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Post edited December 14, 2019 by EPurpl3
Banned for being speechless.
Banned for not giving a speech
Banned for using speech to text.
^ Banned for wanting to listen to one of Jsidhu762's speeches

teceem: Banned for looking down at bums, like all stars do.
^ Banned because you must look down at bums, look ahead for boobies, and "Hey, My eyes are up here!" she said.
Banned for staring at my A minus cup.
Banned for not plaing with my C's.
Banned and an F for English.
Banned for sexual relations with the teacher to improve your grades.
Banned because I had a crush on my grade 11 law teacher.
Banned for being a Window's user.
Banned for ogling own cleavage.
Banned for pointing your lengthy lance in public
Banned for sticking your short lance in a vacuum cleaner.
Banned for knowing how long his lance is and where he puts it ._.