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Banned for calling King Kong the "monkey king".
^ banned for not being able to decipher the Simplified Chinese text in InSaintMonoxide's forum title
^ Banned for exposing HMA's poor reading skills.

HeresMyAccount: Banned for calling King Kong the "monkey king".
^ Banned for calling me King Kong and therefore spreading anti-german war propaganda by extension.
Banned for expecting me to be able to read Chinese symbols, or have any idea what apes have to do with Germany.
^ banned for lack of innovative thought
^ Banned for being ahead of the curve.
banned for changing pfp
Banned for copying HMA's profile picture and user title.
Banned for implying all New Users(TM) look the same.
Banned for not acknowledging that this is actually true. Our uniqueness stems from the scars we suffer from being banned, standing up, just to be banned again.
Banned for getting philosophical.
Banned for playing a Hitman game and hating it.
^ banned for not mentioning why he hated it
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banned for confusing rage with haterage
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Banned for confusing Ashbury with Haight-Ashbury.