived to Vellexia in the first time - fixed;

Perception check now shows a correct DC during dialogue at the last distortion on Aeon's path in Threshold. You may now refuse to go inside the distortion and proceed with the usual ending;

Primal Treant would sometimes say the lines of your companions, including those not present in the group. That was creepy and was fixed;

Quest: Red Mask was fighting with fists instead of a rapier during the confrontation in the tavern - fixed;

Shamira no longer applies multiple debuffs that make checks in her dialogue almost impossible to pass;

The Impostor quest didn't get marked as limited to Act III - fixed;

You can now loot assassins that came for Latverk's head;

Animation improved during cutscene with Sosiel drawing the Commander;

Corruption didn't get removed from the party when you rested in the camp before the gargoyle attack - fixed;

Ember's first and second quest are now correctly tagged as required to be finished before the end of the chapter;

Gresilla's minions were turning friendly if Gresilla died to a critical strike - fixed;

Paladins were standing still during boss fight in Drezen siege - fixed;

Sosiel no longer draws in Nexus during combat. Come on, Sosiel, we've got a war to win here!

Staunton didn't disappear instantly after altering the past - fixed;

Targona's wing wouldn't always heal during The Light Within quest - fixed;

You now correctly appear from the time portal in Drezen past and not multiple feet away;

"Best Liquor in the World" quest can now be finished even if the NPC who gave it is dead;

"What Do You Dream Of?" Quest: if the player hasn't completed the first objective (talk to Anevia) before Irabeth dies, the quest will fail;

A Demon's Heresy quest no longer has duplicate objectives;

Aasimars from the Flesh Market could be directed to Latverk's mansion before talking to Latverk - fixed;

Added the option not to fight Indarah in the Shrine of the Three;

After Daeran's party at Heaven's Edge, Daeran could sometimes incorrectly react to player's behaviour - fixed;

Airship adventure book event doesn't happen with Nocticula's palace in the background anymore;

An objective to find proof of Thaberdine's royal origin didn't complete properly - fixed;

Arueshalae no longer mentions the Commander releasing her from Drezen's prison if the Commander didn't do that;

Cue text no longer duplicates in the Verbovezzor Book Event;

Daeran continued to romantically pursue you even after you kicked him out of the party - fixed (now you can't kick him out - kidding!);

Echo of Deskari wasn't prepared to meet you if you opened the portal with Nocticula's help during the Devastation quest. The speed at which a certain angel burned in the Devastator was the same regardless of how you proceeded with the quest - fixed;

Fixed an issue with Finnean after the Colyphyr Mines imprisonment;

Fixed dialogue logic in dialogue in-between battle against Baphomet in Colyphyr mines;

Fixed dialogue logic in the dialogue with Liotr during Daeran's second quest;

Fixed texts in illustrated event when the Commander and Greybor climb down to Devarra's lair;

Fixed the dialogue with Areelu in the House of Silken Shadows regarding Suture;

Fixed the issue with Trickster's dialogue option in Iz;

Fixed the option to fight Yozz in the Bliss of Battle;

Fixed the situation when the player couldn't finish the dialogue after showing Terendelev's claw to Storyteller in chapter 4 or later;

In a conversation with Svendack, the selection of a trickster answer provoked a fight - fixed;

In the third visit to Arushalae's dream Arueshalae wouldn't become evil if the player has chosen an evil option in the starting dialogue - fixed;

It was possible to find the clapper of the bell in Green Gates even if you refused Arueshalae's help - fixed;

Now when you fight on the arena alone, the companions won't be added;

Queen Galfrey kept staying near the temple after the competition "Go to the temple of Iomedae in Drezen" during the quest "The Light Within" - fixed;

Ramien now refuses to go to the Defender's Heart if Hulrun is there;

Rapture of Rupture quest markers were displayed incorrectly on the Alushinyrra city map - fixed;

Sometimes a big party could teleport incorrectly in and out of the buildings during the Drezen siege - fixed;

Sosiel will no longer interrupt leisure activities of Commander and Lann;

The Outcast quest was marked in the Journal to be completed till the end of chapter 1, which is not true. The quest should be completed till the end of the 3rd chapter - fixed;

The Price of Loyalty no longer requires to come alone with Greybor. If you come with the party, they will join you on the 3rd turn;

When going to Colyphyr character could be shown warnings about quests that have not been started - fixed;

Some NPCs rushed to call the player Commander in chapter 1. Now they don’t;

Fixed dialogue logic when the Hellkinghts arrive at Drezen in Chapter 3;

Vorimeraak did not remember the past encounter with the main character. We've reminded her;

Fixed camping banters for Finnean.
pen311: Update 1.1.0 (Beta) Change Log
Did your post cut short by the forums limitation, or is this your handpicked notes from the long list? =)

Battle with Siabrae is made easier for Normal difficulty and below;

Candles no longer continue floating in the air after Daeran's bath is gone from Commander's bedroom;

A door was missing in the tavern in Return to Drezen, offering you to exit location through the wall - fixed;

Added a new cutscene in chapter 5;

Added area type "Abyss" in Dimalchio's Mansion location. Added exit marker, when it should become available. Edited mini-map borders;

Assassins' Guild walls are now transparent;

Camera fixes at Arueshalae's quest area;

Camera in Nexus no longer ends up inside the mountain;

Camera now follows Sosiel as he charges forward in cutscene at Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery;

Changed tokens on the global map and in Kenabres;

Character could fall through the roof of the tavern at Drezen Citadel - fixed;

Characters could end up under the floor at Gray Garrison after loading the game - fixed;

Characters no longer appear on the rock when exiting the cave in Lost Chapel;

Characters no longer walk in the air in Alushinyrra Higher City;

Divine services in safe areas didn't work if character was polymorphed - fixed;

Dragon Burial Ground - fixed the terrain type for the map;

During the siege of Drezen, your party could sometimes spawn inside the walls - fixed;

Exit from Battlebliss is now shown on the minimap;

Fixed a blinking texture in the cave behind the sarcophagus in the Core of the Riddle location;

Fixed a wall in The Ivory Labyrinth, which would not become transparent, if a character was standing behind it;

Fixed an issue when it wasn't raining in the random encounter areas of Kenabres;

Fixed and optimized the lighting in various locations;

Fixed camera movement in Areelu's lab;

Fixed corners of the Drezen tavern, closed by the fog of war;

Fixed half-transparent fog of war in Drow Ambush;

Fixed light in the area Battlebliss Arena;

Fixed some particularly shiny ice in Wintersun;

Fixed the graphic artefacts on the cliffs of the Lost Chapel;

Fixed the interior elements of the Ivory Labyrinth;

Fixed the issue with Blade Barriers effect not being displayed in the Shrine Of The Three;

Fixed the texture of the Commander's chip on the map, improved the lighting and textures of location markers and other chips on the global map;

Fixed the visuals of the cave in the location during the Woljif quest;

Fixed visualization of blood flows in the Ivory Labyrinth;

Fog of war now works correctly in Neathholm;

Going to the Threshold cutscene didn’t trigger, if the player cancelled the party change - fixed;

Got rid of the animation on corpse on the Legacy of the Ancients location;

If the player character chose the path of the Swarm, all critters will disappear from the capital;

If you hired Ciar as a Lich, he won't appear in Iz and Threshold anymore;

Improved passability in the Ten Thousands Delights' basement;

Improved the final cutscene in Battlebliss - no more additional enemies will appear on the screen;

In the Battlebliss arena after the final battle some characters that were supposed to be dead were present - fixed;

In the Ineluctable Prison, Ashen Lady won't attack again if you previously killed her in a boss battle;

In the Trap for the Other area some dialogues had a wrong speaker - fixed;

Incorrect light in one of the houses in Kenabres - fixed;

Increased the reward for solving the Crag Linnorm's riddle in the Ineluctable Prison;

It was possible to pass through one of the blockages in Iz - fixed;

It's no longer possible to get on top of the hanging lamps in Blackwater and walk over them;

On entering an area in Drezen characters could spawn on a wall - fixed;

One trap during siege of Drezen was invisible - fixed;

Ramien, Eliandra abd Katair could appear in the Threshold even after their deaths - fixed;

Removed excessive minotaurs in Colyphyr Mines;

Skillcheck difficulties have been changed at the Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery;

Some characters could lose wings and other body parts on local map - fixed;

Some conveyor lines in Blackwater were moving in the wrong direction - fixed;

Some enemies in the market square were standing in each other on higher difficulties - fixed;

Some paths were fixes in Midnight Fane;

Some traps weren't shown in Storyteller's tower - fixed;

Succubus no longer appears in Battlebliss unless recruited;

Summoning circle no longer appears over sleeping bags in Colyphyr dungeon;

The Blade Barriers effect was not visible in the Ivory Labyrinth - fixed;

The fog of war now lifts during the first zombie battle at the Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery;

The Molten Scar location was empty after receiving the information about it - fixed;

The Thieflings on the Market Square were hard to find. We added a little quest to lead players to them;

There was no terrain type on the random encounter zone during the quest "Outcast" - fixed;

Tooltips didn't appear for Blackwater doors when clicking - fixed;

Visual improvements of various locations;

When breaking the door in Ten Thousands Delights the character was facing a wrong direction - fixed;

When exiting the jeweller's shop, you could end up on the roof - fixed;

Wind now affects grass in War Camp;

You can now climb through the rubble from both sides in Greengates;

Battlebliss entrance marker added to the map;

Improved the positioning of the camera when exiting Battlebliss into the Lower City.


Ability tooltips weren't reacting to right mouse button as intended - fixed;

Added a crusade tutorial to Encyclopedia;

Added an objective to the Middlegame quest, requiring to develop all crusade stats to the 5th rank;

Added visual and sound effect for a unit's extra turn from positive morale;

Added visual and sound effect for a unit's suffering from negative morale;

After you reach the highest rank of a crusade stat or the highest level for a general, you could see that you need 999999 for the next level. Fixed. Now you will see either '-' or the current number;

Angel's Movanic Devas were lacking wings - fixed;

Army generals were having less than 3 days of cooldown when removed from command. Resolution: fixed;

Beer Elemental portrait added;

Changed the appearance and portraits of different units in the Crusade management mode;

Dragon Paths now works according to description;

Dragon's Awakening was not shown on Dragonheir Scions - fixed;

Endgame quest could not be finished due to the lack of stat development in chapter 3 - fixed;

Fighters pit was taking 5 days to build instead of 3 as in the description - fixed;

Fixed Crushing Despair in tactical battles;

Fixed the damage from General's Retaliation ability;

Fixed the effect Brewery had on the Assassins in tactical combat;

Fixed the freeze on Lilitu attacks in tactical combat;

Full tooltip wasn't shown for relics in event cards in Crusade management - fixed;

Game would sometimes freeze when Vroks died - fixed;

Grand Destiny now works according to description.

Headhunters counterattacked even if they were dead - fixed;

Improved tutorial for unit recruitment - it now shows which buildings produce which units;

In Chapter 3 Drezen starts with Main Barracks, Main Archery Range, Arsenal, Smithy and Supply Center;
In the Crusade mode, there were no buttons to continue and stop the movement of armies - fixed;

Lay on Hands now has two variants: Others and Self;

Lethargic Breath in tactical battles has been fixed;

Market was taking 5 days to build instead of 3 as in the description - fixed;

Middlegame quest was not failing after the end of chapter 3 - fixed;

Shrine was taking 5 days to build instead of 3 as in the description - fixed;

Silver Dragon model is now scaled correctly in tactical combat;

Silver Dragons' Intimidating Glory didn't always correctly affect large enemy units - fixed;

Silver dragons' Intimidating Glory had name and description from Death-Stealing Gaze - fixed;

Some armies in Chapter 5 didn't give an item or a relics after victory - fixed;

Some enemy armies had ranged units on the front line - fixed;

Spring Trap wasn't working according to the description - fixed;

The feats of the crusade leaders now stack;

The number of units initiative tracker was not updated correctly - fixed;

The units' damage and healing abilities have been significantly improved. Units that use damage or healing abilities now have the Power attribute, that defines the number of outcoming damage and healing;

The visual look of armies' portraits has been updated;

Unit tooltips were missing some tags with descriptions - fixed;

Visual effect for summoned units is shown correctly now;

You can now control armies directly from Crusade management screen;

Zealous Student now provides more feat options at level 20;

Zero damage will be displayed now.
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Classes & Mechanics Part 1

Classed & Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge deleted from Skald talents selection;

"Favorite metamagic - Bolstered" mythic feat wasn't available - fixed;

A bug allowed to select a different caster level when making potions or scrolls - fixed;

Ability "Mythic Skill Focus — Persuasion" didn't work for intimidation - fixed;

Ability Animal Companion — Black Horse was not visible - fixed;

Acid Flask dealt damage only to enemies. Resolution: now also to allies;

Alchemist archetype Incense Synthesizer descriptions updated;

All kinetic blades now have proper scabbard visuals;

An error causing the caster level selection window to freeze when making potions and scrolls - fixed;

Angel spell Cleansing Flames does not heal ability damage - fixed;

Archetype text updated: Divine Hunter;

Azata's Spell Moral Support granted buff for 1 round instead of 1 minute per level - fixed;

Bloodrager feature Blood of Life on 2 level have fast healing 2 instead of 1 - fixed;

Bloodragers with Celestial bloodline now correctly deal additional damage with Angelic Attacks to all demons;

Bloodragger Primalist when choosing the talent fiend totem lesser didn't get the gore extra attack while in rage - fixed;

Bone Arrow wasn't working according to the description - fixed;

Breath Weapon ability of Scaled Fist archetype was available from level 12 instead of 15 - fixed;

Character abilitiy Mount Companion description updated;

Class feature description updated: Loremaster;

Death Ward couldn't be affected by Metamagic: Extend - fixed;

Death ward was staying on characters on death - fixed;

Demonic rage at rank 9 lost all bonuses and only granted +2 ''normal'' rage bonus - fixed;

Demon's Aspect of Nocticula activated with Aspect of Balor lead to infinite apply of Demonic Rage - fixed;

Description updated for the Blood of Life ability;

Deskari's Swarm Infest disease can now be removed on rest;

Dretch's ability descriptions have been updated;

Druid with Cold Rampage dealt less additional cold damage than should - fixed;

Ember and Lann had abilities from items with no description - fixed;

Find Traps had an incorrect description - fixed;

Fixed Glorious Beard visuals;

Flails were not correctly getting bonuses from Weapon Training (Hammers, Maces, and Flails) - fixed;

Force Punch spell did not work with metamagic Empowered и Maximized - fixed;

Gnomes with Traveller racial heritage now correctly lose Defensive Training;

Hellknight class did not count in the progression of domains from Pentamic Faith - fixed;

Hellknight Signifier couldn't choose spell in spell specialization if spell specialization was in another class - fixed;

Hold Person Mass worked for everyone, not only humanoids - fixed;

Impossible Domain - ability description has been updated;

In some cases it was impossible to select the Loremaster class when leveling up despite having all prerequisites - fixed;

Incorrectly displayed the choice of abilities during levelling up - fixed;

Incorrectly displayed the number of components needed for the spell - fixed;

Inspire Tranquility was giving Competence bonus instead of Morale - fixed;

Kalavakus in Blackwater didn't have Demon of Slaughter type - fixed;

Lesser Celestial Totem rage power no longers heals the character to full;

Lilithu demons had 8 claw attacks instead of 4 - fixed;

Loremaster level 1 did not increase Caster Level - fixed;

Magic Nullification no longer disables when the character is under the effects of crowd control;

Magical Channeling provided an incorrect bonus to leaders' mana regeneration - fixed;

Master Strike, Blinding Critical and Staggering Critical worked on undead - fixed;

Metamagic (Bolster Spell) wasn't in Wizard Bonus Feat - fixed;

Mighty Bloodrage now correctly allows to cast a bloodrager spell of any level as a swift action;

Outflank was not working according to the description - fixed;

Overwhelming Presence is now correctly dispellable;

Paladin Martyr now can take Lingering Performance as a feat;

Prayer effect didn't have a description - fixed;

Primalist Barbarian now has correct visualization of archetype changes;

Redesigned Skald archetype Court Poet;

Remove Curse worked on enemies - fixed;

Secret mythic path was able to stack several Sword upgrades, which was not intended - fixed;

Smite Evil ability of Divine Hunter animal companion was labelled as Smite Good - fixed;

Sohei ability Monastic Mount did not give temporary hit points - fixed;

Sometimes Weapon Focus choices for a mercenary caused an error - fixed;

Spirited Charge damage bonuses are being given for charges on foot - fixed;

Standard Bearer's Banner ability was not giving bonus on charge attacks until level 5 - fixed;

Stunning Fist: Fatigue and Stunning Fist: Sicken were not working correctly - fixed;

Swarm size was not updated when devouring creatures - fixed;

Swarm That Walks abilities Swarm Feast, Swarm Form, and Swarm Infest can't work together. Resolution: Fixed the description;

Swarm-that-walks was devouring only crusader patrol's leader in Iz - fixed;

The Bolster Spell feat is missing information about spell level increase - fixed;

The character couldn't select a second bloodline as a Sylvan Sorcerer - fixed;

The Enlarge Person spell granted by Primal Druids did not give the expected +6 bonus to either strength or constitution at Druid level 16; it still only gave +4 - fixed;

The inquisitor archetype Judge wasn't getting the Sentence ability - fixed;

Tireless Focused Rage now correctly works with Focused Rage;

Trickster abilities Summon Wild Hunt Monarch and Summon Wild Hunt incorrectly summoned the same single creature - fixed;

True Form now correctly works on petrified characters. May not work on characters petrified before this fix;

Updated Leading Strike description;

Updated the ranger's Favored Enemy ability description to clarify the difference between the types of demons;

When you already had 2 classes with animal companion you couldn't get third class with animal companion - fixed;

Witch of the Veil was getting a 2nd level ability on 1st level - fixed;

Wizard Necromancy, one of the 1st level bonus spells was blank - fixed;

Woljif had an ability without texts - fixed;

You can now switch the skill used in writing scrolls - Arcane or Religion;

Сlarified the Ashen Curse description;

Additional attacks count from BAB could not exceed 3 - fixed;

Angelic Aspect effect didn't have a description - fixed;

Curse of the Black Sands didn't work correctly - fixed;

Derakni no longer gains enough speed to enter Golarion's orbit when dying;

Fixed the Winter Witch's spellbook description, which used to be unclear;

Gendarme now has the correct list of available feats;

Hellspawn (Devil-Spawn) tieflings were getting -2 to Charisma even if they had sorcerer's Infernal bloodline - fixed;

If you had Greater Vital Strike among your abilities, you could use all three: Vital Strike, Improved Vital Strike and Greater Vital Strike - fixed;

In abilities' target descriptions distance measurement units could sometimes be duplicated - fixed;

In the inventory and the character screen the attack tooltip had only a description for the first attack - fixed. Now each of the attacks has its own tooltip;

Iron Guts did not give bonuses against Eyebite and Euphoric Tranquility - fixed;

Large Water Elemental was applying two Freezing conditions - fixed;

Life Bubble spell did not protect from Plague Storm - fixed;

Order of the Nail now correctly allows the player to pick Favorite Enemy. For already created characters, the option will appear on the next level-up.

Paladin was able to choose Domain Zealot, even though they did not have access to domains - fixed;

The Searing Light spell had wrong visuals - fixed;

Several spellbooks had two instances of Fire Snake spell - fixed;

Stigmatized Witch cantrips now have correct DC, based on Charisma instead of Intelligence;

Swarm-that-Walks now becomes immune to prone condition;

Terrain Mastery rogue talent now has an option to pick Abyss;

Witch Ley Line Guardian Healing Patron used to award you with Greater Restoration spells twice, both at level 6 and 7 - fixed;

Abilities from Greater Mythic Trick (Religion) didn't appear after levelup - fixed;

Abundant Casting ability description has been clarified;

Aivu's breath weapon worked incorrectly: a successful reflex saving throw didn't half the damage - fixed;

Angel Sun Form spell didn't work correctly - fixed;

Animal Companions with Bulwark archetype could become a little too sturdy - fixed;

Arcane Pool ability of Magus Armored Battlemage didn't work - fixed;

Arcanist Burning Flame and Hellfire Ray couldn't be cast without an enemy target - fixed;

Archaeologist's Danger Sense has been fixed;

Aspect of Nocticula ability didn't work correctly - fixed;

Aspect of Vavakia mythic ability description has been clarified;

Azata's Incredible Might didn't trigger its fortitude save on crit, resulting in no effect - fixed;

Azata's spell Nature's Grasp did not work as described - fixed;

Bardic Knowledge only added +1 to knowledge and lore checks at the 4th level instead of +2 - fixed;

Bloodrager Bonus Feats didn't appear on class progression screen - fixed;

Bloodrager Primalist's Frightful Charger from the Undead bloodline didn't put the shaken condition on the enemies - fixed;

Bloodrager Primalist's Undead bloodline didn't give some of the abilities, and at 16th level all Bloodragers would get a One with Nature ability regardless of the bloodline - fixed;

Bloodrider was limited to riding a smilodon - fixed;

Cavalier from the Order of the Star, after using the Calling, rolled for the attack twice, and took the lesser of the two rolls - fixed;

Celestial Totem didn't work for Bloodrager - fixed;

Celestial Totem, Greater couldn't be chosen for the Primalist - fixed;
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Classes & Mechanics Part 2

Channel Negative Energy only did 1 point of damage on the 1st cleric level - fixed;

Clarified the descriptions of Swarm Form, Swarm Feast, Swarm Infest abilities;

Cleaving Finish worked with the Coup de Grace ability - fixed;

Combat Expertise added penalties on Ranged Attacks - fixed;

Court Poet archetype's description has been updated;

Deathsnatchers' regeneration was replaced by fast healing, to reduce the suffering of players;

Dismiss spell was present among the selectable spells in the alchemist spellbook - fixed;

Divine Hunter didn't qualify for the Impossible Domain mythic feat - fixed;

Dragon's Breath ability description has been clarified;

Dragon's Immunity to Fear didn't work for Fear from auras - fixed;

Druid couldn't pick the Impossible Domain Mythic Feat - fixed;

Eldritch Archer Magus didn't take the -2 penalty to attacks when using Spell Combat - fixed;

Eldritch Font ability Greater Surge did not work with AoE spells - fixed;

Eldritch Scion couldn't select Abundant Arcane Pool - fixed;

Elemental Rampager should have had both Wisdom and Constitution marked as recommended - fixed;

Elemental Rampager's druid bonuses didn't increase by level - fixed;

Elemental Rampager's Rampage ability didn't have a visual effect - fixed;

Encumbrance penalties weren't updating in the capital - fixed;

Fast Bombs and Precise Bomb were removed from the Metamorph archetype;

Fixed a typo in Knight's Challenge description;

Fixed a typo in the description of Bloodrager's Uncanny Dodge - fixed;

Fixed a typo in the description of the Serpentine Resistances ability for Bloodrager, Serpentine bloodline;

Fixed description of Discovery;

Fixed the description for Abundant Casting ability for Lich's spells;

Fixed the duration of Summon Monster IV for Monster Tactician archetype in the description;

Fixed the naming issue for Elemental Rampager's element selection;

Focused Rage from Instinctual Warrior used to get turned off by Demonic Rage from the Demon Mythic Path - fixed;

Gold Dragon Mythic Path: Perfect Body ability description has been updated;

Guardian of the North ability was incorrectly allowing to polymorph into a Fire Elemental - fixed;

Improved the description of the Dragon's Breath spell;

Improved the descriptions of Aeon Gaze abilities;

It was impossible to use the Rectify State ability on yourself - fixed;

Kitsune couldn't Gather Power in the human form - fixed;

Leading Strike ability description has been clarified;

Loremaster could get any combat feat as a secret, ignoring the prerequisites - fixed;

Magus couldn't take Extra Arcane Pool for the 4th time - fixed;

Mounting polymorphed animal companions is no longer possible (it was never intended to be in the first place);

Ode to Miraculous Magic didn't work for the DC of will save based mind affecting spells - fixed;

Oracle's animal companion had fewer levers than it should have - fixed;

Order of the Godclaw ability didn't apply its morale bonus to the attack rolls properly - fixed;

Paralysis from Lich's Deny Death now can be removed during rest;

Polymorphed characters could equip weapons even if they had no hands to hold them - fixed;

Ranger didn't share the favorite enemy with animal companion - fixed;

Removed Justice and Destruction judgments from Faith Hunter Inquisitor archetype;

Selecting Cold for Elemental Rampager's Rampage was giving fire damage - fixed;

Selective Spell feat description has been updated;

Sensei Advice: Mass Extra Attack ability was missing its name - fixed;

Shadow Conjuration was missing from the Darkness Domain spell list - fixed;

Shadow Spells now correctly allow the target to roll a will save to partially disbelief the effect;

Shroud of Water ability didn't work correctly - increasing your Burn didn't give you more AC beyond the first time - fixed;

Solo Tactics was removed from the Sacred Huntsmaster archetype;

Sometimes Dispel Magic didn't tell what was just dispelled. We fixed numerous cases of this bug;

Sorcerer can have a raven familiar now;

Sorcerers' Draconic Bloodlines receive Breath Weapon at 9th level, but it was not visible in the class progression - fixed;

Sorcerous Reflex didn't work with Ranged Spellstrike for the Eldritch Archer Magus - fixed;

Spit Acid ability of Vescavor Royal Guard had no description - fixed;

The description of Alchemist Discovery class feature has been updated;

The description of Azata's Life-Bonding Friendship ability has been updated;

The descriptions of Azata summons have been updated;

The effect from Transformation spell didn't have a description and a name - fixed;

Updated the description of Crossblooded Sorcerer class;

Updated the description of Shaman's Healing Hex;

We restored the missing Spontaneous Casting ability description for Warpriest;

Weapon Finesse (Mythic) was affecting ranged weapons - fixed;

When a Skald was using Inspired Rage with Guarded Stance and deactivated Guarded Stance, allies still had Guarded Stance - fixed;

When you tried to cast Enlarge Person on a Hunter animal companion you would get an incorrect error message - fixed;

Witch hex Animal Servant could be used on self - fixed;

Improved Mythic Trick (Religion) abilities had unlimited usages per day - fixed;

Hellfire ray's fire component doesn't add sorcerer's dragon fire (brass/red/gold) bloodline +1 damage per die rolled. Resolution: Fixed.

Dragonheir Scion with Draconic Presence could not select Shatter Defenses because they were missing Dazzling Display - fixed.

Turn-based mode

Some portraits were missing - fixed;

A turn-based panel could disappear when you attempted to stand up and provoked an Attack of Opportunity - fixed;

Turn-based mode now better supports Mounted Combat. Also, you can now select a mount and use its abilities
independently of the rider (just as in RTwP mode);

Charge sometimes didn't work when friendly characters were too close - fixed.


Annihilator no longer affects allies after a critical hit;

Back Rank Assistance effect was wrongly displayed on inspection - fixed;

Burned Ashwood had an incorrect enhancement bonus - fixed;

Eviscerating Doom used the wrong value for Strength damage - fixed;

Fixed a small typo in the description of Dawnflower's Kiss;

Irabeth's sword didn't always appear during Siege of Drezen - fixed;

It was possible to drag objects into Finnean's slot, where he would happily devour them after - fixed;

Lenses of Prolonged Gaze were being equipped in a wrong slot - fixed;

Lockpicker's Kit granted stacking bonuses - fixed;

Midnight Bolt didn't always work correctly in the final battle with Deskari and Baphomet - fixed;

One-Third-Full Container had an incorrect icon - fixed;

Radiance upgrades had wrong icons. - fixed;

Ring of the Dead didn't work correctly - fixed;

Scroll Scriber's and Alchemist's Kits had vague descriptions - fixed. They allow you to craft scrolls / potions UP TO a certain level;

Triceratops from Triceratops Statuette no longer can be level-upped. Levels are limited between 1 and 20;

Triple Fin Helmet had an incorrect icon - fixed;

Updated visuals of the Reeking Heart of Arcane;

Yellowed Letter was wrongly marked as a quest item - fixed;

You can now equip an item by dragging it to the character model.


Some animal companions did not fit into the character window - fixed;

A quill icon wouldn't disappear from the stack of scrolls after you learned the spell from one of them - fixed;

Added a new icon to Song of Strength;

Added global map names;

Added localization for the bug report window;

Added visual feedback of Shared Precision in the UI;

Aivu could switch to her other 3 weapon slots thus losing her bite - fixed;

Auto formation now takes mounted animals into account;

Dragging an equipped item to a wrong slot would unequip that item - fixed;

Fixed an error in the resting interface, that didn't allow the food cooking progress to be shown if no potions were being
made at the same time;

Fixed the issue with the difficulty setting, responsible for retraining;

Fixed the issues with the missing portraits;

Improved the visual of Drovier Communal Aspect in the UI;

Kestoglyr didn't have a description in the biography - fixed;

Level of the scroll or potion no longer resets when you select a new item in the resting interface;

Loremaster Greater Lore ability references Spellcraft skill, which is not in the game - fixed;

Minor visual fixes of the background in the character window;

Names could be written with lowercase first letters - fixed. Respect yourself!

New key binding added: Tactical Combat Inspection;

Now it's easier to distinguish which scrolls you can learn, and also the scrolls which need additional rolls to be used;

Provided descriptions for several combat abilities;

Rest interface: added missing localisation;

Scare and Command Undead spells had the same spell icon - fixed;

Some enemies had double Energy Resistance entries in unit inspect tooltips - fixed;

Sometimes you could see a negative level in character sheet even when there was no such effect on the character -

Sorcerer's Combat Casting Adept ability lacked description - fixed;

Sorcerer's Elemental Bloodline Arcana — Water lacked description - fixed;

Sorcerer's Grasp of the Dead ability lacked description - fixed;

Sorcerer's Grow Claws ability lacked description - fixed;

Sorcerer's Hellfire ability lacked description - fixed;

Sorcerer's Serpentine Bloodline lacked description - fixed;
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Spell achievement progression for Bloodrager and their archetypes has been displayed wrong - fixed;

Stealth button now gives an error message if stealth is impossible due to enemy proximity;

Student of War's Critical Focus ability icon is displayed for 4th level, while the description says it is gained at 6th level. Resolution: Fixed the description, the ability should be gained at 4th level;

Summoned Azata Ghaele: missing Light Ray ability description added;

The class progression screen has been showing the Paladin archetypes Divine Guardian and Warrior of the Holy Light could cast spells, even though they shouldn't - fixed;

The description of Supersonic Speed says that Azata is always under a haste spell, but it was not appearing in the active effects - fixed;

The line to offer a page in the Storyteller's dialogue will not become greyed out if the player has a page to offer to him;
There was no sound when closing a tooltip - fixed;

Tutorial no longer appears during dialogues;

Undetectable alignment is no longer visible during level up in prerequisites;

When finishing the game, there was no message about it - fixed;

When inspecting casters, you could see all available spells, not only prepared ones as intended - fixed;

When scrolling the load game menu upwards, top saved game category would automatically unfold every time - fixed;

You couldn't scroll tutorial pages with mouse wheel - fixed;

After switching characters, the Abilities tab did not unfold - fixed;

After the change of alignment the color of the inscription and the background did not update - fixed;

Fixed Fiendish Maw icon;

Green Binding Source had an incorrect icon - fixed;

Hellknight orders didn't have a mechanical description - fixed;

Mythic portrait did not update when switching characters - fixed;

Rusty Key: missing item description added;

The default sorting option is now labeled "No Filter";

There was no sound when clicking in event windows - fixed;

There was no sound when dragging items from the inventory to the chest - fixed;

Updated the icon of the "Helm Of Fearless Vanguard" item.


Fixed the behaviour of dretches in the prologue on Core difficulty and higher;

Improved enemies' behaviour;

Labyrinth Minotaur, Champion of Baphomet no longer tries to dispel buffs on his allies;

Now Seelah's animal companion will attack the player if they attempt to kill her in Molten Scar.


A floor plate in the Temple of Delamere didn't have sound effect for opening - fixed;

A secret door in Black Wing Library didn't have sound effects - fixed;

A small room in Midnight Fane didn't have environmental sounds - fixed;

Added armor sounds for mounts equipped with a barding;

Added crowd voices to the wedding ceremony scene;

Added sex sounds for Trickster;

Added sound effects to the dialogue involving an electronic door in Blackwater;

Added sound effects to the first scene at Martyr Zacharius's Cemetery;

Added the sounds for devil's judgement;

Azata transformation of Pulura's Fall didn't have proper sound effects - fixed;

Blood effects didn't have sound - fixed;

Burning people didn't cry while being burned in Blackwing Library. Now they do;

Fixed the voice of the Hundred-Face;

Highlighting strings and buttons in combat log had no sound - fixed;

Mephistopheles had incomplete sound effects - fixed;

Nightcrawler death animation didn't have sound - fixed;

One of female inhabitants of Blackwater dungeon had a male voice - fixed;

One of Staunton's lines had wrong VO - fixed;

One of Woljif's voiced banter lines wasn't voiced - fixed;

Pets didn’t have some sounds - fixed;

Some Areshkagal's animations missed sound effects - fixed;

Some locations in Alushinyrra had wrong footstep sounds - fixed;

Sounds from several instances of Blade Barrier were too annoying -fixed;

Aeon's theme in Drezen stopped abruptly - fixed;

The Lower City of Alushinyrra had a wrong footstep map - fixed;

The Mythic Demon rage cutscene is now voiced;

The player's model didn't play the right sound effects after the dragon transformation - fixed;

The victory and defeat music jingles in tactical combat results were not regulated by the music volume option - fixed;

Tutorial window was appearing and disappearing without a sound - fixed;

Voicelines of Nocticula in the House of Silken Shadows were missing - fixed;

Ygefeles had a wrong sound bank - fixed;

Added sound effects for picking locks;

In the global map interface, flags for switching control modes had the sound of a regular button - fixed.


Fixed the issue of Hosilla standing still after the death;

Fixed incorrect tags in German localization;

Characters sometimes walked instead of running when asked to cover a large distance - fixed;

Abrikandilus snored after being tripped - fixed;

A certain ghost in Estrod tower had two pairs of wings - fixed;

Added characters foliage interaction functionality;

After the council on the siege of Drezen the Queen used to put on her disguise again. Now she no longer does it;

Alderpash's model has been improved;

All tiefling NPCs got their tails back;

At the Flesh Market, you could not buy the coins needed to activate the portal to the Flesh Market - fixed;

Brimorak no longer falls dead motionless like a statue;

Campfire in the resting camp no longer levitates;

Changed Xorges' model;

Changing Additional Enemy Behaviors difficulty option wasn't setting difficulty to Custom - fixed;

Characters no longer fly over the global map;

Corrupted Mongrel Brute had wrong race - fixed;

Corrupted Mongrel had wrong race - fixed;

Corrupted Mongrel Ranger had the wrong race - fixed;

Dragon wings were not displayed on characters - fixed;

Dretches used to be both Demon of Magic and Demon of Slaughter. Not only Demon of Magic - fixed;

Eliandra is now hairless;

Ember did not always appear on screen in the dialogue with the babau - fixed;

Enraged Vescavor Swarm size was incorrect - fixed;

Fixed a number of visual glitches on some NPC models and their Crusade portraits;

Fixed armor colouring on some NPCs;

Fixed death visualization for stone creatures;

Fixed dialogue logic in dialogue with an undercover cultist in Regill's quest in Chapter 3;

Fixed Finnean Longbow in inventory;

Fixed glossary links in epilogues;

Fixed moose animation;

Fixed odd neck on Eritrice's model;

Fixed oversized belts for some character models;

Fixed some cases when the enemies wouldn't turn in the direction of their movement;

Fixed some cases where companions, after leaving the party temporarily, would return without some or all of their equipment;

Fixed some incorrect camera rotations when transitioning between areas;

Fixed some typos in the dialogues;

Fixed the achievement Hey I Know You;

Fixed the achievements which required Core difficulty and above;

Fixed the Immaculate Petal visuals;

Fixed the issue of capes physics not colliding with mounts;

Fixed the issue of Drake standing still after its death;

Fixed the issue of hands rotated towards the mount while dismounting;

Fixed the issue when the "Clear Vision" helmet doesn't have the model;

Fixed the issue with missing spiders models in the swarm;

Fixed the issue with the colors of Inquisitor's and Ranger's class cloaks;

Fixed the issue with the dancers' models;

Fixed the issue with the missing Ranger's cloak;

Fixed the issue with the necks of some characters;

Fixed the issue with the ropes physics on the tents;

Fixed the Spark achievement;

Fixed the visual issue with the female courtesan's animation;

Fixed the visual of the Mythic banners;

Fixed wing visuals for Shamira;

Fixes for two-handed weapon animations and placement on the models;

For the instances when you don't have time to pick the loot after fighting a demon lord, you will get a dialogue option to pick a certain crystal if it's present on the battlefield;

Heart of the Hand of the Inheritor and Angel's Heart had an incorrect icon - fixed;
Idle animation fixes for characters;

If the chest is successfully picked, the cursor will no longer remain in the shape of the lock;

Improved the lich hairstyles;

Improved the visual of windows;

In the progression of the character sometimes the selected abilities were not shown - fixed;

Irabeth changed her hairstyle;

It's no longer possible to launch Abrikandilu's corpse into space when killing him;

Kaylessa doesn't get up in her dialogue anymore;

Minor fixes to bow animation;

Minor text fixes in some dialogues;

More bandit appearances added;

More zombie appearances added;

Morveg had an extremely large sword - fixed (actually, it was Morveg who was too small);

Nalfeshnee in Areelu Laboratory had incorrect visuals - fixed;

Pathfinding library could crash when running the game on 64+ core CPUs - fixed;

Removed lawful alignment shift when attacking Hurlun.

Returned an option to impress Greybor during the Dragon Hunt illustrated event;

Small flying dragons lacked animation - fixed;

Soana kept standing after death - fixed;

Some characters were mistakenly present in the capital during the Chapter 5 - fixed;

Some enemies could appear on the roof of the shop in Kenabres - fixed;

Some objects could disappear from the zone when reloading the save while on the same zone, and would only re-appear on reloading from the main menu - fixed;

Sometimes the Great Upstart achievement wouldn't unlock - fixed;

Storm weather effects could trigger when it wasn't storming - fixed;

The control of flying islands in Alushinyrra has been improved;

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The Scorpion Sting was held incorrectly by the character - fixed;

Tsai the vendor: added reactivity to player's Dhampir race;

Various enemies and NPC have been visually improved;

Visual effects of Fog Cloud, Intimidating Glory, Death-Stealing Gaze and Spellcaster of All Trades are shown correctly now;

Vrock's wings physics has been corrected;

Weather sometimes stays after reloading and resets on area transitions - fixed;

When a mythic Demon would raise the Sword of Valor, it would turn into a glowing void - fixed;

When creating mercenaries, their experience did not match the player's experience - fixed;

While travelling through the Global map, the player could be attacked by Derakni with a wrong set of abilities - fixed;

You can now dismember more characters;

Zgur the Gnawbone was visually a kalavakus. Resolution: If it thinks like a Glabrezu, hits like a Glabrezu and IS a Glabrezu - it should look like one;

Misc:Fixed a cloak on the two gnomes in a cloak;

Misс: Mounted characters were falling into their mount if it was huge in size - fixed.

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The End of Patch Notes for v1.1.0 (Beta)
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