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Banned for being reassuring.
Banned for trying to cause anxiety attacks in other users.
Banned for attacking the anxiety of other users.
Banned for making a high-detail drawing of a creature with way too many teeth and thinking, "Darn, I didn't give it enough teeth!"
Banned for having a dentist's perspective on nightmarish monsters and their teeth. And their grandmothers, whose fangs are deposited in glasses of water at night.
Banned for being little and red, and wearing a hood, and riding with it.
Banned for projection.
Banned for deflection.
banned for ejection
Banned for having a transparent body.
^ banned for seeing right through me
Banned for overtaking me and not seeing the no overtaking sign.
^ Banned because I can see right through you, and that must break some kind of decency law.
^ banned because it's been far too long since you changed the sheets on your bed
Banned for putting and then disowning the sheets on LegoDnD's bed. The sheets really stink.