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Banned for distributing bans using the latest technology.
^ banned because the latest technology is today and his phone is older than that
Banned for presumption about the age of his phone.
^ banned because if he bought his phone in Indonesia today, that would likely be in the future here in the United States
Banned for condoning the theory of relativity and condemning Newtonian physics.
^ banned because the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle caused a series of fluctuations
Banned for garbage babble that doesn't really make you sound smart
Banned for eating garbage. Truly, you are the GOAT on this forum.
Banned for mooing despite being a goat.
Post edited April 06, 2022 by J Lo
^ banned, because even though you are awesome, you are not the G.O.A.T.
^Banned because you are the G.O.A.T......of douchebaggery.
Post edited April 07, 2022 by every1hasnames
Banned because G.O.A.T.'s don't exist
^Banned because he is the W.0.A.T. and he hating on G.O.A.T.S
^ Banned for using a Zero instead of an O
^ banned for not also banning him for being less proficient in his own native tongue than are you