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Banned because that's just sad.
Banned because micro machines.
Banned for driving Miss Daisy up a wall
Banned for wearing daisy dukes.
Banned for pushing the daisies and making them come up!
Banned because I can only do that if I'm six feet under.
Banned because that won't be a problem, since I brought a shovel with me.
Banned for planning to attend your own funeral before dying, but it happened after your death anyway. (This actually happened to my Great Grandma.)
Banned for telling true stories.
Banned for being the Turnabout Storyteller.
^ banned because it's your turn, about being a storyteller
Banned for taking turns rather than all talking at once.
Banned for saying nyah nyah nyah too many times.
Banned for not saying it enough times.
You're all banned for not answering me about the shotgun orgasm issue.