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Should not be banned, ban me instead of him. Oh well, but only if you have to.
Banned because you were asking for it.
Banned for answering it.
Banned, because bans should be given, whether one asks for it or not. Bans are for all.
Banned for apparently being a ban communist.
Banned for using the Soviet Hammer to ban people with.
Banned because in Soviet Russia, thread bans you.
Banned for not cleaning your apartment due to gaming addiction.
Banned because in Soviet Russia, ban threads you.
Banned for getting ninja'ed by InSaintMonoxide.
Banned because you assisted him in the ninja'ing.
Banned because you are just slow, not the other way around.
Banned because Raiten Menimemo is about to ninja you in your very own back.
Banned for being a backstabber.
Banned for being a front stabber.