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Banned for banning such a nice old man.
Banned for staying a 17-year old.
Banned for being forever 21.
^ banned for being forever young
Banned for confusing orcs with orcas.
instaboy: Banned for confusing orcs with orcas.
Banned for watching Extra Credits
Banned because I prefer extra history.
Banned for not getting Ted-ed.
^ banned for not being excellent to everyone
^ banned for banning people with a bogus reason.
Banned because if everyone has to be reasonable in their banning, this thread wouldn't be as active as it is now.
Banned, because it's all reasonable for everyone here to get banned and they're all reasonably bannable.
banned, because anyone who ever has or ever will post in this thread deserves to be banned

v Ban me... I demand it!
Banned for demanding it.
Banned for fulfilling orders