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^ banned for still using DDR3 SDRAM
Banned for playing Dance Dance Revolution.
Banned for dancing to inspire a revolution!
Banned for misinterpreting J Lo's dance.
Banned for singing "I fought J Lo and J Lo won." while J Lo was dancing.
Banned for mistaking me for a bard.
^ banned for not posting any of your art lately
^ Banned for making outrageous, exploitative demands which might end up making the user above him both vindictive and angry - vingry so to speak.
Banned for changing your image.
Banned for neglecting your own image.
Banned for having Tachydaktylourgosophobiaophobia.
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Banned for eating a humuhumunukunukuapua'a.
Banned for wanting to smoke Oumuamua.
Banned because i reject your hypothesis.
Banned, because you've never studied at a hippo campus.