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Banned for not playing Carmageddon instead.
Banned because I'm stuck at the part in Crysis 3 where I'm supposed to meet Psycho in a tower at the center of a garrison and there's no way to cross the bottomless pit that surrounds it.
Banned for failing at your game, unless you git gud you can't belong to our elite.
Banned for farting every time you press a button while gaming.
Banned for being full of hot air.
Banned for not having any air at all.
Banned for not having any hair at all
Banned for never, EVER wearing pants. If you did it just once, that'd be enough.
Banned because pants are the shackles of a pharaoh. Let my people go!
Banned for complaining.
Banned for animating the Trumplops in Animaniacs.
Banned for being Pinky.
Banned because Pinky is the genius, he plays dumb to foil Brain's insane plans!
Banned for sticking pinkie into your nose to contact Brian.
Banned, for stunning the ladies with such a lengthy lance