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Banned because I am Sancho.
Забанен за то, что он враг народа.
Banned because if you thought I would bother looking up the translation of what you said through google translate, you thought correctly.
^ banned for not employing Bing Translator, for it is far superior to Google Translator
Banned for not just using Duck Duck Go.
Banned because hearing Duck Duck Go makes me hungry.
^ banned for placing an order for Peking Duck for pick-up at a Chinese take-out restaurant after his post
Banned because i thought Duck Duck Go didn't sell information about my activities to other GOG users!
Banned for blowing a whistle
^ banned for blowing a gasket
Banned for blowing other things... but that's discussed in more detail on other websites.
Banned for being ambiguous. That aside, when will you change your profile picture?
Banned for getting all up in his guts… er, business.
Banned for describing gory details, calling yourself a Barbarian and having a scary avatar, all of which would make you very intimidating if it wasn't for the fact that your name is Mr_Whiffles.
Banned for spitting facts.