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Banned because it's a habit.
Banned for habitual banning.
Banned because old bans die hard.
Banned for not feeding the rabbit in your hat.
Banned for not moving the Christmas lights on your hat to the Christmas tree.
Banned for celebrating Valentine's Day too early.
Banned for celebrating the new year of every calendar mankind has ever developed.
^ banned for nor rewarding your noble and valiant steed with an apple occasionally
Banned, because the newest Apple offers no improvement over the last Apple I gave it, but bloated price.
Post edited December 02, 2021 by le_chevalier
Banned for being a card carrying member of the cult of Steve Jobs.
Banned for accidently tripping me when I walked past you
^ banned for nearly having a catastrophic accident in the forum which would have cause the insurance rates to soar
Banned because everyone seems to have given up misquoting each other, so you're all banned.

le_chevalier: But why? We didn't do anything wrong!
Hooyaah: Yeah, this is a clear abuse of your authority, of which you have none.
I don't care; you're banned anyway!
^ banned because your above bans were all planned and premeditated banning must be dealt with in the strictest of ways
Banned for being a hypnaGOGue abuser.