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Oh boy, maybe because he has -376 rep
I don't know why, maybe the user above should not be banned but unbanned instead, just for for a change.
Banned because nothing changes here. The cycle is eternal.
Banned because he should get off GOG forums and become a philosopher
Banned, because Jsidhu762 has a Ph.D. and uses data from the fora here for research, among other things
Banned because you didn't use the spell that you cast upon Theoden King, on my sweetie, yet!
^Banned so you can have more time to dodge the authorities from several states/nations that are likely on your tail due to your various efforts to find and win the heart of your beloved star chan. ;)

HeresMyAccount: Banned because my computer broke, and I wish I could say I was surprised.
That sucks....I DO hope it's fixable and you can continue on with your project? :\
Post edited February 16, 2020 by GameRager
Banned because actually, it wasn't that computer, but the other one.
Gamerager: Banned, because i already located my priceless treasure, the authorities are my good friend and ally and most importantly? No one is safe, as long as i am cut loose & RIGHT BEHIND THEM! I have a little something something for EVERYBODY, well, since everybody is involved and hides dirty laundry, that is... *royal laughter*

HeresMyAccount: Banned, because all your devices are interconnected through that one account, which you actually are never gonna give up to us!
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^ Banned because I do not cast spells on individuals so that they "fall in love." It is up to you to make the lady of your hearts desire feel that way about you and not rely on some cheap parlor trick.

Question: Is it really love if it is coerced, forced, or otherwise evoked rather than freely given of one's own heart?
Post edited February 16, 2020 by Hooyaah
Banned because i didn't ask for a love spell, but for a spell to break the mind control of the friks who brainwashed my sweetie!
Post edited February 17, 2020 by KiNgBrAdLeY7
Banned for dropping such a long ban message
Banned because whenever you ban somebody, proper explanation should be given and all reasons must be presented, plus analysed.
Banned for trying to micromanage this thread and leech away all of the fun
Banned because I can't micro my units in Starcraft.