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Banned for being at rather a loss for words
Banned for discriminating against the verbally challenged.
Banned for discriminating against discriminators.
Hey, I heard that! Banned!

EDIT: I got ninja'd. Banned for ninja'ing me.
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Banned because it's easier than sending out ninjas
Banned for pointing out one of the main rules of life. Sometimes you just have to do it yourself.
Banned, so you may have the freedom to do it yourself.
Banned, because that sounds like incitement to masturbation which is sinful.
^Banned for subtly supporting nofap...which we ALL know is a conspiracy against able bodied men to do as they please. ;)

Hooyaah: ^ Banned for not knowing that I love just such a challenge but doing so would be worthless... That estimation just caused me to create a floccinaucinihilipilification and that is only a very long word, not a break in the forum character limit. Perhaps on my next attempt I will post pi ( π ) infinitely or until I break it!
With this site that likely wouldn't be that hard....not that i'm advocating you DO that or anything(in case staff are watching[they are always watching]). o.0

DavidOrion93: Banned because there may be posters with hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia here.
I find it a bit ironic/amusing the word for that is long.
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Banned, because you're promoting masturbation which leads to exhaustion, blindness and an early death. We can't risk you contaminating the minds of our younger users.
^Banned because tons of good things are also exhausting, the blindness thing is made up, and one can get cancer(iirc) more easily in some cases if they don't do it at all. :)

morolf: Banned, because your comment could draw the attention of demons to our forum.
They're already here....they are the ones l*w r*ting all people's posts or acting like total douches to some here. :\
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Banned, because someone defending masturbation as you do is a prime suspect for demonic possession. We need to tie you down and call an exorcist.
Banned because pththhtotrp;mdks,dks gah c'than lsoepepeoe

GET HIM! *Points at morolf and laughs in demonic*


EPurpl3: Banned for comparing yourself with a great great GREAT man and a mighty pirate, something that you will never achieve. No one will! you dont even like grog, the essence of the strong and mighty, you consider it "cheap, low quality sh_t" and you rather pay a shitload of money for some cocktail for girls (or maybe just for the cock without a tail)!!!
*Saved for posterity*
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Banned for being verbally challenged (demonic possession is no excuse).
Banned because people keep playing their music in voice chat. I don't want to hear their garbage mixtape.