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Banned for fan service.
Banned for being a dirty rotten Gorn.
Banned for denying a man his Gorn porn
Zbanowany za bycie zabójczą kolbą kukurydzy.

ZubatyZub: Banned for drinking the schnapps even though you'd know better after seeing a furious journalist.
Mr_Whiffles: Bnned for not replying to this post in Polish, something that I could not possibly understand without the use of language cypher algorithms provided by authoritarian Megacorporations
Jak sobie życzysz.
Banned for making fun of my great great great ... great grandfather.
viperfdl: Banned for making fun of my great great great ... great grandfather.
Banned because your grandfather wasn't that great
Banned 'cause he wasn't that grand either!
Banned 'cause he wasn't THAT grandfather!
^ Banned for hitting a grand slam so that the baseball hits your father in the head.
^ banned because your post was a slam against baseball
Banned because your balls are quite base.
Banned because this ball is wearing a bow tie.
glyph_001.png (197 Kb)
Banned because that bowtie is the real ending to Mass Effect.
Banned for reminding me of a dead franchise.
^ banned... you are a dead end