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Banned because bottles aren't cousins, dear 4-chan convict-escapee!
Banned for drinking.
Banned because it wasn't excessive drinking, hence there was no need to ban.
Banned for molesting C3PO while drunk.
Banned because 3CPO would've liked the attention.
Banned because the droid's designation was, i believe, C3PO
Banned for being both an expert in magic and machines. You're a mechanical wizard!
Banned for not saying he's a technomancer. :)
Banned for being a raging gamer
Banned for mentioning "game".
Banned because anything to do with games is mentionable
Banned for doing a panty raid and stealing my unmentionables.
Banned because I went from being lawfully wedded to awfully wedded.
Banned for hording old computer media