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low rated
^ Banned because the woman who voiced Muriel Bagg from "Courage the Cowardly Dog" also passed recently, and your sadness reminded me of my own(also unbanned so we can all grieve together)
Post edited August 08, 2021 by GamezRanker
Banned because I once said something in their Twitch chat that made him laugh. He said, "Hey, someone in chat said..." and then read off what I wrote, and all of them laughed. I thought to myself, "Well, my bucket list is now complete. I've made the Whitest Kids U Know laugh." It's not easy to make your comment stand out when there are 10,000 people in chat, but he saw it and laughed. I'm glad I was able to return the favor after all the times he made me laugh over the years.
^ banned for not sharing your droll quote
Banned for having a staring contest with a small boy all night when he needs either sleep or to save his robot friend.
banned for doing a staring contest against the sun
Banned for being Bono.
Banned for being journo.
Banned for writing a journal.
Banned for reading a journal that is not yours.
Banned for taking issue with invasion of privacy.
banned for invading a private issue
Banned for wiping your privates with a tissue.
Banned because I use a bidet.
Banned for hogging the bidet!
banned for not using a corn cob