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Banned for partying.
Banned, for canoodling with candid Canadians
Banned for going to a club in Canada, just to get some Canadian Club.
Banned, because clubbing Canadian-style is kind of okay. M'kay?
Banned for botching your contribution to the Misquote Game and needing me to set you straight.
Banned for making Hooyaah straight.
Banned for making everyone gay. It's infectious! Why doesn't anyone believe me?! [joke]
Banned for being anti-happiness, jokingly.
Banned for not being whatsoever humorous
Banned for not eating whatever hummus is placed in front of you.
Banned for not eating whatever humans placed in front of you.
Banned for accusing HMA of being a koala. (Seriously, place their favorite leaf in from of them, they'd rather starve because they don't know what it is unless they pick it themselves. With their baby-smooth brains, they're the dumbest mammals on Earth.)
You are banned and let me set you straight. Koalas are not mammals, they are arboreal herbivorous marsupials native to Australia and the only extant representative of the family Phascolarctidae.
Banned, because you wander too far from the Middle Earth into Australia.
Banned, for doubting that wizards appear wherever and whenever they intend