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banned cause you're afraid of playing the hippo biting finger game
Banned for subtly referring to Hungry Hungry Hippos without explicitly stating it!
Banned because I watched the sitcom "Who's the Boss?", but I still don't know who the boss is.
Banned for not knowing this.
^ banned because I already knew that
banned cause you know too much
Banned for being The Man Who Knew too Little.
Banned because ignorance is acceptable, some even call it a bliss.
^ banned for being so blissful
^ Banned for violating article 412.3b of the international guidelines for banning GOG users.
Banned for not reading section 420.69 of GoG's ToS.
Banned for not reading GOG's sacred law on changing user forum title.
Banned, because ... wait ... so that means people can change their forum title by themselves and don't need to have the Emperor award it to them?
Banned for being confused and not being able to answer your own question.
^ banned for trying to trick the Monkey King out of his/her title