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Banned for getting rid of all my Micro Machines
Banned for leaving a point of entry suitable for a wanton racoon with an interest in miniature toys
Banned because you didn't hurl a fireball from your staff, or a lightning from your sword, at those who stole from the King!
Banned for expecting others to do your dirty work.
Banned for expecting others to do your work and calling it "managing."
Banned because that is exactly what management is about.
Post edited February 18, 2020 by StarChan
Banned for disrespecting managers, you're probably a communist trying to spread subversion and incite Gog users against free enterprise.
Banned because I respect what you're saying, but really, should we trust someone who keeps Komodo Dragons as pets? And probably feeds dissenters, who speak out against his regime, to the lizards, alive? And yes, as a commander in the great Core Empire, we used to do things like that, before the Great Consciousness Transfer rid us of all those things, even if it did incite those Arm cretins to rebel.
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Banned, because there's nothing wrong with feeding miscreants to my lizards. Also banned for referring to some "Core empire", no idea what that is, but it sounds vaguely dangerous, like something run by killer robots.
Banned for letting your core empire collapse into neglect because you were too busy pampering your lizards.
Banned for speaking with a forked tongue and crawling on your belly like a reptile
Banned because that's anti-reptiloid talk, citizen.
Banned becuase human-faced pigs on two legs with glowing, snake-like eyes, are to be executed painfully after torture, by decree of King Bradley the 7th.
Banned because you're a lying dog-faced pony king.
Banned for impersonating a dog-faced pony soldier