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Banned because a marsupial is a kind of mammal.
Banned for saying what I was going to say.
Banned for planning to say what I had already said.
Banned for successfully mimicking a chatbot.
Banned for using ficke-ly.
Banned for hiding the source code to Homeworld: Catacylsm
Banned for writing the source code to Barney's Hide & Seek Game.
Banned for being to active on this thread.
Banned for posting the word "to" in lieu of the word "too."
Banned 4 being 2 ²
Banned for cheap knockoff title of Left 4 Dead 2.
Banned, for the redemption of Red Dead
Banned for rocking a star.
Banned for automatic theft of grand.
Banned, because I bet you tried to drive over those Hare Krishna guys in GTA to get the "Gouranga" bonus, you evil monster.