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Banned for eating Corn Nuts.
banned for getting nuts in the food corner
Banned because I want to get nuts.
banned, but you may have these nuts
banned for taking out nut out of a shell
^ banned for hanging the toilet paper under instead of over
^ Banned because that would be the correct way of hanging toilet paper.
^ banned because your filthy little hand touches the wall when you grab the end hanging down
Banned because I suspect InSaintMonoxide is about to initiate a ban streak with you. So I'm here simply to prevent that.
Banned for not cleaning your hand in the sink between each wipe as I do in my worst bathroom visits.
Banned for oversharing.
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Banned for under-sharing, now Redditors have your money, sucka!
banned for inviting Redditt into the discussion
Post edited August 09, 2021 by Maenmeldir
Banned for being uninviting.
Banned for being unassuming.