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Banned for calling everyone and everything Bob.
Banned for heresy against the great Bob
Banned for believing that "Bob" is still a good name for a planet.
Banned for silencing every Bob because, we shall not have other Bobs before you.
Banned because you didn't treat me to wurst and beer! And i wanted some wurstbrot, too!
Banned for wanting wurst - this kind of sausage has a whole lot of fat, and is thus bad for your health!
Banned because you're still responsible to what you did with my helmet!
Banned because you still didn't use the band-aid I mailed you.
Banned for mailing it 2nd class.
Banned because you are a well known cartoon. (Bob the repairman)
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Banned for blowing my cover.
Banned for staring at me while looking hungry!
Not banned because I'm hiding behind you.
Banned because you didn't follow Sachys' request to wear that repairman's hat coupled with the emblem.
^Banned for trying to give my hat away & letting Sachys` talk you into it.
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