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Banned for informing Hooyaah too late that the time for the appointment had been moved forward by an hour.
Post edited May 19, 2022 by MovingArtillery
^ banned for mentioning "your other half," because it only makes folks want to mention it that much more
Banned for mentioning things, and acknowledging that folks mention things too.
^ banned for mentioning "things" more than once in a single post
You're all banned for being Things; go back to Antarctica!
Just hold my hand first >:), otherwise get banned.
Post edited May 19, 2022 by DetouR6734
^ You didn't have to hold his hand, you only had to say he's banned, so now your post will be unmanned and that's because you now are banned.
Banned for posing as a poet.
^ banned because I am a poet and you know it, for I make a rhyme every single time
^ banned for being a bad influence
Banned for being a rad influence
Banned for accumulating too many rads in Fallout 4.
^ banned for not helping DetouR6734 with their down vote collection
Banned because I can only upvote.
Banned for faking a handicap.