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Banned for uh-huhing in the middle of the night.
Grandma, you are getting old... When you posted, it was no night. Banned!
^Banned (& thanked) for putting this tune in my head, whilst I was listening to Magicka tunes ;)
Banned becuase your platypus costume looks creepy... I mean, what's with that black void under its nose?
banned for g.s.o. (glowing stuff obsession)
Post edited September 02, 2015 by apehater
^Banned for looking like your medication has just kicked in, when we haven`t even re-supplied you with them yet.
^banned for making the children of Africa starve because they didn't finish their dinner
Banned because you sewed a far too big button on your jacket.
Banned for looking constipated
Banned for tail and horns! No pets allowed in!
Banned for posting everywhere I look!

Seriously what the hell?
Banned for posting too little!
Post edited September 03, 2015 by Lin545
All of us banned for spending too much time in online forums.
Banned for the multiple banning.
^Banned for even putting ST anywhere near Amiga. Amiga rules & then some \o/